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Aperture Science Announcement System/Quotes

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The following is a list of quotes from the Aperture Science Announcement System.

Location: sound/vo/announcer

Filename(s) Quote
a4_recapture01 Explosion imminent. Evacuate the facility immediately.
a4_recapture03 Warning. Reactor core is at critical temperature.
a4_recapture04 Warning: Core overheating. Nuclear meltdown imminent.
bb_corruption03 Warning: Core corruption at 50 percent.
bb_corruption04 Warning: Core corruption at 75 percent.
bb_corruption06 Warning: Core corruption at 100 percent.
bb_neurotoxin01 Neurotoxin level at capacity in five minutes.
bb_neurotoxin06 Vent system compromised: Neurotoxin offline.
bb_reactor02 Reactor explosion in four minutes.
bb_reactor06 Reactor Explosion Timer destroyed.
bb_reactor07 Reactor Explosion Uncertainty Emergency Preemption Protocol initiated: This facility will self destruct in two minutes.
bb_stalemate01 Manual core replacement required.
bb_stalemate02 Substitute Core: Are you ready to start?
bb_stalemate03 Corrupted Core: are you ready to start?
bb_stalemate04 Interpreting vague answer as YES.
bb_stalemate05 Stalemate detected.
bb_stalemate06 Fire detected in the Stalemate Resolution Annex. Extinguishing.
bb_stalemate07 Stalemate Resolution Associate: Please press the Stalemate Resolution Button.
carolyndeleted02 Caroline deleted.
evacuationmisc01 Please prepare for emergency evacuation.
gladosbattle11 Warning: Central core is eighty percent corrupt.
gladosbattle12 Alternate core detected.
gladosbattle13 To initiate a core transfer, please deposit substitute core in receptacle.
gladosbattle14 Substitute core accepted.
gladosbattle15 Substitute core, are you ready to start the procedure?
gladosbattle16 Corrupted core, are you ready to start the procedure?
gladosbattle17 Stalemate detected. Transfer procedure cannot continue.
gladosbattle18 ...unless a stalemate associate is present to press the stalemate resolution button.
gladosbattle19 Stalemate Resolved.
gladosbattle20 Please return to the core transfer bay.
good01 Good!
good02 Good!
mp_coop_wall_5security03 Today's Security Code is: 5,33,41,18
mp_hub_return01 Welcome to the Computer Intelligence Training and Enrichment Center Human Test Subject Research Center. You have unlocked all available courses.
mp_hub_return02 Warning! All testing courses are currently available.
mp_hub_return03 Congratulations on successfully returning to the central hub room. From here you can select all previously completed courses.
mp_hub_return04 For your testing convenience, all tests are available and all safety precautions within testing chambers have been deactivated.
mp_hub_return05 Welcome back to the central hub. All test courses are available. You may redundantly solve the courses at your leisure.
mp_hub_return06 Thank you for completing the testing courses. If you enjoyed your experience, you may now re-enter the testing course of your choice.
mp_hub_return07 By completing all test courses, you have achieved Level C security clearance. You may now access all testing courses and three of Aperture Science's 176 restrooms.
openingcourtesy01 Good morning. You have been in suspension for nine nine nine... nine nine ni- This courtesy call is to inform you that all test subjects should immediately vacate [FADES OUT]
openingexercise01 Good morning. You have been in suspension for -FIFTY- days. In compliance with state and federal regulations, all testing candidates in the Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Center must be revived periodically for a mandatory physical and mental wellness exercise.
openingexercise02 You will hear a buzzer. When you hear the buzzer, look up at the ceiling. [BUZZER]
openingexercise03 Good. You will hear a buzzer. When you hear the buzzer, look down at the floor. [BUZZER]
openingexercise04 Good. This completes the gymnastic portion of your mandatory physical and mental wellness exercise.
openingexercise05 There is a framed painting on the wall. Please go stand in front of it.
openingexercise06 This is art. You will hear a buzzer. When you hear the buzzer, stare at the art. [BUZZER]
openingexercise07 You should now feel mentally reinvigorated. If you suspect staring at art has not provided the required intellectual sustenance, reflect briefly on this classical music. [MUSIC INTERRUPTED BY BUZZER]
openingexercise08 Good. Now please return to your bed.
openingsafeguards01 All reactor core safeguards are now non-functional. Please prepare for reactor core meltdown.
prehub06, prehub08, prehub09, prehub10 Hello, and again, welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties due to circumstances of potentially apocalyptic significance beyond our control. However, thanks to Emergency Testing Protocols, testing can continue. These pre-recorded messages will provide instructional and motivational support, so that science can still be done, even in the event of environmental, social, economic, or structural collapse. The portal will open and emergency testing will begin in three. Two. One.
prehub11 Cube- and button-based testing remains an important tool for science, even in a dire emergency.
prehub12 If cube- and button-based testing caused this emergency, don't worry. The odds of this happening twice are very slim.
prehub17 If you are a non-employee who has discovered this facility amid the ruins of civilization, welcome! And remember: Testing is the future, and the future starts with you.
prehub18 Good work getting this far, future-starter! That said, if you are simple-minded, old, or irradiated in such a way that the future should not start with you, please return to your primitive tribe and send back someone better-qualified for testing.
prehub19 Because of the technical difficulties we are currently experiencing, your test environment is unsupervised.
prehub20 Before re-entering a relaxation vault at the conclusion of testing, please take a moment to write down the results of your test. An Aperture Science Reintegration Associate will revive you for an interview when society has been rebuilt.
prehub27 If you feel liquid running down your neck, relax, lie on your back, and apply immediate pressure to your temples.
prehub28 You are simply experiencing a rare reaction in which the Material Emancipation Grill may have emancipated the ear tubes inside your head.
prehub42 This next test is very dangerous. To help you remain tranquil in the face of almost certain death, smooth jazz will be deployed in three. Two. One. [SMOOTH JAZZ]
prehub43 At the time of this recording, Federal disclosure policies require us to inform you that this next test is probably lethal and to redirect you to a safer test environment.
prehub44 We will attempt to comply with these now non-existent agencies by playing some more smooth jazz.
prehub46 If the Earth is currently governed by a manner of animal-king, sentient cloud, or other governing body that either refuses to or is incapable of listening to reason, th- [RECORDING SHORTS OUT]
sarcasmcore01 [beep] Sarcasm Self Test complete. [beep]
sp_sabotage_factory13 Turret redemption lines active.
sp_sabotage_factory14 Please do not engage with turrets heading towards redemption.
sp_sabotage_factory15 Turret redemption lines are not rides, please exit the turret redemption line.
sp_sabotage_factory16 Live turret line is active. Enter room with extreme caution.
sp_sabotage_factory17 Please avoid alerting active turrets or being shot by active turrets.
sp_sabotage_factory18 This is a sterile environment; please refrain from riding on the turret line.
sp_sabotage_factory19 This is a clean room facility, decontaminates can harm the turret redemption process.
sp_sabotage_factory20 Non-defective turret testing active.
sp_sabotage_factory21 Defective Turret testing active.
sp_sabotage_factory22 Catwalks are safe during defective turret testing.
sp_sabotage_factory23 Avoid defective defective turrets as they may still be active.
sp_sabotage_factory_line01 Template
sp_sabotage_factory_line02 Response
sp_sabotage_factory_line04 New template accepted.
sp_sabotage_factory_line05 Template missing. Continuing from memory.
sp_sabotage_implosion01 Warning! Neurotoxin pressure has reached dangerously unlethal levels.
testchamber02 If the Enrichment Center is currently being bombarded with fireballs, meteorites, or other objects from space, please avoid unsheltered testing areas wherever a lack of shelter from space-debris DOES NOT appear to be a deliberate part of the test.
testchamber03 Well done! The Enrichment Center reminds you that although circumstances may appear bleak, you are not alone. All Aperture Science personality constructs will remain functional in apocalyptic, low power environments of as few as 1.1 volts.
testchamber04 To ensure that sufficient power remains for core testing protocols, all safety devices have been disabled. The Enrichment Center respects your right to have questions or concerns about this policy.
testchamber05 Some emergency testing may require prolonged interaction with lethal military androids. Rest assured that all lethal military androids have been taught to read and provided with one copy of the Laws of Robotics. To share.
testchamber06 Good. If you feel that a lethal military android has not respected your rights as detailed in the Laws of Robotics, please note it on your self-reporting form. A future Aperture Science Entitlement Associate will initiate the appropriate grievance-filing paperwork.
testchamber07 You have just passed through an Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill, which vaporizes most Aperture Science equipment that touches it.
testchamber08 Please note the incandescent particle field across the exit. This Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill will vaporize any unauthorized equipment that passes through it.
testchamber09 Great work! Because this message is prerecorded, any observations related to your performance are speculation on our part. Please disregard any undeserved compliments.
testchamber10 This next test applies the principles of momentum to movement through portals. If the laws of physics no longer apply in the future, God help you.
testchamber11 You have trapped yourself. Congratulations. The exit door is now open.
wakeup_powerup01 Powerup initiated.
wakeup_powerup02 Powerup complete.