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Black Mesa Announcement System/Words

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Commentary node transparent.png This is a quote article.

This article is a transcript of all of the quotes from a given character or entity.

What follows is the list of all the 608 separate words (607 sounds introduced in Half-Life + one additional sound from Decay) created for the Black Mesa Announcement System sentences. It includes every number (allowing any combination), alphabet letters (from A to G only), the NATO phonetic alphabet (minus "Papa" and "X-ray"), the cardinal points, various measurement units (time, distance, degrees, etc.), among many other words (common and related to the Black Mesa facility and the plot). Many are never used in the games.

Filename(s) Quote
a A.
accelerating Accelerating.
accelerator Accelerator.
accepted Accepted.
access Access.
acknowledge Acknowledge.
acknowledged Acknowledged.
acquired Acquired.
acquisition Acquisition.
across Across.
activate Activate.
activated Activated.
activity Activity.
adios Adios.
administration Administration.
advanced Advanced.
after After.
agent Agent.
alarm Alarm.
alert Alert.
alien Alien.
aligned Aligned.
all All.
alpha Alpha.
am Am.
amigo Amigo.
ammunition Ammunition.
an An.
and And.
announcement Announcement.
anomalous Anomalous.
antenna Antenna.
any Any.
apprehend Apprehend.
approach Approach.
are Are.
area Area.
arm Arm.
armed Armed.
armor Armor.
armory Armory.
arrest Arrest.
ass Ass.
at At.
atomic Atomic.
attention Attention.
authorize Authorize.
authorized Authorized.
automatic Automatic.
away Away.
b B.
back Back.
backman Backman.
bad Bad.
bag Bag.
bailey Bailey.
barracks Barracks.
base Base.
bay Bay.
be Be.
been Been.
before Before.
beyond Beyond.
biohazard Biohazard.
biological Biological.
birdwell Birdwell.
black Black.
blast Blast.
blocked Blocked.
blue Blue.
bottom Bottom.
bravo Bravo.
breach Breach.
breached Breached.
break Break.
bridge Bridge.
bust Bust.
but But.
button Button.
bypass Bypass.
c C.
cable Cable.
call Call.
called Called.
canal Canal.
cap Cap.
captain Captain.
capture Capture.
ceiling Ceiling.
celsius Celsius.
center Center.
centi Centi.
central Central.
chamber Chamber.
charlie Charlie.
check Check.
checkpoint Checkpoint.
chemical Chemical.
cleanup Cleanup.
clear Clear.
clearance Clearance.
close Close.
code Code.
coded Coded.
collider Collider.
command Command.
communication Communication.
complex Complex.
computer Computer.
condition Condition.
containment Containment.
contamination Contamination.
control Control.
coolant Coolant.
coomer Coomer.
core Core.
correct Correct.
corridor Corridor.
crew Crew.
cross Cross.
cryogenic Cryogenic.
d D.
damage Damage.
damaged Damaged.
danger Danger.
day Day.
deactivate Deactivate. (Specially made for Decay from the Half-Life file "deactivated")
deactivated Deactivated.
decompression Decompression.
decontamination Decontamination.
defense Defense.
degrees Degrees.
delta Delta.
denied Denied.
deploy Deploy.
deployed Deployed.
destroy Destroy.
destroyed Destroyed.
detain Detain.
detected Detected.
detonation Detonation.
device Device.
did Did.
die Die.
dimensional Dimensional.
dirt Dirt.
disengaged Disengaged.
dish Dish.
disposal Disposal.
distance Distance.
distortion Distortion.
do Do.
doctor Doctor.
door Door.
down Down.
dual Dual.
duct Duct.
e E.
east East.
echo Echo.
ed Ed.
effect Effect.
egress Egress.
eight Eight.
eighteen Eighteen.
eighty Eighty.
electric Electric.
electromagnetic Electromagnetic.
elevator Elevator.
eleven Eleven.
eliminate Eliminate.
emergency Emergency.
energy Energy.
engage Engage.
engaged Engaged.
engine Engine.
enter Enter.
entry Entry.
environment Environment.
error Error.
escape Escape.
evacuate Evacuate.
exchange Exchange.
exit Exit.
expect Expect.
experiment Experiment.
experimental Experimental.
explode Explode.
explosion Explosion.
exposure Exposure.
exterminate Exterminate.
extinguish Extinguish.
extinguisher Extinguisher.
extreme Extreme.
f F.
facility Facility.
fahrenheit Fahrenheit.
failed Failed.
failure Failure.
farthest Farthest.
fast Fast.
feet Feet.
field Field.
fifteen Fifteen.
fifth Fifth.
fifty Fifty.
final Final.
fine Fine.
fire Fire.
first First.
five Five.
flooding Flooding.
floor Floor.
fool Fool.
for For.
forbidden Forbidden.
force Force.
forms Forms.
found Found.
four Four.
fourteen Fourteen.
fourth Fourth.
fourty Fourty.
foxtrot Foxtrot.
freeman Freeman.
freezer Freezer.
from From.
front Front.
fuel Fuel.
g G.
get Get.
go Go.
going Going.
good Good.
goodbye Goodbye.
gordon Gordon.
got Got.
government Government.
granted Granted.
great Great.
green Green.
grenade Grenade.
guard Guard.
gulf Gulf.
gun Gun.
guthrie Guthrie.
handling Handling.
hangar Hangar.
has Has.
have Have.
hazard Hazard.
head Head.
health Health.
heat Heat.
helicopter Helicopter.
helium Helium.
hello Hello.
help Help.
here Here.
hide Hide.
high High.
highest Highest.
hit Hit.
hole Hole.
hostile Hostile.
hot Hot.
hotel Hotel.
hour Hour.
hours Hours.
hundred Hundred.
hydro Hydro.
i I.
idiot Idiot.
illegal Illegal.
immediate Immediate.
immediately Immediately.
in In.
inches Inches.
india India.
ing Ing.
inoperative Inoperative.
inside Inside.
inspection Inspection.
inspector Inspector.
interchange Interchange.
intruder Intruder.
invallid Invallid.
invasion Invasion.
is Is.
it It.
johnson Johnson.
juliet Juliet.
key Key.
kill Kill.
kilo Kilo.
kit Kit.
lab Laboratory.
lambda Lambda.
laser Laser.
last Last.
launch Launch.
leak Leak.
leave Leave.
left Left.
legal Legal.
level Level.
lever Lever.
lie Lie.
lieutenant Lieutenant.
life Life.
light Light.
lima Lima.
liquid Liquid.
loading Loading.
locate Locate.
located Located.
location Location.
lock Lock.
locked Locked.
locker Locker.
lockout Lockout.
lower Lower.
lowest Lowest.
magnetic Magnetic.
main Main.
maintenance Maintenance.
malfunction Malfunction.
man Man.
mass Mass.
materials Materials.
maximum Maximum.
may May.
medical Medical.
men Men.
mercy Mercy.
mesa Mesa.
message Message.
meter Meter.
micro Micro.
middle Middle.
mike Mike.
miles Miles.
military Military.
milli Milli.
million Million.
minefield Minefield.
minimum Minimum.
minutes Minutes.
mister Mister.
mode Mode.
motor Motor.
motorpool Motorpool.
move Move.
must Must.
nearest Nearest.
nice Nice.
nine Nine.
nineteen Nineteen.
ninety Ninety.
no No.
nominal Nominal.
north North.
not Not.
november November.
now Now.
number Number.
objective Objective.
observation Observation.
of Of.
officer Officer.
ok Ok.
on On.
one One.
open Open.
operating Operating.
operations Operations.
operative Operative.
option Option.
order Order.
organic Organic.
oscar Oscar.
out Out.
outside Outside.
over Over.
overload Overload.
override Override.
pacify Pacify.
pain Pain.
pal Pal.
panel Panel.
percent Percent.
perimeter Perimeter.
permitted Permitted.
personnel Personnel.
pipe Pipe.
plant Plant.
platform Platform.
please Please.
point Point.
portal Portal.
power Power.
presence Presence.
press Press.
primary Primary.
proceed Proceed.
processing Processing.
progress Progress.
proper Proper.
propulsion Propulsion.
prosecute Prosecute.
protective Protective.
push Push.
quantum quantum.
quebec quebec.
question question.
questioning questioning.
quick quick.
quit quit.
radiation Radiation.
radioactive Radioactive.
rads Rads.
rapid Rapid.
reach Reach.
reached Reached.
reactor Reactor.
red Red.
relay Relay.
released Released.
remaining Remaining.
renegade Renegade.
repair Repair.
report Report.
reports Reports.
required Required.
research Research.
resevoir Resevoir.
resistance Resistance.
right Right.
rocket Rocket.
roger Roger.
romeo Romeo.
room Room.
round Round.
run Run.
safe Safe.
safety Safety.
sargeant Sargeant.
satellite Satellite.
save Save.
science Science.
scream Scream.
screen Screen.
search Search.
second Second.
secondary Secondary.
seconds Seconds.
sector Sector.
secure Secure.
secured Secured.
security Security.
select Select.
selected Selected.
service Service.
seven Seven.
seventeen Seventeen.
seventy Seventy.
severe Severe.
sewage Sewage.
sewer Sewer.
shield Shield.
shipment Shipment.
shock Shock.
shoot Shoot.
shower Shower.
shut Shut.
side Side.
sierra Sierra.
sight Sight.
silo Silo.
six Six.
sixteen Sixteen.
sixty Sixty.
slime Slime.
slow Slow.
soldier Soldier.
some Some.
someone Someone.
something Something.
son Son.
sorry Sorry.
south South.
squad Squad.
square Square.
stairway Stairway.
status Status.
sterile Sterile.
sterilization Sterilization.
storage Storage.
sub Sub.
subsurface Subsurface.
sudden Sudden.
suit Suit.
superconducting Superconducting.
supercooled Supercooled.
supply Supply.
surface Surface.
surrender Surrender.
surround Surround.
surrounded Surrounded.
switch Switch.
system System.
systems Systems.
tactical Tactical.
take Take.
talk Talk.
tango Tango.
tank Tank.
target Target.
team Team.
temperature Temperature.
temporal Temporal.
ten Ten.
terminal Terminal.
terminated Terminated.
termination Termination.
test Test.
that That.
the The.
then Then.
there There.
third Third.
thirteen Thirteen.
thirty Thirty.
this This.
those Those.
thousand Thousand.
threat Threat.
three Three.
through Through.
time Time.
to To.
top Top.
topside Topside.
touch Touch.
towards Towards.
track Track.
train Train.
transportation Transportation.
truck Truck.
tunnel Tunnel.
turn Turn.
turret Turret.
twelve Twelve.
twenty Twenty.
two Two.
unauthorized unauthorized.
under under.
uniform uniform.
unlocked unlocked.
until until.
up up.
upper upper.
uranium uranium.
us us.
usa usa.
use use.
used used.
user user.
vacate vacate.
valid valid.
vapor vapor.
vent vent.
ventillation ventillation.
victor victor.
violated violated.
violation violation.
voltage voltage.
walk Walk.
wall Wall.
want Want.
wanted Wanted.
warm Warm.
warn Warn.
warning Warning.
waste Waste.
water Water.
we We.
weapon Weapon.
west West.
whiskey Whiskey.
white White.
wilco Wilco.
will Will.
with With.
without Without.
woop Woop.
xeno Xeno.
yankee Yankee.
yards Yards.
year Year.
yellow Yellow.
yes Yes.
you You.
your Your.
yourself Yourself.
zero Zero.
zone Zone.
zulu Zulu.