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This article is a transcript of all of the quotes from a given character or entity.

The following is a list of quotes from MIRT.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two[edit]

First meet[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/silo

Filename(s) Quote
mirt_silo_dogpatrol Mind if we keep Dog patrolling out here?
mirt_silo_eliknows01 I don’t think Eli knows you’re here yet.
mirt_silo_eliknows02 He’s in the silo 1 access unit. Right through here.
mirt_silo_overhere Alyx! Dr. Freeman! You made it.
mirt_silo_trouble01 Yeah, we heard you ran into a little trouble out there.
mirt_silo_trouble02 Combine’s been trying to head in the front door.
mirt_silo_trouble03 I think they learned their lesson.
mirt_silo_walk Okay, Dog. Let's take a walk!

Magnusson Device[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_11a/magtraining

Filename(s) Quote
mirt_brief_keepyoucurrent01 I’ll be staying here to watch the field and send status updates.
mirt_brief_keepyoucurrent02 Good luck out there!
mirt_brief_mapquicklook01 Now, check this map.
mirt_brief_mapquicklook02 We’re right here at the south end of the valley.
mirt_brief_mapquicklook03 Rest of the gang’s up north by the old sawmill—here.
mirt_brief_mapquicklook04 Head on up there and they’ll fill you in on the battle plan.
mirt_brief_overhere01 Dr. Freeman, over here!
mirt_brief_overhere02 I’ve taken a few liberties with your car.
mirt_brief_ports01 I tweaked your onboard radar so that Combine show up red on the dashboard unit now.
mirt_brief_ports02 Plus, it’ll send a homing signal to your HEV suit, in case you get separated from your car.
mirt_brief_ports03 No need to thank me.
mirt_brief_yanktrunk01 Check it out—
mirt_brief_yanktrunk02 I added a rack for Magnusson Devices back here.

Into the battle[edit]

Location: sound/vo/outland_12

Filename(s) Quote
mirt_battle_anomalies01 Picking up some kind of anomalous troop movements...
mirt_battle_anomalies02 Can’t quite get a bead on ’em. Maybe just uh...
mirt_battle_anomalies03 Well, stay tuned.
mirt_battle_keepalert Keep alert.
mirt_battle_northbreach Attention! North perimeter breach! We have a strider, approaching from the cranes!
mirt_battle_periclear Perimeters clear. Still no sign of incursion.
mirt_post_waytogo01 Way to go, Freeman! The Combine’s falling back!
mirt_post_waytogo02 I wouldn’t say we’ve got them on the run, but…hell, it’s a start!