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Xortex 26XX

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This subject is related to a real world perspective.
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Experiment name Description Comments

After physicist Jonathan Zenneck.

Uplinks to a drone fighter capable of maneuvering through a hail of enemy fire as it shoots down attackers. Pew pew pew!
Item: The game's drone with a controller to fly it and shoot foam darts.

Xortex 26XX (in-universe name Experiment Zennick-Omega) is the fourth minigame / experiment of The Lab. In the game's Steam store page, it is simply known as Xortex.


The relic in the hub consists of the fragment of the wall and floor of an amusement arcade, an 80s-themed arcade cabinet, and a wooden stool. The cabinet itself features a block-breaking game that can be played with the stick. The blocks to destroy with a 2D variant of the drone are the names of the developers, consisting in the game's credits; the final boss is the Tracer Core also featured in the Slingshot minigame. Winning the game prompts the Announcer to say "Tracer Core defeated. Analyzing test results: Test Traveller in Pocket Universe Lab Eight is a bad dude.".

Looking on the left of the relic under the stool that has an Aperture logo printed on top reveals a "Black Mesa Private Lumberyard" logo. Behind the relic can also be found a multicolored dry erase marker that can be used on the whiteboard.


Xortex 26XX is a shoot 'em up / bullet hell video game that consists of controlling a drone fighter to fight waves of enemy aircraft. The game can be either played in the Classic mode, the original mode that requires defeating the Xortex Core after shooting waves of various enemies, or the Infinite mode, added in the Appliance of Science update,[1] for achieving the global highscore that doesn't include the Xortex Core but instead requires surviving as long as possible by using the various powerups efficiently and prioritizing which enemy to shoot first. The global leaderboard is shown each time the player is defeated.

The drone being the item brought back from the experiment, it can be controlled by a remote control and shoot Nerf-like foam darts that can also be used against Bendies, like the bow. A different controllable drone is also the quest item of SteamVR Home's Clockwork Orrery.