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Gina Cross and Colette Green/Quotes

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Commentary node transparent.png This is a quote article.

This article is a transcript of all of the quotes from a given character or entity.

The following is a list of quotes from Gina Cross and Colette Green. Transcripts not official.

Half-Life: Decay[edit]

Gina Cross[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
gina_attack0 I'll take 'em.
gina_attack1 We've got trouble.
gina_attack2 Hostiles!
gina_attack3 I'm going in.
gina_attacked0 I'm hit! (Unused)
gina_attacked1 I'm taking damage! (Unused)
gina_attacked2 Incoming! (Unused)
gina_attacked3 Cover me. (Unused)
gina_die0 Dies
gina_die1 Dies
gina_die2 Dies
gina_kill0 One down!
gina_kill1 Got 'em!
gina_kill2 Target down!
gina_kill3 Got one!
gina_kill4 Dropped one!
gina_mad0 Be careful! (Unused)
gina_mad1 Hey, watch it! (Unused)
gina_mad2 Friendly fire! (Unused)
gina_pain0 Pain
gina_pain1 Pain
gina_pain2 Pain
gina_pain3 Pain
gina_stop0 I'm not moving another step. (Unused)
gina_stop1 I'm staying here. (Unused)
gina_stop2 I can't go on any further. (Unused)
gina_unuse0 I won't move from this point. (Unused)
gina_unuse1 I'll be right here. (Unused)
gina_unuse2 I'll wait here. (Unused)
gina_unuse3 I'll keep the area secure. (Unused)
gina_unuse4 Fine. I'll stay here. (Unused)
gina_use0 After you. (Unused)
gina_use1 I'm with you. (Unused)
gina_use2 Let's go. (Unused)
gina_use3 You lead the way. (Unused)
gina_use4 I'm right behind you. (Unused)
gina_use5 I'll keep you covered. (Unused)

Colette Green[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
colette_attack0 Laughter
colette_attack1 Laughter
colette_attack2 This is gonna be fun.
colette_attack3 Groan
colette_attacked0 This sucks. (Unused)
colette_attacked1 I'm taking damage. (Unused)
colette_attacked2 This isn't looking pretty. (Unused)
colette_attacked3 Cover me! (Unused)
colette_die0 Dies
colette_die1 Dies
colette_die2 Dies
colette_kill0 Yeah!
colette_kill1 Gravy!
colette_kill2 Sweet!
colette_kill3 Ho yeah!
colette_kill4 Hah!
colette_mad0 Be careful! (Unused)
colette_mad1 Excuse me! (Unused)
colette_mad2 Watch where you aimin' that thing. (Unused)
colette_pain0 Pain
colette_pain1 Pain
colette_pain2 Pain
colette_pain3 Pain
colette_stop0 Sorry, can't go with you. (Unused)
colette_stop1 I can't go on any further. (Unused)
colette_stop2 Uh, I'm stuck. (Unused)
colette_unuse0 Fine. I'll stay here. (Unused)
colette_unuse1 I'm not going anywhere. (Unused)
colette_unuse2 Sure. I'll stay behind. (Unused)
colette_unuse3 Be here when you need me. (Unused)
colette_unuse4 All right. I'll stick around. (Unused)
colette_use0 What are we waiting for? (Unused)
colette_use1 I'm trailing your tail. (Unused)
colette_use2 All right, let's move! (Unused)
colette_use3 Let's go! (Unused)
colette_use4 I'll keep you covered. (Unused)
colette_use5 Consider your ass covered. (Unused)