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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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The following is a list of quotes from the Combine Soldier.

Half-Life 2 leak[edit]

Location: sound/npc/combine_soldier (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
announce1 Got you!
announce2 Got you now!
announce3 Take this!
assault3 You there!
clear_mine1 Good to go! (same as the one in /test/near)
clear_mine2 Okay, we're clear. (same as the one in /test/near)
clear_mine3 No signature. (same as the one in /test/near)
cs_aroundhere Around here somewhere.
cs_backitup Back it up.
cs_backitup_loud Back it up!
cs_boxaintempty The box ain't empty, folks.
cs_breakitdown Break it down!
cs_breakthebox Break the box!
cs_bugs Bugs!
cs_bumperinnotch Bumper in the notch.
cs_bumperslap Bumper slap!
cs_cracks Cracks!
cs_cracksinhardpack We got cracks in the hard pack.
cs_dontmove Don't move.
cs_downthere Down there.
cs_emptybox Empty box.
cs_eyesonprize Eyes on the prize.
cs_fire Fire.
cs_freeze Freeze!
cs_getitoffme Get it off! Get it off me!
cs_go Go!
cs_gothim Got him!
cs_gotsomeonme Got some on me!
cs_halt Halt.
cs_halt_loud Halt!
cs_hesinthebox He's in the box.
cs_hesinthere He's in there.
cs_hesmine He's mine.
cs_hesupthere He's up there.
cs_holdit Hold it.
cs_holdit_loud Hold it!
cs_holditthere Hold it there!
cs_hotrags Hot rags.
cs_hotspew Hot spew.
cs_itsonme It's on me!
cs_jackinthebox Jack in the box.
cs_lookout Look out.
cs_lookout_loud Look out!
cs_losthim Lost him.
cs_manwithrags They're the man in with the rags.
cs_morties Morties.
cs_morties_loud Morties!
cs_mortinbox Mort in the box.
cs_mortonslap Morton's slap.
cs_mortsinnotch Mort's in the notch.
cs_mortsonparade Mort's on parade.
cs_mortyparade Morty parade.
cs_movement Movement.
cs_nonono No! No! No!
cs_now Now.
cs_outoftheway Out of the way.
cs_outoftheway_loud Out of the way!
cs_overthere Over there.
cs_pain01 to cs_pain13 *pain*
cs_prizeismine Prize is mine.
cs_prizeonhigh Prize on high.
cs_quiet Quiet.
cs_rags Rags.
cs_ragsinnotch Rags in the notch!
cs_scratcher Scratcher.
cs_scratchermob Scratcher mob.
cs_scratcherparade Scratcher parade.
cs_scratchers Scratchers.
cs_screamlong to cs_screamlong05 *scream*
cs_shititsonme Oh, shit! It's on me.
cs_someoneinthere Someone in there.
cs_spew Spew!
cs_standback Stand back.
cs_steady Steady!
cs_stillhere He's still here.
cs_target Target!
cs_there There!
cs_thereheis There he is.
cs_toomany Too many!
cs_waitforhim Wait for him.
cs_waitforit Wait for it.
cs_wecantholdem We can't hold 'em.
cs_wegotabumper We got a bumper.
cs_whatisthisshit What is this shit?
cs_whatsthatshit What's that shit?
cs_whereprize Where's the prize?
cs_whosthat Who's that?
detect_mine1 Hold back! (same as the one in /test/near)
detect_mine2 Look at this! (same as the one in /test/near)
die1 to die3 *dies*
e3_lookout Look out!
e3_run Run!
e3_takecover Take cover!
e3_watchout Watch out!
flank1 Close the flank!
flank2 Get around there!
flank3 Surround him!
go_alert1 Alert!
go_alert2 Holy!
go_alert3 Oh!
kick1 to kick2 *grunt*
lost_long1 Getting a reading.
lost_long2 Lost the signal.
lost_long3 They're gone.
lost_long4 ... We lost him. (same as the one in /test/near)
lost_long5 Okay, let's find him. (same as the one in /test/near)
lost_long6 Scanning. (same as the one in /test/near)
lost_long7 (same as the one in /test/near)
lost_short2 Just wanna talk!
lost_short3 You can't hide!
man_down1 Man down!
man_down2 It's one of ours!
man_down3 You're gonna pay for that!
pain1 to pain3 *pain*
player_dead1 Got him!
player_dead2 Okay, we're done here.
player_dead3 That's one down.
refind_enemy1 There!
refind_enemy2 There he is!
refind_enemy3 I see him again!
refind_enemy4 I see him! (same as the one in /test/near)
spot_grenade1 Take cover!
spot_grenade2 Oh, shit!
spot_grenade3 Whoa, get back, UXO!
throw_grenade1 This is for you!
throw_grenade2 Stand clear!
throw_grenade3 Fire in the hole!

Vocoded HECU Grunt quotes[edit]

Location: sound/npc/combine_soldier (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
affirmative Affirmative.
area Area.
backup! Backup!
check Check.
cover! Cover!
fire! Fire!
fire Fire.
go! Go!
gr_idle1 *unintelligible chatter*
grenade! Grenade!
hole Hole.
in In.
lookout Lookout.
maintain Maintain.
movement! Movement!
request! Request!
target Target.
the The.

Near / far[edit]

Location: sound/npc/combine_soldier/test/near (No text data)

Folder test also contains a far subfolder containing the same sounds to be heard from afar.

Filename(s) Quote
announce1 Got you!
announce2 Got you now!
announce3 Take this!
assault1 Go!
assault2 Go, go, go!
assault3 You there!
clear_mine1 Good to go!
clear_mine2 Okay, we're clear.
clear_mine3 No signature.
detect_mine1 Hold back!
detect_mine2 Look at this!
die1 to die3 *dies*
flank1 Close the flank!
flank2 Get around there!
flank3 Surround him!
go_alert1 Alert!
go_alert2 Holy!
go_alert3 Oh!
kick1 to kick2 *grunt*
lost_long1 Getting a reading.
lost_long2 Lost the signal.
lost_long3 They're gone.
lost_long4 ... We lost him.
lost_long5 Okay, let's find him.
lost_long6 Scanning.
lost_short1 Turn yourself in!
lost_short2 Just wanna talk!
lost_short3 You can't hide!
man_down1 Man down!
man_down2 It's one of ours!
man_down3 You're gonna pay for that!
pain1 to pain3 *pain*
player_dead1 Got him!
player_dead2 Okay, we're done here.
player_dead3 That's one down.
refind_enemy1 There!
refind_enemy2 There he is!
refind_enemy3 I see him again!
refind_enemy4 I see him!
spot_grenade1 Take cover!
spot_grenade2 Oh, shit!
spot_grenade3 Whoa, get back, UXO!
throw_grenade1 This is for you!
throw_grenade2 Stand clear!
throw_grenade3 Fire in the hole!


Location: sound/vo/e3_drive (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
halt Halt!


Location: sound/vo/e3_hydra (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
holditthere_sfx Hold it there! (Vocoded version of cs_holditthere)
hydra_scream_sfx *scream*
hydra_skewer_sfx *scream*


Location: sound/vo/e3_town (No text data)

Filename(s) Quote
cs_everybodyback Everybody, back!
cs_fallback Fall back!
cs_lookout (2) Look out!
cs_lookout Look out!
cs_mandown2 Man down, man down!


Location: sound/vo/sky (No text data)

Dialogue between two Combine Soldiers in the Skyscraper, after Alyx and Gordon crash into it. Consists of orders from the squad leader and dialogue between the two soldiers until they come across Freeman.

Leader introduction:

Filename(s) Quote
sky_drop1 We're taking this one back! You two, search and secure the upper decks! Work your way down to the floors below!

Temporary dialogue:

Filename(s) Quote

- Keep your eyes open. There's supposed to be supply caches in some of these old buildings.
- Nah, that's bullshit. Citizens are too weak to climb all these stairs.
- So maybe some contraband fell out of that chopper. I could use a rocket launcher.
- Eh, wouldn't turn it in if you found it?
- Hey, you wanna go up against the mobs with a stunstick, that's your business.

18sky_sol2t Looks like a room back there, if we can get through this wall.
19sky_sol1t Let me blow it open.
23sky_sol1t Setting the charge.
24sky_sol2t I'm clear.

Final dialogue:

Filename(s) Quote
1sky_sol1 Look for a way down. Careful where you step.
2sky_sol2 Just waiting for the smoke to clear. Okay, let's go.
3sky_sol1 Did you see that girl before they took her? Looks like she was talking to someone down below.
4sky_sol2 What are the odds two people survive this crash?
5sky_sol1 She didn't fly in it alone, you know.
6sky_sol2 No, but I don't have any trouble believing the others are in little burned pieces right now.
7sky_sol1 Don't get cocky. Little burned pieces have a way of biting you in the ass.
8sky_sol2 Shh! You hear that? Something down there?
9sky_sol1 I don't see anything. But let's not take any chances.
10sky_sol2 Okay. Found some stairs. Let's head down.
11sky_sol1 Nothing, nothing, and more nothing. I don't know what they expect to find up here. Down lower, maybe. I heard reports this place is being used as a supply cache for the Underground. But no Citizen is gonna waste time climbing all the way up here, I don't care how disgruntled they are.
12sky_sol2 Nothing ever came of those reports. But look at it this way: that was a rebel chopper just crashed up there.
13sky_sol1 Yeah, and?
14sky_sol2 You ever had your hands on any of the weapons these guys are supposedly armed with? Suddenly it's not just rocks and bottles and Molotovs. They've tapped into some old ammo dump or something. They're turning up with contraband we'll never get permission to carry.
15sky_sol1 You mean we might find some of that stuff up here? We'd have to turn it in, though.
16sky_sol2 I won't tell if you won't. You wanna go up against these mobs with a stunstick and a truncheon, be my guest. If I find a rocket launcher, I'm keeping it, with or without the Consul's blessing.
17sky_sol1 What we really need is some of the Combine tech.
18sky_sol2 Forget about that. It won't even respond unless you've got some kind of messed up nervous system. No, thanks. Here, let's check out this room. Stuff could have fallen down from the upper deck.
19sky_sol1 This wall's sealed off pretty good by rubble. Let me blow it open.
22sky_sol2 Go for it.
23asky_sol1 Okay, get back. This is gonna be a big one.
23sky_sol1 Setting the charge.
24sky_sol2 I'm clear.
25sky_sol1 Here goes.
26sky_sol1 [Chuckle] That never gets old.
27sky_sol2 Look out! Someone's in there!
28sky_sol1 Shit!

Half-Life 2[edit]

In-game sentences[edit]

Location: sound/sentences.txt (speech system sentences), sound/npc/combine_soldier/vo (filenames)

Like their Half-Life counterparts, Combine soldiers use combinations of pre-recorded statements when speaking. It is worth noting that some sentences are context sensitive, and have variables in the sentence text. This is sometimes used just to pick a random sound, but other times it is used to give each soldier a unique name and accurately call out an opponent's bearing and grid. For the sake of this article, the quote will have names/numbers substituted in.

Sentence Text file on the Valve Developer Community

When about to start shooting:

Sentence name Filename(s) Example Quote
COMBINE_ANNOUNCE0 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS suppressing off1 Leader One, suppressing.
COMBINE_ANNOUNCE1 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS gosharp off2 Flash Zero, go sharp.
COMBINE_ANNOUNCE2 on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS prosecuting off1 Hammer Six, prosecuting.
COMBINE_ANNOUNCE3 on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS engaging off1 Razor Niner, engaging.
COMBINE_ANNOUNCE4 on2 cover off1 Blade One, cover.

When the enemy is close and they can see him:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_ASSAULT0 on1 contact V_G0_PLAYERS off1 Contact, Target One.
COMBINE_ASSAULT1 on1 contactconfirmprosecuting off1 Contact confirm, prosecuting.
COMBINE_ASSAULT2 on2 contactconfim off1 Contact confirm.
COMBINE_ASSAULT3 on2 targetmyradial V_DIRS degrees off3 Target my radial: ninety seven degrees.

When moving in:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_FLANK0 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS closing off1 Swift Four, closing.
COMBINE_FLANK1 on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS inbound off1 Hammer Three, inbound
COMBINE_FLANK2 on1 movein off2 Move in.
COMBINE_FLANK3 on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS sweepingin off1 Ranger Seven, sweeping in.
COMBINE_FLANK4 on1 coverme off1 Cover me.
COMBINE_FLANK5 on1 V_MYNAMES unitisclosing off1 Striker unit is closing.
COMBINE_FLANK6 on1 V_MYNAMES unitisinbound off1 Dagger unit is inbound.
COMBINE_FLANK7 on1 V_MYNAMES unitismovingin off1 Fist unit is moving in.

Going alert and pursuing:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_GO_ALERT_0 on1 alert1 off1 Alert one.
COMBINE_GO_ALERT1 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS executingfullresponse off1 Hunter Eight, executing full response.

When nobody has seen the enemy in 10 seconds:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_LOST_LONG0 on1 targetblackout off1 Target black out, sweep and resume.
COMBINE_LOST_LONG1 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS lostcontact off1 Stab Five, lost contact.
COMBINE_LOST_LONG2 on1 motioncheckallradials off1 Motion check, all radials.
COMBINE_LOST_LONG3 on1 stayalertreportsightlines off1 Stay alert, report sight lines.
COMBINE_LOST_LONG4 on1 overwatch, teamdeployedandscanning off1 Overwatch, team is deployed and scanning.
COMBINE_LOST_LONG5 on1 overwatch, V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS engagedincleanup off1 Overwatch, Spear Seven, engaged in clean up.
COMBINE_LOST_LONG6 on1 readyweapons, stayalert off1 Ready weapons, stay alert.

When nobody has seen the enemy in 5 seconds:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_LOST_SHORT0 on1 targetisat shaddow4 off1 Target is at shadow.
COMBINE_LOST_SHORT1 on1 readyextractors off1 Ready extractors.
COMBINE_LOST_SHORT2 on1 readycharges off1 Ready charges.
COMBINE_LOST_SHORT3 on1 fixsightlinesmovein off1 Fix sight lines, move in.
COMBINE_LOST_SHORT4 on1 on1 containmentproceeding off1 Containment proceeding.

When a friendly dies:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_MAN_DOWN0 on1 V_WHODIEDS onedown onedown off1 Striker one down, one down.
COMBINE_MAN_DOWN1 on1 V_WHODIEDS onedutyvacated off11 Savage one, duty vacated.
COMBINE_MAN_DOWN2 on2 heavyresistance off3 Overwatch, advised, we have heavy resistance.
COMBINE_MAN_DOWN3 on1 overwatchrequestreinforcement off3 Overwatch, request reinforcement.
COMBINE_MAN_DOWN4 on1 V_WHODIEDS onedown, hardenthatposition off3 Razor one down, harden that position.

When finding an enemy after losing him:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_REFIND_ENEMY0 on1 target V_G0_PLAYERS, goactiveintercept off1 Target Ghost Two, go active intercept.
COMBINE_REFIND_ENEMY1 on2 gosharp range V_DISTS off3 Go sharp, range three hundred.
COMBINE_REFIND_ENEMY2 on2 targetcontactat V_GRIDXS dash V_GRIDYS off3 Target contact at twelve dash eight.
COMBINE_REFIND_ENEMY3 on2 viscon viscon(p110), range V_DISTS, bearing V_DIRS off3 Viscon viscon, range fifty, bearing twelve.

When throwing a grenade:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_THROW_GRENADE0 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS extractoraway off1 Striker Zero, extractor away.
COMBINE_THROW_GRENADE1 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS extractorislive off1 Flash Four, extractor is live.
COMBINE_THROW_GRENADE2 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS flush sharpzone off1 Spear Niner, flush, sharp zone.
COMBINE_THROW_GRENADE3 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS extractoraway sharpzone off1 Razor Three, extractor away, sharp zone.
COMBINE_THROW_GRENADE4 on1. six, five, four, three, two, one, flash flash(p105) flash(p110) off1 Six, five, four, three, two, one. Flash, flash, flash!

When noticing a grenade:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_GREN0 on1(p120) bouncerbouncer off1 Bouncer! Bouncer!
COMBINE_GREN1 on1(p120) flaredown off1 Flare down!

When hearing something dangerous:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_DANGER0 on1(p120) displace off1 Displace.
COMBINE_DANGER1 on1(p120) displace2 off3 Displace!
COMBINE_DANGER2 on1(p120) ripcordripcord off1 Rip cord! Rip cord!

When first seeing the player:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_ALERT0 on2(p110) contactconfim V_G0_PLAYERS, range V_DISTS meters, bearing V_DIRS degrees off1 Contact confirm Anticitizen One, range thirty meters, bearing twelve degrees.
COMBINE_ALERT1 on1(p110) gosharpgosharp, V_DISTS meters off1 Go sharp, go sharp, 40 meters.
COMBINE_ALERT2 on2(p110) callcontacttarget1, grid V_GRIDXS dash V_GRIDYS off1 Call contact suspect target one, grid twenty dash fifteen.
COMBINE_ALERT3 on1(p110) targetisat V_DISTS meters bearing V_DIRS degrees off1 Target is at thirty meters, bearing twelve degrees.
COMBINE_ALERT4 on1(p110) targetmyradial V_DIRS degrees off1 Target my radial, ten degrees.
COMBINE_ALERT5 on2(p110) contact V_G0_PLAYERS off3 Contact Freeman.
COMBINE_ALERT6 on1(p110) targetcontactat V_DISTS meters, bearing V_DIRS degrees off1 Target contact at ten meters, bearing eight degrees.
COMBINE_ALERT7 on2(p110) designatetargetas V_G0_PLAYERS off1 Designate target as Anticitizen One.
COMBINE_ALERT8 on1(p110) contactconfirmprosecuting off2 Contact confirm, prosecuting.
COMBINE_ALERT9 on1(p110) contactconfim, designatetargetas V_G0_PLAYERS off1 Contact confirm, designate target as primary one objective.

When noticing the player is hurt:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_PLAYERHIT0 targetcompromisedmovein off1 Target compromised: move in, move in.
COMBINE_PLAYERHIT1 affirmativewegothimnow off1 Affirmative, we got him now.
COMBINE_PLAYERHIT2 thatsitwrapitup off2 That's it, wrap it up.

When first seeing an enemy:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_MONST0 confirmsectornotsterile off1 Confirm sector not sterile.
COMBINE_MONST1 visualonexogens off1 Visual on exogens.
COMBINE_MONST2 overwatch sector V_SECTORS infected off1 Overwatch, sector eleven infected.

When first seeing an Antlion:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_MONST_BUGS0 confirmsectornotsterile off1 Confirm sector not sterile.
COMBINE_MONST_BUGS1 swarmoutbreakinsector V_SECTORS off1 Swarm outbreak in sector five.
COMBINE_MONST_BUGS2 overwatch, weareinaninfestationzone, sector V_SECTORS off2 Overwatch, we are in an infestation zone, sector niner.
COMBINE_MONST_BUGS3 overwatch, wehavenontaggedviromes, grid V_GRIDXS dash V_GRIDYS off1 Overwatch, we have non-tagged viromes, grid eight dash two.

When first seeing a Citizen:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_MONST_CITIZENS0 outbreak off1 Outbreak.

When first seeing Alyx or Barney:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_MONST_CHARACTER0 target, prioritytwoescapee off1 Target: priority two escapee.
COMBINE_MONST_CHARACTER1 outbreakstatusiscode hurricane off1 Outbreak status is code hurricane.

When first seeing a Zombie:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_MONST_ZOMBIES0 necrotics off3 Necrotics.
COMBINE_MONST_ZOMBIES1 necroticsinbound off1 Necrotics inbound.
COMBINE_MONST_ZOMBIES2 overwatch, weareinaninfestationzone, sector V_SECTORS off2 Overwatch, we are in an infestation zone, sector eleven.

When first seeing a Barnacle or Headcrab:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_MONST_PARASITES0 callcontactparasitics off1 Call contact: parasitics.
COMBINE_MONST_PARASITES1 overwatch, wehavefreeparasites, sector V_SECTORS off1 Overwatch, we have free parasites, sector thirteen.

After killing an enemy (V_SEQGLOBNBRS is used to count the number of enemy kills):

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_KILL_MONST0 V_SEQGLOBNBRS cleaned off1 One cleaned.
COMBINE_KILL_MONST1 V_SEQGLOBNBRS sterilized off3 Two sterilized.
COMBINE_KILL_MONST2 V_SEQGLOBNBRS contained off1 Three contained.

When hurt and taking cover (no longer used):

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_COVER0 on1 coverhurt off1 Cover!
COMBINE_COVER1 on1 displace2 off1 Displace!
COMBINE_COVER2 on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS requestmedical off1 Dagger Five request medical!
COMBINE_COVER3 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS requeststimdose off1 Blade Two request stimdose!

When shot and it didn't hurt (no longer used):

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_TAUNT0 on1(p110) targetineffective off1(p120) on1 Target ineffective.
COMBINE_TAUNT1 on2(p110) bodypackholding off2(p120) on1 Bodypack holding.
COMBINE_TAUNT2 on1(p110) V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS, fullactive off1(p120) on1 Hunter Eight full active.

When the only member left in the squad:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD0 on2 overwatchrequestreserveactivation off1 Overwatch, request reserve activation.
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD1 on1 overwatch, sectorisnotsecure off3 Overwatch, sector is not secure.
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD2 on1 sector V_SECTORS, outbreak outbreak(p105) outbreak(p110) off1 Sector seven, outbreak, outbreak, outbreak!
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD3 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS isfinalteamunitbackup off1 Ranger Two is final team unit, request backup.
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD4 on1 overwatchteamisdown off1 Overwatch, team is down, sector is not controlled.
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD5 on2 overwatchsectoroverrun off2 Overwatch, sector overrun, repeat, sector overrun.
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD6 on1 overwatchrequestskyshield off1 Overwatch, request skyshield.
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD7 on1 overwatchrequestwinder off1 Overwatch, request winder dispatch.

When killing the player:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD0 on1 overwatchconfirmhvtcontained off3 Overwatch confirms, helix vector tango (code for high value target) is contained.
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD1 on1 overwatchtarget1sterilized off1 Overwatch, target one sterilized.
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD2 on2 overwatchtargetcontained off2 Overwatch, target contained.
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD3 on2 overwatch, stabilizationteamhassector off1 Overwatch, stabilization team has sector controlled.
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD4 on2 overwatch, V_G0_PLAYERS secure off3 Overwatch, Freeman secure.
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD5 on1 overwatch, V_G0_PLAYERS delivered off1 Overwatch, Freeman delivered.
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD6 on1 overwatch, antiseptic administer off1 Overwatch, antiseptic administer.

When idle, updating the squad:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_IDLE0 on1 V_RNDNAMES V_RNDCODES V_RNDNUMS dash V_RNDNUMS off1 Ghost Helix One dash niner.
COMBINE_IDLE1 on1 overwatchreportspossiblehostiles off1 Overwatch reports possible hostiles inbound.
COMBINE_IDLE2 on1 ovewatchorders3ccstimboost off2 Overwatch orders 3cc stim boost.
COMBINE_IDLE3 on2 stabilizationteamholding off1 Stabilization team holding in position.
COMBINE_IDLE4 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS standingby off1 Sweeper Two standing by.
COMBINE_QUEST0 on1 readyweaponshostilesinbound off1(p120) Ready weapons, possible hostiles inbound.
COMBINE_QUEST1 on1 prepforcontact off3(p120) Prep for contact, report in.
COMBINE_QUEST2 on2 skyshieldreportslostcontact, readyweapons off1(p120) Skyshield reports lost contact, ready weapons.
COMBINE_QUEST3 on2 stayalert off3(p120) Stay alert.
COMBINE_QUEST4 on2 weaponsoffsafeprepforcontact off2(p120) Weapons off safe, prep for contact.
COMBINE_QUEST5 on1 overwatch isatcode V_RNDCODES V_RNDNUMS off1(p120) Overwatch is at code Echo Five.

When answer affirmative:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_ANSWER0 on1 affirmative off1 Affirmative.
COMBINE_ANSWER1 on1 copy off1 Copy.
COMBINE_ANSWER2 on2 copythat off3 Copy that.
COMBINE_ANSWER3 on1 affirmative2 off1 Affirmative.
COMBINE_ANSWER4 on1 copythat, V_RNDNAMES V_RNDCODES V_RNDNUMS dash V_RNDNUMS off1 Copy that, Nomad Kilo three dash six.

When answering all clear:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_CLEAR0 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS hasnegativemovement grid V_GRIDXS dash V_GRIDYS on1 off2(p120) Leader One has negative movement, grid seven dash two.
COMBINE_CLEAR1 on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS isholdingatcode V_RNDCODES on1 off1(p120) Tracker Eight is holding at code sundown.
COMBINE_CLEAR2 on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS hasnegativemovement on1 off3(p120) Sweeper Three has negative movement.
COMBINE_CLEAR3 on1 affirmative, noviscon on1 off1(p120) Affirmative, no viscon.
COMBINE_CLEAR4 on1 sightlineisclear on1 off1(p120) Sightline is clear.
COMBINE_CLEAR5 on2 V_MYNAMES reportingclear on1 off3(p120) Blade reporting clear.
COMBINE_CLEAR6 on1 sectorissecurenovison on1 off1(p120) Sector is secure, no viscon.

When checking if clear:

Sentence name Filename(s) Quote
COMBINE_CHECK0 on1 stayalertreportsightlines off3 Stay alert, report sightlines.
COMBINE_CHECK1 on2 reportallpositionsclear off3 Report all positions clear.
COMBINE_CHECK2 on1 reportallradialsfree off3 Report all radials free.


Location: sound/npc/combine_soldier/vo

Filename(s) Quote
administer Administer.
affirmative Affirmative.
affirmative2 Affirmative.
affirmativewegothimnow Affirmative we got him now.
alert1 Alert 1.
anticitizenone Anticitizen one.
antiseptic Antiseptic
apex Apex.
bearing bearing
blade Blade.
bodypackholding bodypack holding
Boomer boomer
Bouncerbouncer bouncer bouncer
callcontactparasitics call contact parasitics.
callcontacttarget1 call contact suspect target 1
cleaned Cleaned.
closing Closing.
confirmsectornotsterile Confirm sector not sterile.
contact Contact.
contactconfim Contact confirmed.
contactconfirmprosecuting Contact confirmed, prosecuting.
contained Contained.
containmentproceeding Containment proceeding.
copy Copy.
copythat Copy that.
cover Cover.
coverhurt Cover hurt.
coverme Cover me.
dagger Dagger.
dash dash
degrees degrees
delivered Delivered.
designatetargetas Designate target as
displace Displace.
displace2 Displace.
echo Echo.
eight Eight.
eighteen Eighteen.
eighty Eighty.
eleven Eleven.
engagedincleanup Engaged in cleanup.
engaging Engaging.
executingfullresponse Executing full response.
extractoraway Extractor away.
extractorislive Extractor is live.
fifteen Fifteen.
fifty Fifty.
fist Fist.
five Five.
fixsightlinesmovein Fix sightlines move in.
flaredown Flare down.
flash Flash.
flatline Flatline.
flush Flush.
four Four.
fourteen Fourteen.
fourty Forty.
freeman3 Freeman.
fullactive Full active.
ghost Ghost.
ghost2 Ghost 2.
goactiveintercept Go active intercept.
gosharp Go sharp.
gosharpgosharp Go sharp. Go sharp.
grid Grid.
hammer Hammer.
hardenthatposition Harden that position.
hasnegativemovement Has negative movement.
heavyresistance Overwatch advise, we have heavy resistance.
helix Helix.
hunter Hunter.
hurricane Hurricane.
ice Ice.
inbound Inbound.
infected Infected.
ion Ion.
isatcode Is at code
isfinalteamunitbackup is final team unit request backup.
isholdingatcode is holding at code
jet Jet.
judge Judge.
kilo Kilo.
leader Leader.
lostcontact Lost contact.
mace Mace.
meters Meters.
motioncheckallradials Motion check all radials.
movein Move in.
necrotics Necrotics.
necroticsinbound Necrotics inbound.
niner Niner.
nineteen Nineteen.
ninety Ninety.
nomad Nomad.
nova Nova.
noviscon No viscon.
one One.
onedown One down.
onedutyvacated One duty vacated.
onehundred One hundred.
outbreak Outbreak.
outbreakstatusiscode Outbreak status is code
overwatch Overwatch.
overwatchconfirmhvtcontained Overwatch confirm HVT contained.
overwatchreportspossiblehostiles Overwatch reports possible hostiles inbound.
overwatchrequestreinforcement Overwatch, request reinforcement.
overwatchrequestreserveactivation Overwatch, request reserve activation.
overwatchrequestskyshield Overwatch request sky shield.
overwatchrequestwinder Overwatch, request winder dispatch.
overwatchsectoroverrun Overwatch, sector overrun, repeat sector overrun.
overwatchtarget1sterilized Overwatch, Target 1 sterilized.
overwatchtargetcontained Overwatch, target contained.
overwatchteamisdown Overwatch, team is down, sector is not controlled.
ovewatchorders3ccstimboost Overwatch orders 3 cc stimboost.
payback Payback.
phantom Phantom.
prepforcontact Prepare for contact, report in.
priority1objective Priority 1 objective.
prioritytwoescapee Priority 2 escapee.
prosecuting Prosecuting.
quicksand Quicksand.
range Range.
ranger Ranger.
razor Razor.
readycharges Ready charges.
readyextractors Ready extractors.
readyweapons Ready weapons.
readyweaponshostilesinbound Ready weapons, possible hostiles inbound.
reaper Reaper.
reportallpositionsclear Report all positions clear.
reportallradialsfree Report all radials free.
reportingclear Reporting clear.
requestmedical Request medical.
requeststimdose Request stim dose.
ripcord Ripcord.
ripcordripcord Ripcord Ripcord
savage Savage.
scar Scar.
sector Sector.
sectorisnotsecure Sector is not secure.
sectorissecurenovison Sector is secure, no viscon.
secure Secure.
seven Seven.
seventeen Seventeen.
seventy Seventy.
shadow Shadow.
sharpzone Sharpzone.
sightlineisclear Sight line is clear.
six Six.
sixteen Sixteen.
sixty Sixty.
skyshieldreportslostcontact Skyshield reports lost contact.
slam Slam.
slash Slash.
spear Spear.
stab Stab.
stabilizationteamhassector Stabilization team has sector control.
stabilizationteamholding Stabilization team holding in position.
standingby Standing by.
star Star.
stayalert Stay alert.
stayalertreportsightlines Stay alert, report sightlines.
stinger Stinger.
storm Storm.
striker Striker.
sundown Sundown.
suppressing Suppressing.
swarmoutbreakinsector Swarm outbreak in sector
sweeper Sweeper.
sweepingin Sweeping in.
swift Swift.
sword Sword.
target Target.
targetblackout Target blackout sweep to resume.
targetcompromisedmovein Target compromised, move in.
targetcontactat Target contact at
targetineffective Target ineffective.
targetisat Target is at
targetmyradial Target my radial.
targetone Target One.
teamdeployedandscanning Team is deployed and scanning.
ten Ten.
thatsitwrapitup That's it, wrap it up.
thirteen Thirteen.
thirty Thirty.
three Three.
threehundred Three hundred.
tracker Tracker.
twelve Twelve.
twenty Twenty.
two Two.
twohundred Two hundred.
uniform Uniform.
unitisclosing Unit is closing.
unitisinbound Unit is inbound.
unitismovingin Unit is moving in.
vamp Vamp.
viscon Viscon.
visualonexogens Visual on exogens.
weaponsoffsafeprepforcontact Weapons off safe, prepare for contact.
weareinaninfestationzone We are in an infestation zone.
wehavefreeparasites We have free parasites.
wehavenontaggedviromes We have non-tagged viromes.
winder Winder.
zero Zero.

Nova Prospekt radio chatter[edit]

Location: sound/npc/combine_soldier/vo

Filename(s) Quote
prison_soldier_activatecentral Overwatch activate Central transport Stabilization Teams.
prison_soldier_boomersinbound Overwatch confirms double boomers dispatched inbound, ghost drop inbound, prepare for skyshield heavy suppression and wrapup.
prison_soldier_bunker1 Hardpoint Nomad, reactivate perimeter restrictors and report. Hardpoint Nomad, reactivate your perimeter restrictors and report. Nomad, get those restrictors back on line, your sector shows active biotics.
prison_soldier_bunker2 Hardpoint Shadow, report blackout status. Hardpoint Shadow, report blackout status. Hardpoint 139 is oneway. Hunter 6, detach, sweep and confirm.
prison_soldier_bunker3 Leader 9 to Hardpoint Stinger report containment status. Post Stinger, do you read? Team 4, team 9 assemble and reinforce, leader 9 closing for local control.
prison_soldier_containD8 Primary has moved to a containment zone. All remaining teams dispatch to Delta 8. We got him now.
prison_soldier_fallback_b4 Fall back and reinforce sector Black 4, Overwatch requests skyshield sector reinforcement. Drop is inbound.
prison_soldier_freeman_antlions Warning, primary target is, uhh, engaged in, uhh command and control tactics with biotics. Repeat, primary target has tactical C&C of biotics.
prison_soldier_fullbioticoverrun Central transport facility, Nova Prospekt contact blackout, full biotic overrun.
prison_soldier_leader9dead Leader 9 deserviced, Judge 3 field promotion active.
prison_soldier_negativecontainment Uh, negative, no sector containment, no confirmation on target one vector. We have secondary perimeter overruns, what is ETA on skyshield drop?
prison_soldier_prosecuteD7 Drop Reinforcement teams deploy and prosecute sector Delta 7, contact confirmed with primary target. Target is non-mobile, hunters, scan for possible accomplice.
prison_soldier_sundown3dead Team Sundown 3 deserviced, Helix 2 go active and intercept, Leader 12 out.
prison_soldier_tohighpoints All perimeter units, displace to internal highpoints and prepare for final prosecution.
prison_soldier_visceratorsA5 Team Sundown 3, set viscerators in sector Apex 5, and advance for contact. We have biotics in the perimeter.



Location: sound/npc/combine_soldier/vo

Filename(s) Quote
block31mace block 31 mace.
block64jet block 64 jet.
callhotpoint call hot point.
closing2 Closing.
gridsundown46 Grid sundown 4-6.
isfieldpromoted is field promoted to leader 1 holding.
onecontained One contained.
sectionlockupdash4 Section lockup dash 4.

Nova Prospekt radio chatter[edit]

Location: N/A (text only)

Filename(s) Quote
prison_soldier_antlionguardC1 [no transcript available]
prison_soldier_black2ambush [no transcript available]
prison_soldier_freemancontact [no transcript available]
prison_soldier_perimeter_delta8 [no transcript available]

Half-Life: Alyx[edit]

Unused Quotes[edit]

Location: sounds\npc\combine_soldier\vo

These voice lines are mostly re-recorded lines from Half-Life 2, albeit with minor alterations. However, they are not included in the sentences.txt file, and are probably early work in progress.

Quotes with * have inaccuracies or punctuation issues and require corrections.

Filename(s) Quote Play
combine_alert_01 Designate target as Freeman three.
combine_alert_02 Contact confirm, prosecuting.
combine_alert_03 Contact confirm, designate target as Freeman three.
combine_announce_01 Leader Zero, suppressing.
combine_announce_02 Leader Zero, go sharp.
combine_announce_03 Leader Zero, prosecuting.
combine_announce_04 Leader Zero, engaging.
combine_announce_05 Cover.
combine_answer_01 Affirmative.
combine_answer_02 Copy.
combine_answer_03 Copy that.
combine_answer_04 Affirmative 2.
combine_answer_05 Copy that, Ghost Apex zero dash zero.
combine_assault_01 Contact, Freeman three.
combine_assault_02 Contact confirm, prosecuting.
combine_assault_03 Contact confirm.
combine_check_01 Stay alert, report sightlines.
combine_check_02 Report all positions clear.
combine_check_03 Report all radials free.
combine_clear_01 Leader Zero is holding at code apex.
combine_clear_02 Leader Zero has negative movement.
combine_clear_03 Affirmative, no viscon.
combine_clear_04 Sightline is clear.
combine_clear_05 Leader reporting clear.
combine_clear_06 Sector is secure, no viscon.
combine_cover_01 Cover, hurt! *
combine_cover_02 Displace, two! *
combine_cover_03 Leader Zero request medical!
combine_cover_04 Leader Zero request stimdose!
combine_danger_01 Displace.
combine_danger_02 Displace 2.
combine_danger_03 Rip cord! Rip cord!
combine_flank_01 Leader Zero, closing.
combine_flank_02 Leader Zero, inbound.
combine_flank_03 Move in.
combine_flank_04 Leader Zero, sweeping in.
combine_flank_05 Cover me.
combine_flank_06 Leader unit is closing.
combine_flank_07 Leader unit is inbound.
combine_flank_08 Leader unit is moving in.
combine_flank_08 Leader unit is moving in.
combine_go_alert_01 Alert one.
combine_go_alert_02 Leader Zero, executing full response.
combine_gren_01 Bouncer! Bouncer!
combine_gren_02 Flare down!
combine_idle_01 Ghost Apex zero dash zero.
combine_idle_02 Overwatch reports possible hostiles.
combine_idle_03 Overwatch orders 3cc stim boost.
combine_idle_04 Stabilization team holding.
combine_idle_05 Leader Zero standing by.
combine_kill_monst_01 Zero cleaned.
combine_kill_monst_02 Zero sterilized.
combine_kill_monst_03 Zero contained.
combine_last_of_squad_01 Overwatch, request reserve activation.
combine_last_of_squad_02 Overwatch, sector is not secure.
combine_last_of_squad_03 Leader Zero is final team unit backup. *
combine_last_of_squad_04 Overwatch, team is down.
combine_last_of_squad_05 Overwatch, sector overrun.
combine_last_of_squad_06 Overwatch, request skyshield.
combine_last_of_squad_07 Overwatch, request winder.
combine_lost_long_01 Target black out.
combine_lost_long_02 Leader Zero, lost contact.
combine_lost_long_03 Motion check, all radials.
combine_lost_long_04 Stay alert, report sight lines.
combine_lost_long_05 Overwatch, team deployed and scanning.
combine_lost_long_06 Overwatch, Leader Zero, engaged in clean up.
combine_lost_long_07 Ready weapons, stay alert.
combine_lost_short_01 Target is at shadow 4.
combine_lost_short_02 Ready extractors.
combine_lost_short_03 Ready charges.
combine_lost_short_04 Fix sight lines, move in.
combine_lost_short_05 Containment proceeding.
combine_man_down_01 Heavy resistance.
combine_man_down_02 Overwatch, request reinforcement.
combine_monst_01 Confirm sector not sterile.
combine_monst_02 Visual on exogens.
combine_monst_bugs_01 Confirm sector not sterile.
combine_monst_character_01 Target: priority two escapee.
combine_monst_character_02 Outbreak status is code hurricane.
combine_monst_citizen_01 Outbreak.
combine_monst_parasites_01 Call contact: parasitics.
combine_monst_zombies_01 Necrotics.
combine_monst_zombies_02 Necrotics inbound.
combine_player_dead_01 Overwatch confirm, HVT contained.
combine_player_dead_02 Overwatch, target one sterilized.
combine_player_dead_03 Overwatch, stabilization team has sector.
combine_player_dead_04 Overwatch, Freeman three secure.
combine_player_dead_05 Overwatch, Freeman three delivered.
combine_player_dead_06 Overwatch, antiseptic administer.
combine_playerhit_01 Target compromised: move in.
combine_playerhit_02 Affirmative, we got him now.
combine_playerhit_03 That's it, wrap it up.
combine_quest_01 Ready weapons, hostiles inbound.
combine_quest_02 Prep for contact.
combine_quest_03 Skyshield reports lost contact, ready weapons.
combine_quest_04 Stay alert.
combine_quest_05 Weapons off safe, prep for contact.
combine_quest_06 Overwatch is at code Apex Zero.
combine_refind_enemy_01 Target Freeman Three, go active intercept.
combine_taunt_01 Target ineffective.
combine_taunt_02 Bodypack holding.
combine_taunt_03 Leader Zero full active.
combine_throw_grenade_01 Leader Zero, extractor away.
combine_throw_grenade_02 Leader Zero, extractor is live.
combine_throw_grenade_03 Leader Zero, flush, sharp zone.
combine_throw_grenade_04 Leader Zero, extractor away, sharp zone.
combine_throw_grenade_05 Six, five, four, three, two, one. Flash, flash, flash!