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Odessa Cubbage/Quotes

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The following is a list of quotes from Odessa Cubbage.

Half-Life 2 leak[edit]

Location: sound/vo/coast

Filename(s) Quote
cubbage01 Okay, watch while I take this puppy down.
cubbage02 Witness the beauty of a master at work.
cubbage03 Watch closely now, Freeman.
rpgguy_doasisay Do as I say, not as I do.
rpgguy_greet So you're Freeman, huh? The Vort said you're on a way.
rpgguy_outsmart You gotta outsmart them. If they can get a beat on your rocket, they'll shoot it down.
rpgguy_showyou Why don't you come with me and I'll show you how to shoot down these Gunships?
rpgguy_watchthis Haha, watch this.

Half-Life 2[edit]

The Coast[edit]

New Little Odessa[edit]

Location: sound/vo/coast/odessa

The basement speech:

Filename(s) Quote
nlo_cub_class01 This steerable Rocket launcher is our best bet for taking down a Gunship.
nlo_cub_hello Ah, hello! I'll be right with you!
nlo_cub_wherewasi Now, where was I? Ah, yes...
nlo_cub_class02 Using the laser guide, you can steer your rocket past the Gunship's defenses and prevent it from shooting down your rocket.
nlo_cub_class03 This will only anger it at first, but if you can survive long enough to make several direct hits, you'll be rewarded with a prize worthy of any mantlepiece.
nlo_cub_carry Now, who's going to be the lucky one to carry it into combat?
nlo_cub_freeman Ah, yes! Gordon Freeman!
nlo_cub_volunteer I couldn't have asked for a finer volunteer!

Upon taking the RPG, then the alarm goes off:

Filename(s) Quote
nlo_cub_service Colonel Odessa Cubbage at your service!
nlo_cub_warning Damn! Let me just send a warning to Lighthouse Point, then I'll come right up to lend a hand!
nlo_cub_teachgunship Go on! Teach that Gunship a lesson it will never forget!
nlo_cub_corkscrew Remember: use the launcher's laser guide to steer your rocket past the Gunship's defenses.

Trying to contact Lighthouse Point:

Filename(s) Quote
nlo_cub_radio N.L.O. to Lighthouse Point. N.L.O. to Lighthouse Point. Come in. This is Colonel Cubbage. Come in, please.

After destroying the Gunship:

Filename(s) Quote
nlo_cub_thatsthat Well, that's that.
nlo_cub_ledtobelieve I gather you've disposed of that Gunship, Dr. Freeman. Your reputation, sir, is well deserved.
nlo_cub_opengate I shall have someone open the gate for you immediately, so that you can drive on. I understand that Dr. Vance is in great need.
nlo_cub_roadahead Use extreme caution when approaching the Bridge. Radio silence from that outpost leads me to believe it has come under Combine control. Still, you're clearly the right man for the job!
nlo_cub_youllmakeit You'll make it through if anyone can.
nlo_cub_farewell Farewell! And please tell Dr. Vance that Colonel Cubbage regrets not having been able to rescue him in person!