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― Combine OverWiki's motto

The Combine OverWiki is an independent and comprehensive wiki encyclopedia dedicated to the Half-Life and Portal video game series and its shared universe created by Valve Corporation, and the first of its kind.

The wiki was founded as "Half-Life Wiki" in 2006 on Wikia, a free wiki farm service, and moved in 2011 to a privately hosted domain while the original wiki remained as a duplicate on Wikia.

As an encyclopedia, the purpose of our wiki is to create an accessible compendium of facts and information about Half-Life and Portal in an intelligent and analytical way, with emphasis on behind-the-scenes information and the role of video gaming as an art form.

The wiki also functions as a community hub for Half-Life and Portal fans. Volunteer community members update the existing articles and create new ones regularly based on their own experience of the games and various news sources, making the wiki a vital source for news, updates, and above all exclusive content (See our Content Updates for the most recent changes and additions). Community projects and dialogue between fans is also kept alive through the wiki's various social pages, updated regularly (linked on the right).

The information available here is and always will be free for anybody to share, copy, and adapt, under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.


A small volunteer team of administrators is dedicated to maintaining the quality of the wiki and to managing user disputes, technical problems and the official wiki pages.


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