This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Gina Cross and Colette Green/Quotes

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
This is a safe article. Click for more information.

Commentary node transparent.png This is a quote article.

This article is a transcript of all of the quotes from a given character or entity. Unless noted otherwise, these transcripts are sourced directly from the official scripts, closed captions, or internal text data with only minimal modifications for typos and formatting purposes.

The following is a list of quotes from Gina Cross and Colette Green. Transcripts not official.

Half-Life: Decay[edit]

Gina Cross[edit]

Filename(s) Quote Play
gina_attack0 I'll take 'em.
gina_attack1 We've got trouble.
gina_attack2 Hostiles!
gina_attack3 I'm going in.
gina_attacked0 I'm hit! (Unused)
gina_attacked1 I'm taking damage! (Unused)
gina_attacked2 Incoming! (Unused)
gina_attacked3 Cover me. (Unused)
gina_die0 Dies
gina_die1 Dies
gina_die2 Dies
gina_kill0 One down!
gina_kill1 Got 'em!
gina_kill2 Target down!
gina_kill3 Got one!
gina_kill4 Dropped one!
gina_mad0 Be careful! (Unused)
gina_mad1 Hey, watch it! (Unused)
gina_mad2 Friendly fire! (Unused)
gina_pain0 Pain
gina_pain1 Pain
gina_pain2 Pain
gina_pain3 Pain
gina_stop0 I'm not moving another step. (Unused)
gina_stop1 I'm staying here. (Unused)
gina_stop2 I can't go on any further. (Unused)
gina_unuse0 I won't move from this point. (Unused)
gina_unuse1 I'll be right here. (Unused)
gina_unuse2 I'll wait here. (Unused)
gina_unuse3 I'll keep the area secure. (Unused)
gina_unuse4 Fine. I'll stay here. (Unused)
gina_use0 After you. (Unused)
gina_use1 I'm with you. (Unused)
gina_use2 Let's go. (Unused)
gina_use3 You lead the way. (Unused)
gina_use4 I'm right behind you. (Unused)
gina_use5 I'll keep you covered. (Unused)

Colette Green[edit]

Filename(s) Quote Play
colette_attack0 Laughter
colette_attack1 Laughter
colette_attack2 This is gonna be fun.
colette_attack3 Groan
colette_attacked0 This sucks. (Unused)
colette_attacked1 I'm taking damage. (Unused)
colette_attacked2 This isn't looking pretty. (Unused)
colette_attacked3 Cover me! (Unused)
colette_die0 Dies
colette_die1 Dies
colette_die2 Dies
colette_kill0 Yeah!
colette_kill1 Gravy!
colette_kill2 Sweet!
colette_kill3 Ho yeah!
colette_kill4 Hah!
colette_mad0 Be careful! (Unused)
colette_mad1 Excuse me! (Unused)
colette_mad2 Watch where you aimin' that thing. (Unused)
colette_pain0 Pain
colette_pain1 Pain
colette_pain2 Pain
colette_pain3 Pain
colette_stop0 Sorry, can't go with you. (Unused)
colette_stop1 I can't go on any further. (Unused)
colette_stop2 Uh, I'm stuck. (Unused)
colette_unuse0 Fine. I'll stay here. (Unused)
colette_unuse1 I'm not going anywhere. (Unused)
colette_unuse2 Sure. I'll stay behind. (Unused)
colette_unuse3 Be here when you need me. (Unused)
colette_unuse4 All right. I'll stick around. (Unused)
colette_use0 What are we waiting for? (Unused)
colette_use1 I'm trailing your tail. (Unused)
colette_use2 All right, let's move! (Unused)
colette_use3 Let's go! (Unused)
colette_use4 I'll keep you covered. (Unused)
colette_use5 Consider your ass covered. (Unused)