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"Well, as long as it's for science."

Henry is an Aperture Science technician who worked on the making of GLaDOS. He appears in the flashback sequences of Portal 2: Lab Rat.


Henry was very enthusiastic and optimistic about the work on GLaDOS, comparing it to Einstein's theory of relativity and the Moon landing in their impact on humanity, and considered himself lucky to work on GLaDOS. Doug Rattmann was not so optimistic about the results, as every attempt to initialize GLaDOS resulted in her attempting to kill everyone in the facility within a sixteenth of a picosecond of activation, forcing them to turn her off constantly. However, Henry was of the impression that they were making progress, as they had increased this time to a tenth of a picosecond in a recent test.

Henry would also later work on constructing GLaDOS' Morality Core, and enlisted Rattmann's aid. He believed the core to be enough to prevent GLaDOS' murderous intentions, though Rattmann noted that "You can always ignore your conscience". Later, when GLaDOS was activated, Henry gleefully provided her with neurotoxin to a recreation of the Schrödinger's Cat experiment, claiming: "Well, as long as it's for science".

His ultimate fate is unknown, although it is presumed that he was killed during GLaDOS' flooding of the Enrichment Center with the neurotoxin; she indeed mentions to Rattmann, while taunting him, that everyone except him is dead.


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