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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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The following is a list of quotes from Alyx Vance, from throughout Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Location: sound/vo/episode_1/npc/alyx

Filename(s) Quote
al_affirm01 Yes.
al_affirm02 Yep.
al_affirm03 Yeah.
al_affirm04 Okay.
al_affirm05 Mm hm.
al_affirm_sarc01 Yes.
al_affirm_sarc02 Heh. Yup.
al_affirm_sarc03 Yeah.
al_affirm_sarc04 Okay.
al_affirm_sarc05 Uh huh.
al_alert_aguard It's an antlion guard!
al_alert_barnacle01 A barnacle!
al_alert_barnacle02 I hate these things!
al_alert_barnacle03 Look out…barnacles!
al_alert_barnacle04 Ugh…
al_alert_dropship A dropship!
al_alert_gunship It's a gunship.
al_alert_headcrabs01 Headcrabs!
al_alert_headcrabs02 Oh, headcrabs!
al_alert_headcrabs03 Ugh, headcrabs!
al_alert_headcrabs04 Why can't they all be like Lamarr?
al_alert_headcrabs05 Ai! Headcrabs!
al_alert_soldiers Soldiers!
al_behindyou01 Behind you!
al_cantinterrupt01 Give me a second.
al_cantinterrupt02 Hold on a second.
al_cantinterrupt03 Wait a second.
al_cantinterrupt04 I'll get that in a second.
al_cantinterrupt05 Hold on.
al_combat_boom01 Boom!
al_combat_boom02 Blam!
al_combat_boom04 Ka-blooie!
al_combat_boom06 Ka-boom!
al_combat_burnem01 Ya! Burn em!
al_combat_burnem02 Ha! Ha! Burn em!
al_combat_didiseethat Did I just see that?
al_combat_goodshooting01 Hey! Good shooting!
al_combat_goodshooting02 Good shooting!
al_combat_goodshooting03 Great shooting!'
al_combat_goodshot01 Good shot!
al_combat_goodshot03 Heh! Great shot!
al_combat_goodshot04 Awesome shot!
al_combat_goodthinking01 Good thinking!
al_combat_goodthinking02 Oh! Good thinking!
al_combat_goodthinking03 Good thinking!
al_combat_gradual01 Here they come!
al_combat_gradual02 There's more of 'em!
al_combat_gradual03 More of 'em coming!
al_combat_gradual04 More of 'em!
al_combat_gradual_quiet_01 Here they come!
al_combat_gradual_quiet_03 There's more of 'em!
al_combat_gradual_quiet_04 More of em coming!
al_combat_gradual_quiet_05 More of em!
al_combat_gradual_quiet_06 Ah, more of em coming…
al_combat_iwantedthose01 Hey! I wanted those!
al_combat_leavesome01 Leave some for me!
al_combat_lightem Light em up!
al_combat_mob01 Crap!
al_combat_mob02 Ah crap!
al_combat_mob03 Damn it!
al_combat_mob04 Help!
al_combat_mob05 Hand here, please!
al_combat_mob06 Ahhhhhhh got a problem!
al_combat_mob07 Got a problem!
al_combat_mob09 Need some help!
al_combat_mob10 Trouble here!
al_combat_mob11 Got some trouble!
al_combat_nice Nice!
al_combat_nicemove01 Nice move!
al_combat_nicepunt01 Nice punt!
al_combat_niceshooting01 Nice shooting!
al_combat_niceshot01 Nice shot!
al_combat_ohsnap Oh snap!
al_combat_start01 Look out!
al_combat_start03 I'm on it!
al_combat_start04 I'm on this!
al_combat_start05 I got this!
al_combat_start06 Over there!
al_combat_sudden01 Incoming!
al_combat_sudden02 Company!
al_combat_sudden04 Uh oh…
al_combat_sudden06 There's a lot of em!
al_combat_sudden07 There's a bunch of em!
al_combat_sudden08 Let's take em down!
al_combat_sudden09 Trouble!
al_combat_sudden11 They're all over!
al_combat_thanks01 Thanks!
al_combat_thanks02 Hey, thanks!
al_combat_thanks03 Thank you!
al_combat_thanks04 Thanks a lot!
al_combat_whoanice01 Whoa! Nice!
al_combat_yeah01 Yeah!
al_combat_zombq01 Zom-B-Q!
al_combat_zombq02 That's a Zom-B-Q right there!
al_comingtohelp01 I'll be right over there!
al_comingtohelp02 I'll help you!
al_comingtohelp03 I'm coming!
al_comingtohelp04 I'll be right there!
al_coolgravkill01 All right, Gordon!
al_coolgravkill02 Awesome!
al_coolgravkill03 What a move!
al_coolgravkill04 Ha! You're good with that gravity gun.
al_dark_attack01 What's – argh!
al_dark_attack02 Help!
al_dark_attack03 Something's on me!
al_dark_attack04 Get it off! Get it off!
al_dark_attack05 [Sounds of struggle.]
al_dark_attack06 Gordon, help!
al_dark_breathing01 [no transcript given]
al_dark_breathing02 [no transcript given]
al_dark_breathing03 [no transcript given]
al_dark_fakegroan [Groan like a zombie]
al_dark_gotcha [laughing] Gotcha!
al_dark_lightout01 Hey, get that light back on!
al_dark_lightout02 I need that light!
al_dark_lightout03 What are you doing? I can't see!
al_dark_lightout04 Where'd that light go?
al_dark_lightout05 Uh, do you mind?
al_dark_near01 I'm right here.
al_dark_near02 I'm with you.
al_dark_near03 Hey, you still there?
al_dark_near04 Where are you, Gordon? Shine your light for me.
al_dark_noises01 Uh oh…what was that?
al_dark_noises02 What was that?
al_dark_noises03 Did you hear something?
al_dark_noises04 Was that you?
al_dark_noises05 Quiet…listen…
al_dark_noises06 Sh!
al_dark_noises07 Something's coming!
al_dark_relief01 Oh…thank God…
al_dark_relief02 There you are!
al_dark_relief03 Okay, I see you.
al_dark_relief04 Oh…good…
al_dark_relief05 It's just so dark…
al_dark_stayclose01 Stay close, okay?
al_dark_stayclose02 Try not to do that again, okay?
al_dark_stayclose03 Let's stick together in here.
al_dark_worried01 Gordon?
al_dark_worried02 Gordon, where'd you get to?
al_dark_worried03 Are you still there?
al_dark_worrieder_01 Where'd you go?
al_dark_worrieder_02 Hey, Gordon?
al_dark_worrieder_03 Where are you?
al_dark_worriederer01 Gordon, don't leave me.
al_dark_worriederer02 Come back!
al_dark_worriederer03 Where are you?
al_dark_worriedest01 GORDON!
al_dark_worriedest02 Hey!
al_dark_worriedest03 Don't leave me here!
al_dark_worriedest04 Where are you?
al_dark_worriedest05 Help!
al_deaf_canthearanything I can't hear a thing…
al_deaf_canthearyou I can't hear you!
al_deaf_earsringing My ears are ringing…
al_deaf_saysomething Did you say something?
al_deaf_what What?
al_doyourstuff Do your stuff, Gordon.
al_explo_agh Agh
al_explo_lookout Look out!
al_explo_watchit Watch it!
al_explo_whoa Whoa!
al_fight01 [Fighting sounds]
al_firstbarnacle Ugh! Barnacles!
al_follow01 Lead the way.
al_follow02 Lead the way, Gordon.
al_follow03 You go first.
al_follow04 Go ahead.
al_follow05 Go ahead, I'm right behind you.
al_follow06 I'll follow you.
al_greet_cit01 Ohhhkay....
al_greet_cit02 Uh…right, can we keep moving please?
al_greet_cit03 Aren't you going to speak up for me, Gordon?
al_greet_cit04 Not if we don't get moving. C'mon!
al_greet_cit05 Well, it doesn't look good, but Gordon here's worked miracles before.
al_greet_cit06 Uh, I hate to spoil a reunion, but we really have to get moving.
al_greet_cit07 Not for much longer if we don't get out of here.
al_greet_cit08 I sure am. Let's go!
al_greet_cit09 Yeah, and that's Doctor Freeman in the suit.
al_greet_cit10 Then you probably know we gotta get going.
al_greet_cit11 And trouble's right behind me.
al_greet_cit12 We'll, help however we can.
al_greet_cit13 Yep!
al_greet_cit14 We stayed behind to get you moving. Come on!
al_greet_cit15 I'm the person who's telling you to get moving.
al_greet_cit16 Um… no, my dad's Odessa Cubbage.
al_greet_cit17 Um, yeah right. Let's go!
al_greet_cit18 He'll be here later.
al_greet_cit19 A better question is why aren't you at the trains yet. Huh? Let's get moving!
al_greet_cit20 We didn't make it yet. C'mon!
al_greet_cit21 Gordon's a man of few words.
al_greet_cit22 Gordon's free to say whatever he wants. Gordon?
al_greet_cit23 Say again? Never mind – let's move!
al_grenade_warn01 Watch out
al_grenade_warn02 Grenade!
al_grenade_warn03 Look out!
al_grenade_warn04 Get back!
al_grenade_warn_new_01 Run!
al_grenade_warn_new_02 Incoming!
al_grenade_warn_new_03 Grenade!
al_grenade_warn_new_04 Heads up!
al_gross01 Gross!
al_hack_done01 There! This guy's one of ours now.
al_hack_done02 Okay, it's good to go.
al_hack_done03 Okay, let's put it to work.
al_hack_fail01 O—kay… Well, maybe later.
al_hack_fail02 Are you sure you want to do that?
al_hack_train01 Here, bring it closer.
al_hack_train02 Hold that closer to me.
al_hack_train03 Hold it steady.
al_hack_train04 I can't reach it over there.
al_hack_train05 Bring that over here and I'll rejigger it.
al_headcrabsurprise01 Ah!
al_headcrabsurprise02 Whoa!
al_headcrabsurprise03 Shriek!
al_healplayer01 Here, get yourself patched up.
al_healplayer02 Here, have a medkit.
al_holycrap01 Holy crap!
al_impact01 [no available transcript]
al_itsallyou It's all you, Gordon.
al_laugh01 *laughter*
al_lead_catchup01 Hurry up!
al_lead_catchup02 This way!
al_lead_catchup03 Come on!
al_lead_catchup04 Where'd you go?
al_lead_catchup05 Gordon, where are you?
al_lead_catchup06 Is something wrong?
al_lead_catchup07 Hey, what's up?
al_lead_catchup08 You coming?
al_lead_comingback01 I'm coming back.
al_lead_comingback02 What are you doing?
al_lead_comingback03 Something holding you up?
al_lead_comingback04 You coming?
al_lead_comingback05 You ok?
al_lead_comingback06 We really need to keep going.
al_lead_comingback07 What's keeping you?
al_lead_retrieve01 Come on, then.
al_lead_retrieve02 Try to keep up, okay?
al_lead_retrieve03 Stay with me now.
al_lead_start01 Come on.
al_lead_start02 Let's go.
al_lead_start03 Let's get moving.
al_lead_start04 Let's keep going.
al_lead_start05 Hey, you with me?
al_lead_start06 You ready?
al_lead_start07 Shall we?
al_light_antlion Keep that antlion lit for me.
al_light_barnacle01 Shine your light on that barnacle!
al_light_barnacle02 Keep that barnacle in your light.
al_light_blind01 I can't see a thing.
al_light_blind02 I'm blind as a bat without that flashlight on.
al_light_blind03 Can't see where I'm going.
al_light_blind04 Careful, I can't see a thing.
al_light_blind05 It's too dark.
al_light_found01 I see it!
al_light_found03 Ah! I can see it!
al_light_found04 There it is.
al_light_found06 Right there.
al_light_found08 Got it.
al_light_found10 Found it!
al_light_found12 Steady on it!
al_light_found13 Hold it…
al_light_found14 Hold it!
al_light_found15 It sees us!
al_light_generic01 Keep your light on it.
al_light_generic02 Shine your light on that thing!
al_light_generic03 Light that thing up!
al_light_lost01 Need that light!
al_light_lost02 Light please!
al_light_lost03 Light!
al_light_lost04 Ah! Lost it!
al_light_lost05 Can't see it!
al_light_lost06 Light em up!
al_light_lost08 Lost em!
al_light_lost09 Ah! Lost em!
al_light_lost10 Lost my target!
al_light_lost11 It's still out there!
al_light_lost12 Need some light!
al_light_lost_quiet01 Need that light!
al_light_lost_quiet02 I need that light!
al_light_lost_quiet03 Light please!
al_light_lost_quiet05 Light!
al_light_lost_quiet06 Hm! Lost it!
al_light_lost_quiet07 Lost it!
al_light_lost_quiet08 Can't see it!
al_light_lost_quiet09 I can't see it!
al_light_lost_quiet10 Light em up!
al_light_lost_quiet11 Lost em!
al_light_lost_quiet12 Hm! Lost em!
al_light_lost_quiet13 Lost my target!
al_light_lost_quiet14 It's still out there!
al_light_lost_quiet15 Ah… it's still out there.
al_light_lost_quiet16 Need some light!
al_light_lost_quiet17 I need some light.
al_light_lost_quiet18 Hey Gordon, I need some light!
al_light_ok01 Ah, that's better.
al_light_ok02 Good, keep the light over there.
al_light_ok03 Thanks.
al_light_ok04 Ah…light.
al_light_out01 Damn flash light!
al_light_out02 Damn battery!
al_light_out04 Crap, it's dark!
al_light_out05 Can't see a damn thing!
al_light_out07 How much longer on that light?
al_light_out08 Hey, how much long on that light?
al_light_out09 It's too dark!
al_light_out11 Dark as hell in here…
al_light_out12 Ugh, dark as hell in here…
al_light_out13 Dark as hell…
al_light_out14 It's friggin' dark…
al_light_out16 There goes the light…
al_light_out17 Oh, there goes the light!
al_light_out18 There goes the light…
al_light_recharge01 Damn, you need to recharge, don't you?
al_light_recharge02 Let it charge for a while, I'll wait.
al_light_recharge03 Uh oh…charging your flashlight again?
al_light_recharge04 I know you didn't mean to do that, Gordon. Still, it is annoying.
al_light_recharge05 We've really got to talk to Dr. Kleiner about getting a new battery for that flashlight.
al_light_recharge06 Charge your flashlight now…I'm gonna need some time to get this powered up.
al_light_recharge07 Let's wait till it recharges.
al_light_turnon01 Turn on your flashlight, Gordon.
al_light_turnon02 Shine your light over here.
al_light_turnon03 I need light here, Gordon.
al_light_turnon04 Turn on your suit light.
al_light_zombie Keep your light on that zombie!
al_mobbed_thanks01 Thanks for getting them off me!
al_mobbed_thanks02 Oh! Thanks for getting them off me!
al_mobbed_thatwasclose01 Whew! That was close!
al_mobbed_thatwasclose02 Ah! That was close!
al_mobbed_thatwasclose03 Whew! That was close!
al_monsterbehindplayer01 Look out behind you!
al_monsterbehindplayer02 Behind you!
al_monsterbehindplayer03 Watch out, Gordon!
al_monsterbehindplayer04 Turn around!
al_outofbreath01 [out of breath...]
al_physimpact01 Hey!
al_physimpact02 Ow
al_physimpact03 Careful with that.
al_physimpact_loud01 Hey
al_physimpact_loud02 Ow!
al_physimpact_loud03 Careful with that!
al_player_goodshot01 Good shot.
al_player_goodshot02 Hey, great shot.
al_player_goodshot03 Nice shot.
al_player_goodshot04 Heh, nice job.
al_player_healthlow01 You're not looking so well.
al_player_healthlow02 Looks like we need to find you a medkit.
al_player_healthlow03 Watch yourself…you don't look too good.
al_player_healthlow04 You don't look too good, Gordon.
al_player_healthlow05 You need to find some health kits.
al_player_newweapon01 Looks like you know how to handle that thing.
al_player_newweapon02 Huh, looks like your kind of weapon.
al_player_newweapon03 Oh, that weapon is definitely you
al_player_newweapon04 I see you've handled that before.
al_playerdeath01 Oh no!
al_playerdeath02 Gordon!
al_playerdeath03 Gordon, no!
al_playerdeath04 Oh my god!
al_playerfalls01 Gordon!
al_playerfalls02 Look out!
al_playerfalls03 Nooooo!
al_playerreload01 Hey, reload while you have a chance.
al_playerreload02 Remember to reload.
al_playerreload03 Check your ammo.
al_playerseesmonster01 What is it? Oh!
al_playerseesmonster02 What?
al_playerseesmonster03 Gordon? What is it?
al_playerstare01 What is it?
al_playerstare02 Hm?
al_playerstare03 You need something?
al_playerstare04 You okay?
al_positive01 Whoa!
al_positive02 Yeah!
al_positive03 Yeah! Ha! Ha!
al_positive04 Oh, wow!
al_positive05 Oh, that was great!
al_post_combat01 Oh! That was fun!
al_post_combat02 Whew! Well that was close!
al_post_combat03 Ya, well, we're done with that!
al_post_combat04 Huh, that was a close one! Whoa…
al_post_combat05 Heh, well that was fun. Heh…
al_post_combat06 Whoa, hehe..well, that fun.
al_pzcrabs_hatethings01 Oh, I hate these things!
al_pzcrabs_hatethings02 I hate these things!
al_pzcrabs_suck01 These things suck!
al_quiet_thanks01 Thanks…
al_quiet_thanks02 Thank you.
al_quiet_thanks03 Thanks, Gordon.
al_quiet_thanks04 Thanks a lot.
al_rejoin01 Hey – there you are.
al_rejoin02 I'm back.
al_rejoin03 Hey Gordon. Miss me?
al_rejoin04 There you are.
al_reload01 Reloading!
al_reload02 I'm out!
al_reload03 Reloading!
al_reloading_new01 I'm out – reloading.
al_reloading_new02 I'm dry – reloading.
al_reloading_new03 Ah – I gotta reload.
al_reloading_new04 Empty – reloading.
al_reloading_new05 Out again.
al_reloading_new06 Dammit. Reloading.
al_reloading_new07 Gotta reload.
al_seemanyfoe01 Look at 'em all!
al_seemanyfoe02 Let's work it!
al_seemanyfoe03 Here we go.
al_seemanyfoe04 Heh…this ought to be interesting.
al_seemanyfoe05 Oh boy…
al_seemanyfoe06 Here goes…
al_seemanyfoe07 Let's do it, Gordon.
al_seemanyfoe08 They're no match for us!
al_seemanyfoe09 They're coming out of the woodwork.
al_seemanyfoe10 Oh great.
al_self_healthlow01 Ah, I need to find some medkits.
al_self_healthlow02 Ah, I'm hurt, Gordon.
al_startcombat01 Here we go again.
al_startcombat02 Look alive!
al_startcombat03 Let's do it.
al_startcombat04 Oh, joy.
al_surround01 I'm surrounded!
al_surround02 They're everywhere!
al_swamped01 We're surrounded!
al_swamped02 They're everywhere!
al_swamped03 Give me a hand!
al_swamped04 A little help here, Gordon?
al_swamped05 I could use some backup!
al_swamped06 Whoa!
al_swamped07 Wow!
al_swamped08 Where are they coming from?
al_swamped09 Shit!
al_swamped10 Damn!
al_swamped11 Ah!
al_swamped12 Oh, crap!
al_swamped13 Ow!
al_takeammo Here, take some of my ammo.
al_thanksforhelp01 Thanks, that was close.
al_thanksforhelp02 Phew.
al_thanksforhelp03 Thanks.
al_uggh01 Oh!
al_uggh02 Ugh!
al_uggh03 Ah!
al_uptoyounow It's up to you now.
al_urgecits01 Come on, people!
al_urgecits02 Let's move out!
al_urgecits03 Keep moving!
al_urgecits04 Go!
al_urgecits05 Hurry!
al_welcome01 You bet!
al_welcome02 No problem!
al_welcome03 Sure thing!
al_welcome04 Glad to help!
al_zombie_itsalive01 It's alive!
al_zombie_liveone01 We got a live one!
al_zombine_grenadewarn01 Grenade!
al_zombine_grenadewarn02 It's got a grenade!
al_zombine_grenadewarn03 That one's gonna blow!