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Alyx Vance/Quotes/Half-Life 2: Episode One

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The following is a list of quotes from Alyx Vance, from Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Citadel (outside)[edit]

Location: sound/vo/episode_1/intro

Filename(s) Quote
al_accessbridge Let's get to that access bridge.
al_accessbridges I think I see an access bridge up ahead.
al_alittleclose01 Dog... really... that was a little close.
al_alittleclose02 What's gotten into you, huh?
al_alittleclose03 How exactly is this supposed to help us?
al_allrightdog All right, all right.
al_allsostrange It's all so strange...
al_allsostrange_new It's all so strange...
al_antenna01 Okay...
al_antenna02 Little to the right...
al_antenna03 Move it around till the signal clears.
al_antenna04 There we go. Hold it there!
al_antenna05 We got it.
al_backintocitadel You mean we have to go back into the Citadel?
al_backintocitadel01 Direct intervention?
al_backintocitadel02 You mean...going in?
al_bettergetoutofhere Uh oh. We'd better get out of here.
al_betterluck Any luck over there, Dog?
al_bettersuggestion Well, Gordon...unless you have a better suggestion... He is a robot. He's done the math.
al_bettersuggestion01 Well, Gordon...unless you have a better suggestion...
al_bettersuggestion02 He is a robot. He's done the math.
al_butdad But Dad...
al_callingdog01 Dog...Dog....
al_cantbelieveit I can't believe it!
al_careful Careful!
al_carefulboy Careful, boy. I'll be close.
al_carefulholdon Careful...hold on...
al_cellar_stilldunno01 I still don't know how we got out of there.
al_cellar_stilldunno02 The last thing I remember is...
al_cellar_stilldunno03 Breen falling,
al_cellar_stilldunno04 A huge explosion... and then...
al_cellar_stilldunno05 I heard vortigaunts.
al_cellar_stilldunno06 Next thing I knew, Dog was digging me out of the rubble.
al_changemind01 Okay, Dog, let's do it.
al_changemind02 Before I change my—
al_changemind03 Okay!
al_chasm_dogallright Oh, thank God!
al_chasm_dogideas01 Well, Dog,
al_chasm_dogideas02 What do you think?
al_chasm_dogideas03 Any ideas?
al_chasm_forgetpacking01 Dog!
al_chasm_forgetpacking02 Forget about packing up – let's just get out of here.
al_chasm_getbackin I cannot believe we're trying to get back in that place.
al_chasm_noteasy This isn't going to be easy.
al_chasm_nothelpful01 All right, Dog,
al_chasm_nothelpful02 That's not too helpful.
al_chasm_scanner01 Hey, a scanner!
al_chasm_scanner02 I haven't seen one of those all day.
al_chasm_scaredhell You scared the hell out of me.
al_chasm_staywithus01 Now stay with us...
al_chasm_staywithus02 and help us find a way over.
al_chasm_vertigo01 Whoa!. [sic]
al_chasm_vertigo02 What a drop...
al_chasm_whatstakinghim Why's Dog taking so long?
al_chasm_wheredog01 What about...
al_chasm_wheredog02 Dog?
al_chasm_wheredog03 Dog, where are you going?
al_chuckle01 [Chuckle]
al_clearapath Clear the path here, Dog.
al_cliff_afteryou01 Whoa...
al_cliff_afteryou02 After you, Gordon.
al_cliff_careful Careful.
al_comeondog Come on, Dog.
al_comingdog Are you coming, Dog?
al_dadiloveyou01 Dad, please...
al_dadiloveyou02 I love you.
al_dadwassure He was so sure I wouldn't find you here.
al_dadyouthere Dad? Are you there?
al_dadyouthere01 Dad?
al_dadyouthere02 Dad?
al_dadyouthere03 Are you there?
al_dad_monitor01 Dad?
al_dad_monitor02 Dad?!
al_damn Damn.
al_diddothemath [under her voice] You did do the math, right?
al_dogareyou Are you?
al_dogcouldhavekilledus Dog! You could've killed us. What has gotten into you?
al_doggivehand Hey, Dog. Give me a hand with this.
al_doggivemehand Hey, Dog. Give me a hand over here.
al_doglittlehelp Hmmm. Dog? A little help please?
al_dogmonitorsetup Okay, Dog, let's get the monitor setup so we can check in. My Dad must be worried sick about us.
al_dogmonitorsetup_alt1 Okay, Dog, let's get the monitor setup so we can check in. My Dad must be worried sick about us.
al_dogmonitorsetup_alt2 Okay, Dog, let's get the monitor setup so we can check in.
al_dogmonitorsetup01 Okay, Dog, go get the monitor set up so we can check in with my Dad.
al_dogmonitorsetup02 He must be worried sick about us.
al_dognotserious What? Wait a minute... Oh no. You're not serious?
al_dognotserious_alt What? Wait a minute... Oh no. You're not serious?
al_dognotserious01 What?
al_dognotserious02 Wait a minute...
al_dognotserious03 Oh no.
al_dognotserious04 You're not serious?
al_dogshappy There, Gordon. Dog's happy to see you... I can tell.
al_dogshappy01 There, Gordon.
al_dogshappy02 Dog's happy to see you...
al_dogshappy03 I can tell.
al_dogwatchit Hey, Dog! Watch it up there! Knock it off!
al_dogwatchsignal Dog, watch the signal.
al_dogwhatareyou Dog, what are you...
al_dogwhatareyoudoing Come on, Dog, what are you doing?
al_dogwhatyougot Hey, Dog, what have you got over there?
al_dogyoufoundhim Dog, you found him! Gordon!
al_dogyouseeanything Dog, do you see anything up there that can help us get across?
al_dontworry Don't worry...
al_dontworryaboutme Now don't worry about me. I'll see you soon.
al_dontworrydad Don't worry, Dad.
al_downtowire I don't want to give up, but we're down to the wire.
al_fewbolts01 Hm.
al_fewbolts02 I think Dog needs a few bolts tightened.
al_figureouthow We've got to figure out how to get over to the Citadel.
al_findanotherway We're going to have to find another way.
al_getinvan_nag01 Okay, Gordon, get in.
al_getinvan_nag02 Get in the passenger side, Gordon.
al_getinvan_nag03 Hurry up, before I lose my nerve.
al_getinvan_nag04 Come on, I can't do this alone.
al_goodboy Good boy...
al_gooddog01 Good.
al_goodthrow Uh, good throw, Dog!
al_goonboy Go on, boy, give it to Gordon.
al_goovertheredog Go over there, Dog. We'll meet you up ahead.
al_gordon Gordon!
al_gordonallright Gordon, you're all right.
al_gottahurrydog We've got to hurry, Dog. We're running out of time.
al_gravgunholdonto Hey, the gravity gun! Give it to him, Dog.
al_gravgunholdonto01 Hey, the gravity gun!
al_gravgunholdonto02 Go on, boy.
al_gravgunholdonto03 Give it to Gordon.
al_hastobearoundhere He has to be somewhere around here. We've got to be close...just gotta be!
al_hastobeawayacross01 There has to be a way to get across.
al_hastobeawayacross02 But how?
al_headingoutnow Well, actually, we're still at the citadel.
al_helpmedog Help me, Dog.
al_hesalive He's alive!
al_hesalivegethimout He's alive! Get him out, Dog!
al_holdasec Hold on a sec...there's so much interference.
al_holdon Hold on!
al_hopelessnoaccess This is hopeless. There's no access. No way to...
al_hopelessnoaccess01 This is hopeless. There's no access. No way to...
al_hopelessnoaccess02 Huh?
al_howcouldanyonelive How could anyone be alive in there?
al_howgetacross How are we ever going to get across?
al_hurrydog Hurry, Dog. Hurry.
al_hurrygordon01 Hurry up, Gordon, we've gotta keep moving.
al_ifwefoundaway01 [to Gordon] Well, you do have the Hazard Suit.
al_ifwefoundaway02 If we found a way into the Citadel, it's possible we could—
al_ipromise I promise.
al_ishe Is he?
al_isthisit Is this it? What do you hear?
al_itoldyoudad I told you I knew he was around here somewhere. Luckily, we picked up the HEV signal, and then it was just a matter of digging.
al_itoldyoudad01 I told you I knew he was around here somewhere.
al_itoldyoudad02 Luckily, we picked up the HEV signal, and then it was just a matter of digging.
al_itsmydad It's my dad.
al_itsmydad_new It's my Dad!
al_judithgotaway He and Judith got out ahead of us, in one of Dr. Breen's escape pods. They made it to a vortigaunt camp, way outside the city. Hopefully we still have time to make it there...
al_letsgetoff Hey, let's get off before the next ride starts.
al_lookout01 Look out!
al_lookoutforvan Look out!
al_missyoutoo I'll miss you too.
al_movejunk Move this junk out of the way first.
al_noseatbelts Uhm, brace yourself, Gordon!
al_notgonnawork Well, that's not going to work.
al_nottimetoplay This isn't the time to play!
al_notyourfault It's all right, Dad. It's not your fault.
al_nowgoboy Now go, boy! Go on! You'll be fine, just...
al_ohgordon Oh, Gordon!
al_omg01 Oh my God...
al_omg02 Oh my God...
al_omgdog01 Oh my God! Dog!
al_omgdog02 Dog!
al_omgdog03 Dog, are you all right?
al_onceacross Dog, once we're across I want you to get out of here. You won't be able to follow so I want you to go find Dad. That way, I'll know where to find you. Okay?
al_onceacross01 I want you to get out of here as fast as you can.
al_onceacross02 Go find Dad.
al_onceacross03 We'll catch up, don't worry.
al_onhistrail Well, not quite yet but—but listen, Dad, we found him!
al_packupdog Okay, boy. Pack up and meet us on the far side of this ridge.
al_putdown Put down whatever you're doing and help me over here.
al_putdown01 Dog, I think I found something.
al_putdown02 Drop what you're doing and help me over here...
al_putdown03 [gasp]
al_putdown04 Oh my god!
al_quitgoofing I'm trying to find a way in there, now quit goofing around.
al_seefindway Hmm... let's see if we can find a way into the Citadel from somewhere along the rim.
al_seeforyourself The Citadel's very unstable. We should have just enough time to make it out of here.
al_seeforyourself01 The citadel's really coming apart.
al_seeforyourself02 We should...
al_seeyousoon01 I'll see you soon.
al_seeyousoon02 Don't worry.
al_smashscanner01 Yeah, better safe than sorry.
al_smashscanner02 Heh, that'll teach him.
al_sogladtoseeyou I'm so glad to see you!
al_somethingisaid Was it something I said?
al_somewayacrossgap If only there was some way to get across the gap...
al_soworried I was so worried....
al_staycloseboy01 Ah, there you are... you scared me...
al_staycloseboy02 Stay close to us, boy.
al_stayclosedog01 Stay close to us, Dog.
al_stilldontknow All right, Dad. I still don't know how he got out of there in the first place.
al_stilldontknow01 All right, Dad.
al_stilldontknow02 I still don't know how he got out of there in the first place.
al_stillnotsure I'm still not sure how we got down from there. It's all mixed up in my head. Anyway, we gotta get moving.
al_stillnotsure01 I don't know how the hell we got out of there.
al_stillnotsure02 Hmm (No text data)
al_stillnotsure03 We should...
al_stopclowning Look, Dog, I told you to stop clowning around.
al_stopgoofing Careful what you're doing there, Dog...and stop goofing around!
al_thankgod Thank God...
al_thanksdog Thanks...
al_thankyou Thank you, thank you...
al_thattaboy Thatta boy...
al_thatwasclose01 Whoa.
al_thatwasclose02 That was close.
al_throwingstuff Dog, really, throwing stuff at the Citadel isn't going to get us anywhere!
al_tryingtoreachhim We've been trying to reach him for hours.
al_tryingtoreachhim_new We've been trying to reach him for hours.
al_understanddad I understand, Dad.
al_upforthisgordon It doesn't sound like we have any choice.
al_waitllhehears Wait'll he hears the great news.
al_waitllhehears_alt Wait'll he hears the great news.
al_waittillhehears Wait till he hears that we found you.
al_waittillhehears_new01 Wait'll he hears that we found you.
al_waittillhehears_new02 Come on!
al_watchdrop Come on, Gordon. Watch the drop
al_watchstep Watch your step, Gordon!
al_wecandothis We can do this, Dad.
al_wellbecareful We'll be careful, Dad.
al_whatareyoutwodoing What are you two doing?
al_whatintodog [Sigh] What are you into, Dog?
al_whatisitdog Hey, where are you going?
al_whatnow Uh oh. What now?
al_whatthistime What is it this time?
al_whatupto What is he up to?
al_wheredoeshethink Where the hell does he think he's going?
al_wherehegoing Where's he going now?
al_whew Whew.
al_whoa Whoa!
al_wontgobackthatway Well, we won't be going back that way.
al_yeah Yeah...
al_youfoundgordon Dog! You found Gordon!
al_youokaydog You okay up there, Dog?
al_yourealive You're alive!

Citadel (inside)[edit]

Location: sound/vo/episode_1/citadel

Filename(s) Quote
al_advisor_breen01 Breen!?
al_advisor_breen02 But how...
al_advisor_console Maybe this console has some useful information.
al_advisor_findmap01 Ugh....
al_advisor_findmap02 Let me see if we can find a map.
al_advisor_getaway Get away from there!
al_advisor_gonenow01 Oh...
al_advisor_gonenow02 Whatever that's gone now...
al_advisor_oldrecording Oh...thank's just an old recording.
al_advisor_outofhere Let's get out of here!
al_advisor_outofthere Come on, get out of there!
al_advisor_pain01 *pain*
al_advisor_pinpath Let me see if I can pin down a path to the core.
al_advisor_podthings What the hell are those things?
al_advisor_shaking01 Oh...
al_advisor_shaking02 I'm still shaking...
al_advisor_wasthatthing What the hell was that thing?
al_advisor_weirdpain01 That was the weirdest pain I've ever felt...
al_advisor_weirdpain02 Thank God it's over.
al_advisor_weneedtotogetout Come on we have to get out of here.
al_advisor_whathell What the hell?
al_advisor_whatisthisplace What is this place?
al_advisor_whatwenton What went on in here?
al_apartatseams This place is coming apart at the seams.
al_backtrack Huh...looks like we'll have to backtrack.
al_backtrack01 Ugh...
al_backtrack02 Looks like we'll have to backtrack.
al_beenthisway Uhm, haven't we been this way before?
al_berightthere I'll be right there.
al_bettercapture I'd better capture this. Maybe we can find out what they know about our operations.
al_betterthancargo Damn, there's a guard on the platform. I was hoping they'd have cleared out by now.
al_block_canyoumovethat Can you move that stuff Gordon? We've gotta get through here.
al_block_comeon Come on.
al_block_getthru We've gotta get through here.
al_block_movedebris See if you can move some of that debris.
al_block_onlypath This was the only path I could find.
al_boughtmorehours We've only bought ourselves a little more time.
al_bridgeout Looks like the bridge is out of power.
al_bridge_company We got company!
al_bridge_getacross We need to get across here.
al_bridge_nicethinking Nice thinking.
al_bridge_noidea Oh man, these guys have no idea what they're in for...
al_bridge_pupil01 Hey, that was a good idea.
al_bridge_pupil02 No wonder you were one of Dr. Kleiner's prize pupils.
al_bridge_sneak So much for sneaking in.
al_bridge_soldiers Soldiers!
al_cantwait I can't wait to see what Dad and Dr. Kleiner make of all the data I got.
al_cantwastetime We can't waste any time.
al_carefulgord Careful, Gordon.
al_cargoplat Now, there's a cargo platform up ahead. Our best bet is to catch an express train out of the city.
al_carlooksempty This car looks empty. Nothing but cargo.
al_cavein Oh great. There's some kind of cave-in up ahead.
al_citvista_coredownthere The core reactor should be down there somewhere.
al_citvista_glad I'm glad we're doing this together.
al_citvista_lasttime Last time through here, I couldn't see a thing.
al_citvista_lasttime01 Last time through here, I couldn't see a thing.
al_citvista_lasttime02 I was in one of those pods.
al_citvista_noidea This is unbelievable...
al_citvista_noidea01 This is unbelievable...
al_citvista_noidea02 I had no idea.
al_citvista_whatdrop Huh, what a drop.
al_cit_blocked How are we gonna get through that?
al_cit_wishformap01 We've got to find a way down to the core.
al_cit_wishformap02 Huh, I wish we had a map.
al_comingapart_01 Whoa – this place is really coming apart...
al_comingapart_02 We need to get the hell outta here.
al_control_heresyourelevator01 Well...
al_control_heresyourelevator02 Here's your elevator.
al_control_levels01 These readings are off the chart.
al_control_levels02 I hope it's not too late to reengage the containment field.
al_control_levels03 Good thing you know what you're doing.
al_coreahead The core control room is just ahead. Careful.
al_core_blowreactor01 It looks like they were deliberately trying to blow the reactor.
al_core_blowreactor02 but why?
al_core_cantgetclear01 Damn – I can't get it any clearer.
al_core_cantgetclear02 I'll try to grab everything I can while you're in there.
al_core_cantgetclear03 We can analyze it later.
al_core_controlcrazy01 Weird...
al_core_controlcrazy02 The control system is going crazy. Looks like they're compressing a huge packet of data.
al_core_controlcrazy03 I wonder what the –
al_core_couldbeit01 This could be it, Gordon.
al_core_couldbeit02 Careful.
al_core_fargone01 Oh my god.
al_core_fargone02 It looks pretty far gone.
al_core_fargone03 I hope Doctor Kleiner was right about this.
al_core_hellitsjudith01 What the hell...
al_core_hellitsjudith02 It's Judith!
al_core_herecomeslift01 Well...
al_core_herecomeslift02 Here's your elevator
al_core_herecomeslift03 I wish there was something else I could do to help.
al_core_inthrucontrolroom Let's see if we can find a way through the control room.
al_core_letsgo After you.
al_core_liftlocked The elevator's down in the core entry. Let me see if I can call it back to this level.
al_core_parting Hurry back.
al_core_saybye01 Gordon, I...
al_core_saybye02 I'm not saying good-bye.
al_creep Let me shut this field down so we can get the hell out.
al_crumbling Come on, Gordon, this whole place is crumbling...we've got to get to the core.
al_damn01 Damn.
al_dampenereffect Okay, dampener in effect. I can lock out all the stalkers now.
al_deadend Looks like we should be able to...damn. Dead end.
al_deadoffeasy01 Dead...heh.
al_deadoffeasy02 You got off easy.
al_doorhacks01a One second...
al_doorhacks01b Got it!
al_doorhacks02a Hang on...
al_doorhacks02b There we go!
al_doorhacks03a Damn it! I can't unlock this one because—
al_doorhacks03b Oops, my mistake, I got it.
al_dropship_didyouseethat Did you see that?
al_dropship_getback01 Gordon.
al_dropship_getback02 Look out!
al_dropship_getback03 A dropship!
al_dropship_getback04 Watch out!
al_dropship_getback05 A dropship!
al_dropship_getback06 Whoa!
al_dropship_getback07 Get back!
al_dropship_whoa Whoa!
al_eliteposts Huh, I wonder why only the Elite guard are holding their posts?
al_everythingsame Where the hell are we now? Everything looks the same.
al_excelletsgo Excellent.
al_exhale01 [Exhaling] Hmm...
al_findterminal Let's find a terminal I can hack into and chart a path to the core.
al_firststage Okay...that's the first stage stabilized. Good. They're bringing in more stalkers. I can't do much to help you till you shut the next stage down.
al_getbarrier Let me get this barrier and we'll deal with him.
al_getstarted You'd better get started, Gordon. I'll be fine here.
al_getthruhere01 I think we can get through...
al_getthruhere02 Here...
al_gettocoresoon01 If we don't get to the core soon
al_gettocoresoon02 We'll have no time to shut it down.
al_givemeroller Give me another roller to hack.
al_gointocore You're going to have to go in and stabilize the core yourself, Gordon. The stalkers might try and prevent you, but you can't let them. We don't have much time.
al_goodletsgo01 Ah good.
al_goodletsgo02 Let's go.
al_goodluck Well, good luck.
al_goodthinking01 Good thinking!
al_gottocross We need to get across here. We've gotta find a way to power up this bridge.
al_gottogettocore >We've got to get to the core!
al_gotwhatineeded Well...
al_gotwhatineeded01 I think I got what I needed.
al_gotwhatineeded02 Let's keep moving.
al_grabroll01 Hey – bring that rollermine to me.
al_grabroll02 Maybe we can use it against the sniper.
al_grabroll03 Hey – grab that rollermine.
al_grabroll04 Maybe we can use it against the sniper.
al_gravcharge_anotherconsole01 Hmm.
al_gravcharge_anotherconsole02 Let me just check our location.
al_gravcharge_explo Ungh!
al_gravcharge_keepmoving Okay. We'd better keep moving.
al_gravcharge_onourpath I don't remember seeing anything like this on the map.
al_gravcharge_thing What the hell is that?
al_gravgunlosingpower It's losing power. Damn. Would've been handy to keep it charged up for awhile. I guess it was feeding on the runaway core.
al_gravgunlosingpower01 It's losing power
al_gravgunlosingpower02 Damn.
al_gravgunlosingpower03 Would have been handy to keep it charged up for a while.
al_gravgunlosingpower04 I guess it was feeding on the runaway core.
al_gravgunpowerdown Uh oh...look at that. The gravity gun is settling down.
al_gravgun_backfire I'd say their security device backfired.
al_gravgun_doingsomething Hey, it's doing something to the gravity gun.
al_gravgun_handy It'll sure come in handy if it stays that way.
al_gravgun_lookatthat Look at that...
al_gravgun_supercharge It looks like it did in Breen's portal reactor.
al_harness It's powered up again, it was in Breen's reactor. That can only help where we're going...
al_harness01 It looks powered up again, Gordon...
al_harness02 Like it was in Breen's reactor.
al_harness03 Heh, good thing. We need all the help we can get.
al_hatetothink Oh, I hate to think what could have lived comfortably in that thing.
al_heatupsoon Dr. Kleiner said it would all heat up again soon.
al_hereslift Here's the lift. Get going.
al_holdingotherside He's keeping it shut from the other side.
al_hoponlift Hop on the lift over there, Gordon, and I'll lower you into the core.
al_hurrygord01 Hurry up, Gordon, we've gotta keep moving.
al_idontgetit I don't get it. Why are they hanging around here?
al_idontgetit01 I don't get it
al_idontgetit02 Why are they hanging around here?
al_ifonlybridgepower If there were only some way to power up this bridge...
al_ihearturrets Careful - I hear turrets.
al_illfigurethisout You need to go take care of the core, I'll try and figure this out.
al_itsgone It's gone now. Did you get a look at it?
al_itsjudith Hey, it's Judith. It looks like the Combine intercepted a message. I'm going to grab this—and whatever else I can.
al_itsthisway It's this way.
al_itsthiswaygordon It's this way, Gordon.
al_itsus Look! It's us!
al_itsworking I'm not sure what you're doing in there, but it's working.
al_keytounlock There's just so much of it...this is amazing...
al_kickintohall Gordon, kick it into the hall.
al_lemmethink Let me think a
al_letmegetaccess All right, let me get access for you.
al_letsfigureout Let's figure this out.
al_letsgo01 Let's go.
al_letstrythisway Let's try this way.
al_lift_close That was close...
al_lift_exposed We're too exposed out here! Come on!
al_lift_getitgoing Let's get it going.
al_lift_getmoving We have to get this thing moving.
al_lift_getoff Here's where we get off.
al_lift_great Hey, great! Good idea, Gordon!
al_lift_great01 Great!
al_lift_herewego Here we go!
al_lift_laststop I think we're coming to the last stop.
al_lift_last_lookout01 Look out!
al_lift_last_lookout02 Run!
al_lift_last_lookup01 Look up!
al_lift_last_lookup02 Run!
al_lift_last_upthere01 Up there!
al_lift_last_upthere02 Run!
al_lift_letsgetoff I think I see a stop down below. Let's get off there and see where it leads.
al_lift_moving We're really moving now...
al_lift_nearmiss01 Whoa!
al_lift_nearmiss02 Watch it!
al_lift_nearmiss03 Careful!
al_lift_nearmiss04 Oh, that was close!
al_lift_nearmiss05 Shit!
al_lift_powerout Hm...why isn't it moving? The power must be out.
al_lift_righttrack Yeah, we must be on the right track.
al_lift_run Run! Hurry!
al_lift_stalkerdoing01 Look—a stalker.
al_lift_stalkerdoing02 What's it doing?
al_lift_stalkertough That stalker is making things tough.
al_lift_stall01 Oh no...not again.
al_lift_stall02 We've stalled out again.
al_lift_stall03 Why are we stopping here?
al_lift_stall04 Is this elevator going to stop at every floor?
al_lift_stall05 Agh, looks like we're stuck on the milk run.
al_lift_stalled We've stalled out—see if you can get us going again.
al_lift_startagain Start her up again, Gordon. Do what you did last time.
al_lift_stop Here comes our stop! Get ready!
al_lift_tocore Looks like this could be a transport elevator to the core.
al_lift_tocore_new Looks like this could be a transport elevator to the core.
al_lift_tryagain Try again.
al_lift_tryagaingord Oh, no...try again, Gordon.
al_lift_vulnerable We're vulnerable out here, Gordon—let's get this thing going.
al_lift_warns01 Look up! Watch out!
al_lift_warns02 Knock that stuff out of the way before it hits us!
al_lift_warns03 Knock that stuff out of the air, Gordon!
al_lift_warns04 Keep it from hitting us!
al_lift_warns05 Here comes more!
al_lift_warns06 Look out!
al_lift_warns07 Up there!
al_lift_warns08 Heads up!
al_lift_warns09 Keep it away!
al_lift_warns10 Here comes a big one!
al_lift_warns11 Another's coming!
al_lift_warns12 One more!
al_lift_warns13 Oh no...look up!
al_lift_warns14 Oh my God!
al_lift_watchout Watch out!
al_lift_whatsgoingon What's going on?
al_lift_whatswrong01 What's wrong with this lift?
al_lift_whatswrong02 Can you get it going again?
al_lookatgravgun Look at the gravity gun! What the hell is it doing?
al_lookatsize Look at the size of this place.
al_lookatthem Look at them, Gordon. I wonder if they're trying to escape, or if they just don't know what's happening.
al_morerollers Let's throw some more rollermines in there.
al_moretime That should give us all a little more time to get out of the city. And I've got a big chunk of information for my Dad and Dr. Kleiner to work with.
al_mostwanted Oh, my Father! This must be the Combine's Most Wanted list...
al_mustbeit This must be it.
al_nag_keepmoving01 Come on, Gordon, keep moving.
al_nag_keepmoving02 We've got to keep moving.
al_nag_keepmoving03 We've got to hurry.
al_nag_stalkcar01 Get in, Gordon.
al_nag_stalkcar02 Come on.
al_noelevator >There's supposed to be an elevator right through here.... Damn. Well, we'll have to find another way around.
al_noelevator01 There's supposed to be an elevator right through here....
al_noelevator02 Damn.
al_noelevator03 Well, we'll have to find another way around.
al_nothangaround Good job, Gordon. Let's not hang around in here. Dr. Kleiner said it would all heat up again soon.
al_nothangaround01 Good job, Gordon.
al_nothangaround02 Let's not hang around in here.
al_notimetodealwiththis01 We don't have time to deal with this.
al_notimetodealwiththis02 We've gotta get to the reactor.
al_offscale Whoa...these readings are off the scale...
al_okletsgo01 Ok, let's go!
al_onfoot Looks like we're going on foot from here.
al_onlywayiknow01 We've gotta get through here.
al_onlywayiknow02 it's the only way I know to the reactor core.
al_onlywaytocore We have to get across. This is the only way to the core.
al_outcontact We could be out of contact while you're least until you shut it down.
al_outofbullets Oh – they're out of bullets.
al_placecomingapart01 My God. This place is really coming apart.
al_placecomingapart02 We need to hurry.
al_platform_coast Coast is clear.
al_platform_comeon Come on, come on!
al_platform_company Company...
al_platform_getaway Well that was a nice clean getaway.
al_platform_getin Come on, Gordon-get in!
al_platform_getingordon Get in, Gordon!
al_platform_getready Get ready.
al_platform_heretheycome Here they come!
al_platform_hurry Hurry! They're not going to let us alone.
al_platform_lookatem Look at em go!
al_platform_rollers Rollermines!
al_platform_slowthem01 That'll slow them down,
al_platform_slowthem02 But not for long.
al_platform_taketrain01 This is our train.
al_platform_taketrain02 Let's get in.
al_platform_theyknow01 They know where we are.
al_platform_theyknow02 We gotta hurry.
al_platform_wontexpect They won't be expecting this.
al_podpull_01 It's moving.
al_podpull_02 That's it – keep pulling.
al_podpull_03 Pull it off, Gordon.
al_pod_lookout Look out!
al_postcore_atwindow01 Oh! (No text data)
al_postcore_atwindow02 Gordon!
al_postcore_atwindow03 You did it!
al_postcore_atwindow04 The containment system's back in place.
al_postcore_atwindow05 It won't last forever,
al_postcore_atwindow06 but at least we've bought a little time.
al_postcore_atwindow_new02 Gordon!
al_postcore_atwindow_new03 You did it!
al_postcore_atwindow_new04 The containment system's back in place.
al_postcore_atwindow_new05 It won't last forever, but at least we've bought a little time.
al_postcore_downloaddone01 The packet's done copying.
al_postcore_downloaddone02 I've got it right here.
al_postcore_downloaddone03 Now let's get the hell outa here.
al_postcore_exitelev01 I've secured an exit elevator.
al_postcore_exitelev02 It's this way!
al_postcore_exitelev03 Come on!
al_postcore_feltthat01 Uh oh...
al_postcore_feltthat02 I think they felt that!
al_postcore_feltthat03 They really don't want us to have this.
al_postcore_follow This way.
al_postcore_getin Get in!
al_postcore_gravgun01 Hey, the gravity gun's back to normal.
al_postcore_gravgun02 was nice while it lasted.
al_postcore_hardpartover Well – the hard part's over.
al_postcore_hitch01 This lift will take us to a train platform.
al_postcore_hitch02 If we can hitch a ride it should take us straight out of the city.
al_postcore_hurry01 Hurry, Gordon!
al_postcore_hurry02 Over here!
al_postcore_hurry03 This way!
al_postcore_hurry04 Run!
al_postcore_mail Something tells me they don't want us reading their mail.
al_postcore_meanwhile There's something else.
al_postcore_route I mapped out our escape route.
al_postcore_sideeffect01 While you were in there, I did some poking around in the control data.
al_postcore_sideeffect02 They were trying to start a chain reaction, all right...
al_postcore_sideeffect03 But destroying the Citadel is just a side effect.
al_postcore_sideeffect04 Since we took out Breen's reactor, this is the only way they have to send a transmission packet back to wherever they came from.
al_postcore_sideeffect05 I can't tell what the packet contains, but it's important enough that they're willing to sacrifice the whole Citadel to send it off.
al_postcore_sideeffect06 We need to get it to my Dad and Dr. Kleiner at the outpost right away.
al_postcore_sideeffect07 I've been pulling down a copy.
al_postcore_sideeffect08 Whatever it is,
al_postcore_sideeffect09 I have a feeling it's bad news for all of us.
al_postcore_something Something tells me they don't want us to know what's in this transmission.
al_postcore_takealook01 It's Judith.
al_postcore_takealook02 Take a look.
al_postcore_trainrunning01 If the Citadel trains are still running, there's a chance they might take us right out of the City.
al_postcore_trainrunning02 I doubt we'd want to follow them to the end of the line, but it'll be good to put some distance between us and...
al_postcore_trouble01 She's in serious trouble.
al_postcore_trouble02 We need to get this and the transmission packet to my Dad.
al_postcore_trouble03 He'll know what to do with it.
al_postcore_whereisshe Where the hell is she?
al_powerball01 Good shot!
al_powerball02 Great shot!
al_powertobridge We need to get power to the bridge generator. But how?
al_pushitout Push it out through the forcefield.
al_random01 Ugh...
al_random02 Well, that was random...
al_remindsmeofnp01 This looks like the teleport in Nova Prospekt.
al_remindsmeofnp02 I wonder what they were bringing through here.
al_right Right.
al_rolleragain Huh, there's more of them down there. Looks like they had designs on this train.
al_roller_cantinterrupt01 Give me a sec!
al_roller_cantinterrupt02 Hold on!
al_roller_cantinterrupt03 Wait a second.
al_roller_cantinterrupt04 Let me finish this.
al_roller_cantinterrupt05 Hold on a sec.
al_roll_bring Bring me a rollermine, Gordon.
al_roll_getthisopen Let me disable this field.
al_roll_grab01 Grab one of those rollermines, Gordon.
al_roll_gravgun Pick it up with your gravity gun.
al_roll_guardoutthere Hey – there's a guard holding it in place.
al_roll_holdout01 Hold it out where I can get at it.
al_roll_holdout02 Hold it out to me.
al_roll_icanhack I can hack it to go after Combine targets and leave us alone.
al_roll_letgo01 Okay, let it loose.
al_roll_letssee Let's see if we can take him out from over here.
al_roll_shortlive I've messed with its circuits so much, it'll burn out pretty quick. But it should be able to do some damage first.
al_roll_steady01 There we go. Good. Hold it steady.
al_roll_thinking Hmm.
al_safeforme Okay, you did it. Should be safe for me to come in now.
al_safeforme01 Okay, you did it.
al_safeforme02 Should be safe for me to come in now.
al_safetillheats It should be safe for me to come in least till it heats up again.
al_sameaslast_bridge Okay, Gordon, same as last time...get this bridge humming again.
al_sameideaasus Looks like they had the same idea we had.
al_seewhaticanget Oh, here, let's see what I can get out of this.
al_shallwe Shall we?
al_shotathacking While you're working in there, I'm going to take a shot at hacking their network.
al_shutitoff All right, now I can shut this off.
al_soldiersbusy Ah, soldiers! Looks like they're too busy trying to get out of here to worry about us.
al_stabilize You're going to have to stabilize the reactor one level at a time.
al_stalk1_alloversoon Well, it'll all be over soon.
al_stalk1_keepmoving We should keep moving.
al_stalk1_omg Oh my god – stalkers.
al_stalk1_poorsouls Poor souls.
al_stalkcar_download01 I don't know what's in this copy we made, but they're not thrilled about us having it.
al_stalkcar_download02 That alone should interest Dad.
al_stalkcar_download03 You know, all things considered,
al_stalkcar_download04 We're not doing too...
al_stalkcar_yougoahead You go ahead.
al_stalkdestroy That stalker is destroying the energy balls.
al_stalkeromg Oh my god. Stalkers.
al_stalkersagain Stalkers again. What the hell are they up to?
al_stalkers_anotherway01 We don't have time to look for another way around.
al_stalkers_anotherway02 How are we going to get through here?
al_stalkers_disable01 Damn.
al_stalkers_disable02 I can't get this down.
al_stalkers_disable03 Something's...
al_stalkers_disable04 It's that stalker.
al_stalkers_disable05 He's holding it from the other side.
al_stalkers_fielddown01 Well, they shouldn't bother us if we leave them alone.
al_stalkers_fielddown02 I'll just disable this field, and....
al_stalkers_findmeone Think you can find me one, Gordon?
al_stalkers_findroller See if you can find a rollermine, Gordon.
al_stalkers_getthrunow01 Okay...
al_stalkers_getthrunow02 We can get through now.
al_stalkers_good01 Ah, you found one.
al_stalkers_good02 Good.
al_stalkers_hm01 Rollermines...
al_stalkers_hm02 They could help us get out of here.
al_stalkers_holditout Hold it out where I can work on it.
al_stalkers_idea01 Can you find where those rollermines are going?
al_stalkers_idea02 I've got an idea how to use one here.
al_stalkers_letitgo01 Let it go now.
al_stalkers_letitgo02 It'll do the rest.
al_stalkers_omg01 Oh my God...
al_stalkers_omg02 Stalkers.
al_stalkers_pitchit Go ahead and pitch it through the field.
al_stalkers_reason I hate to do this, but...
al_stalkers_thereitis There it is.
al_stalkers_trick01 Dad taught me how to reset the targeting system on these things.
al_stalkers_trick02 A little extra juice in the right spot
al_stalkers_trick03 And it's on our side.
al_stalkers_trick04 It's a lot more unstable, but it should last long enough to take out
al_stalkers_trick05 The Stalkers.
al_stalker_gasp Stalkers!
al_stalk_brace Brace yourself!
al_stalk_breath01 Panting
al_stalk_breath02 Panting
al_stalk_breath03 Panting
al_stalk_breath04 Panting
al_stalk_coveritup Ah, Gordon, please...cover it up.
al_stalk_crushed01 Hurry Gordon, I'm
al_stalk_crushed02 crushed
al_stalk_derail_omg Oh my god!
al_stalk_getemoff01 Gordon
al_stalk_getemoff02 Help!
al_stalk_getemoff04 Please...
al_stalk_getemoff05 Get it off me.
al_stalk_getemoff06 Oh god help.
al_stalk_getemoff07 Gordon help me – please!
al_stalk_getemoff08 Help – please!
al_stalk_getemoff09 Get it off me – get it off!
al_stalk_getemoff10 Get it off!
al_stalk_getemoff11 Gordon!
al_stalk_godogod01 Oh god oh god oh god...
al_stalk_godogod02 Oh god oh god...
al_stalk_hitit Hit it again.
al_stalk_hopeyoudontremember God, I hope you don't remember who you were.
al_stalk_itsmoving It's moving.
al_stalk_letsgetout Let's get out of here.
al_stalk_lookatthem01 to al_stalk_lookatthem03 and al_stalk_wrongplace Look at them. God damn the Combine. This is what happens to you if you resist. Or if you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
al_stalk_makestop01 No! Make it stop!
al_stalk_makestop02 Cover its eyes!
al_stalk_makestop03 Cover it up!
al_stalk_notalone Ah, I don't think I could stand to be in here alone.
al_stalk_ohno Oh no... Stalkers! I can't—we can't stay in this car.
al_stalk_ohnostalkercar01 Oh no...
al_stalk_ohnostalkercar02 It's a stalker car.
al_stalk_okclear Come on, let's get in.
al_stalk_okletsgetoutofhere01 Ah... (No text data)
al_stalk_okletsgetoutofhere02 Okay...
al_stalk_okletsgetoutofhere03 Let's go.
al_stalk_pleasestopscreaming01 Stop
al_stalk_pleasestopscreaming03 Stop, please
al_stalk_pleasestopscreaming04 Stop screaming
al_stalk_pleasestopscreaming05 No – please – stop screaming
al_stalk_pull Pull
al_stalk_savedourlives It looks like you've saved our lives again.
al_stalk_seewhereheaded01 All right
al_stalk_seewhereheaded02 Let's see where this train is headed.
al_stalk_seewhereheaded03 With any luck we should be well out of the city before it's too late.
al_stalk_story01 [Sigh]
al_stalk_story02 I'm sorry Gordon. I just can't face them.
al_stalk_story03 Every one of them was a person who resisted the Combine.
al_stalk_story04 Oh, I hope to God they can't remember what they were.
al_stalk_story05 They're me...
al_stalk_story06 If I ever let my guard down...
al_stalk_straightout01 Looks like we're on a good heading.
al_stalk_straightout02 Thank god we're not on foot.
al_stalk_straightout03 I doubt we'd have made it in time.
al_stalk_thanks Thank you.
al_stalk_thereitgoes There it goes.
al_stalk_train We'd better make sure we're on this train. There might not be any others.
al_stalk_train01 Okay – here comes a train.
al_stalk_train02 Let's make sure we're on it.
al_stalk_train03 It might be the last one.
al_stalk_trygravgun01 I can't get it loose.
al_stalk_trygravgun02 Give it a jolt with the gravity gun.
al_stalk_volunteer02 These people didn't have a choice.
al_stalk_volunteer_mild01 Unlike the Combine soldiers who volunteer for what they get...
al_stalk_volunteer_mild02 these people didn't have a choice.
al_stalk_whatsthat What's that?
al_start_getgravgun01 Get the gravity gun, Gordon.
al_start_getgravgun02 Take the gravity gun, Gordon.
al_start_getgravgun03 Go ahead – take the gravity gun.
al_stillhurry Even more reason to hurry.
al_storingpods Looks like they were storing something in these pods. Some kind of offloading facility.
al_streaming I can't believe the stuff they're streaming...Dr. Kleiner's going to have a field day with this.
al_strider_berightback I'll be right back, Gordon.
al_strider_keephammering Okay, Gordon, I won't be much help against the strider, but I can find us a way out of here. Hold on and keep hammering at that thing. I'll be back as soon as I can.
al_strider_whoa Whoa!
al_strippedforparts01 Where are your friends now, huh?
al_strippedforparts02 Stripped you for parts and left you to die?
al_strippedforparts03 What did you expect?
al_strippedforparts04 They're no more human than you.
al_takeoutstalker Take out that stalker if you have to, we need to get moving.
al_takethemwithit At least when the Citadel goes up, it'll take them with it.
al_takeusoutcity It looks like this will take us out of the city.
al_terminalaround There's got to be a terminal around here somewhere.
al_terminalexplode Ah! Damn!
al_thankskeepmoving01 Thanks.
al_thankskeepmoving02 Let's keep moving.
al_thatwasclose That was close.
al_theregoesbridge There it goes!
al_theresone Ah! There's one!
al_theywontbother They won't bother us if we leave them alone.
al_thinkwecangetthru I think we can get through here.
al_thinkwegothisway I think we go this way.
al_thisway This way, Gordon!
al_timetomap01 There are probably other ways to the core
al_timetomap02 but I didn't have time to map anything but this one route.
al_tocommuter We're gonna have to make our way to the commuter train station, and fast. We can only pray they're still running
al_traitor Traitor!
al_traitor01 [Seething]
al_traitor02 Traitor.
al_tryanother All right, let's try another one, Gordon.
al_tryanotherroller Try another rollermine, Gordon.
al_ugh01 Ugh.
al_unstable01 Talk about unstable.
al_unstable02 I really don't think we should hang around.
al_uptoyou This is it. I can't go into the reactor room, so it's up to you to dampen the reaction. It's too late to reverse it even if we wanted to, but at least we can buy some time.
al_van_drops Oh was out of gas anyway.
al_vtex_behind I'll be right behind you.
al_vtex_imadeit We made it!
al_vtex_omgcross Holy crap...we've got to cross through that?
al_warmachine Look at this, Gordon—the whole Combine war machine is going on as if nothing's happened.
al_watchstep_citadel Watch your step.
al_weaponstripper01 Gordon!
al_weaponstripper02 What's going on in there!
al_weird Something weird up there...
al_whatswithgravgun Hey – what's happening to the gravity gun?
al_whatthisplace What is this place?
al_wherewegoing Let's find out exactly where we're going.
al_whereyougoing Where're you going?
al_whowasthat Who was that?
al_whystopping Why are we stopping?
al_wideopen It's weird, they're wide open. It's like they're just dumping everything. I'll catch what I can and—
al_wishyouwouldnt I wish you wouldn't do that, Gordon. The stalkers are no threat to us now.
al_worstover [Sigh] Let's hope the worst is over.
al_youknowwhat You know what to do, Gordon.
al_youreclear Okay, you're clear. Get into the lift and I'll send you in.

City 17[edit]

Location: sound/vo/episode_1/c17

Filename(s) Quote
alyx_npc_comp Look at them all...
al_50broke Whoof... I think we just broke about fifty Combine regulations.
al_50list01 No eye contact with Combine soldiers.
al_50list02 Don't damage Combine property.
al_50list03 Don't kill the Combine representatives.
al_50list04 Have your papers out and available.
al_50list05 No loud noises after six o'clock...
al_50list06 Or before six for that matter.
al_airductstory01 Hey – an airduct.
al_airductstory02 I've heard stories about you and airducts.
al_airductstory03 Doctor Kleiner says whenever he locked himself out of his office
al_airductstory04 you and Barney used to compete to see who could get in fastest without using a key.
al_alert_zombies01 Oh God, I hate zombies.
al_alert_zombies02 Oh no...zombies.
al_alert_zombies03 Damn zombies.
al_alert_zombies04 I really hate zombies.
al_alert_zombies05 What a surprise...zombies.
al_alert_zombies06 Ugh... that smell can only mean zombies.
al_alert_zombies07 What's with that smell?
al_anelevator01 Hey – an elevator!
al_anelevator02 I'd have settled for stairs.
al_anothergunship Another gunship!
al_anotherway01 I'd like to find another way around these buildings,
al_anotherway02 But we really don't have time.
al_antguard An antlion guard!
al_antguard_victory Yeah!
al_antlionshere01 Antlions, here?
al_antlionshere02 The Combine's defense field must have collapsed.
al_antlionshere03 Makes sense if it was powered by the Citadel.
al_antlionstrapped Those antlions are trapped back there...good thing, too.
al_antlions_cantgetoutnow They can't get out of there now.
al_antlions_cominguphere Uh oh—the antlions are coming up here!
al_antlions_cutsupply How are we going to cut off the antlion supply?
al_antlions_firstsight Antlions!
al_antlions_goodidea Good idea, Gordon!
al_antlions_goodwork Good work, Gordon!
al_antlions_holycrap Holy crap, Antlions!
al_antlions_keepcontrol We've gotta keep the antlions in control!
al_antlions_pluganyhole Yeah, it's probably a good idea to plug any hole an antlion could squeeze through.
al_antlions_plugthatway I wouldn't have thought you could plug up the burrow that way.
al_antlions_runoutbullets We're gonna run out of bullets before this burrow runs out of antlions!
al_ant_block01 Block up the antlion burrows.
al_ant_block02 Stop up the opening, Gordon!
al_ant_block03 Cover that spot where the antlions are coming through.
al_ant_block04 Block off the hole the antlions are using.
al_ant_block05 Come on, Gordon, block the hole or they'll never stop coming!
al_ant_block06 Block off the antlion burrow!
al_ant_block07 If we could block these antlion holes, it might slow them down.
al_ant_block08 Cover the burrows, Gordon!
al_ant_block09 Good job sealing the burrows.
al_ant_flip I can get a better shot if you knock them over, Gordon.
al_ant_uncovered01 Oh no, they're coming out again!
al_ant_uncovered02 There are some more coming out over there!
al_ant_uncovered03 Over there!
al_ant_uncovered04 More are coming!
al_awayfromdoors Get away from the doors!
al_backsosoon Oh, back so soon?
al_barnacle_lightup Ugh...a barnacle. Light it up for me, Gordon.
al_barnacle_morearound Be careful...there might be more of those things around.
al_barnacle_walkedinto You walked into a barnacle! Keep your light on it, Gordon!
al_barneyoverhere Barney! Over here!
al_barn_bye Bye Barney!
al_barn_seeyouatstn We'll see you at the train station.
al_betterchance We'll have a better chance.
al_breenbust Doctor Breen — ugh — I hope we've seen the last of him.
al_breenshrine Looks like a shrine to Dr. Breen.
al_byebarney Bye, Barney! Good luck!
al_carefulzombies Careful! Zombies!
al_citnag_evac01 What are you doing in here? You need to clear out of the city.
al_citnag_evac02 Get out of the City! The Citadel's going to blow!
al_citnag_evac03 Haven't you heard? The Citadel's gonna blow! Get out of City 17!
al_citnag_evac04 Come on, people, head for the train stations! Get out of the city while you can!
al_cit_getoutofhere You should get out of here.
al_cit_goodshot01 Nice shot.
al_cit_goodshot02 Hey — nice shooting!
al_cit_goodshot03 Way to go!
al_cit_goodshot04 Good going!
al_cit_heythanks Hey thanks!
al_cit_join01 Let's join up with those people.
al_cit_join02 Let's go help those people.
al_cit_join03 Let's team up with them.
al_cit_keepmoving You're gonna want to keep moving.
al_cit_niceshooting Nice shooting!
al_claustro We've gotta get out of here. I can't stand being shut in these places.
al_comeon Come on, we'll help you if we can.
al_coverstreet I'll cover the street while you figure this out.
al_crabpod_findaway Let's find another way up.
al_crabpod_getaway Get away from there, Gordon!
al_crabpod_omg Oh my God!
al_crabpod_wthell What the hell!
al_cramped01 I hate these cramped spaces...
al_cramped02 Stuff around every corner...
al_crank1_gettotrain Okay – let's get to the trainyard before the Citadel blows.
al_crank2_didntforget You didn't forget the crank, did you?
al_crank2_done01 Nicely done
al_crank2_done02 Let's head upstairs.
al_crank2_fireout01 It's working.
al_crank2_fireout02 the fire's going out!
al_crank2_onecrank Don't tell me there's only one crank in this whole neighborhood.
al_crank_crankit Come on, Gordon, crank that thing!
al_crank_evac Haven't you heard you're supposed to evacuate?
al_crank_found That's it!
al_crank_gone The handle's broken off. I wonder if it's still around someplace.
al_crank_holdon01 Hold on. There must be some way to open this gate.
al_crank_holdon02 Look around, Gordon!
al_crank_lookslike Looks like there used to be a crank that fit in here. I wonder if it's still around here somewhere.
al_crank_seeifworks See if the crank still works.
al_crank_working It's working.
al_darkinhere I can't see a thing in here.
al_dark_almostdone_01 Almost done...
al_dark_doorlocked_01 We need to get through that door....
al_dark_doorlocked_02 Give me some light so I can check out the lock.
al_dark_findpowerbox_01 Okay, we're in luck, the door just needs power. You've got the flashlight; see if you can find the powerbox.
al_dark_findpowerbox_02 Keep your light on the powerbox. I'll get a charge going through it.
al_dark_findpowerbox_03 Another locked door? Find the powerbox and I'll get it open.
al_dark_findpowerbox_04 If you can find a powerbox, I can get the door open.
al_dark_foundpowerbox_01 There it is.
al_dark_holdlightsteady_01 Hold that light steady...
al_dark_needlight_01 I need light over here.
al_dark_needlight_02 Shine your flashlight on the powerbox so I can work on it.
al_dark_success_01 There! Got it!
al_defensedown01 Look at them all...
al_defensedown02 the city's defenses are definitely down.
al_defensedown03 They'd have been coming through years ago otherwise.
al_distractstrider We'll distract the strider so you can get this train out of here.
al_dontfall Careful, Gordon, they're swarming down there!
al_dontseehow How are we gonna get through this?
al_elev_actual I don't believe it, an actual elevator! I would have settled for stairs.
al_elev_almosthere The elevator's almost here...we just gotta hold out a little bit longer.
al_elev_anyminute It should be here any minute.
al_elev_anyminute_loud It should be here any minute.
al_elev_anytime Any time now...
al_elev_anytime_loud Any time now...
al_elev_cantcall Damn. We can't call the elevator cause the power is out.
al_elev_closer It's getting close...
al_elev_comeon Come on, come on...make it, make it...
al_elev_crapnopower Oh crap. No power.
al_elev_fewsec Just another few seconds.
al_elev_getin Get in, Gordon!
al_elev_getingetin Get in! Get in!
al_elev_geton Get on!
al_elev_godnotagain Oh God...not again...
al_elev_hearsomething01 Hey, did you hear something?
al_elev_hearsomething02 Let's get the power back on and get the hell outta here.
al_elev_hearthat Hear that? Sounds like the elevator's moving again.
al_elev_herecomes Here she comes.
al_elev_heyihear Hey, I hear the elevator—it's moving again.
al_elev_hopelight I hope it's still light out.
al_elev_isthatlight Is that light I can see up there?
al_elev_itshere It's here!
al_elev_itslight Light! Do you see it? It's light!
al_elev_kidding You've got to be kidding...
al_elev_letsgetout Let's get out of here!
al_elev_letsgo Let's go!
al_elev_letsgo_new Let's go!
al_elev_lookshaft Look! An elevator shaft!
al_elev_movingagain Sounds like the elevator's moving again.
al_elev_nomore No more...we've gotta get out of here.
al_elev_ok Okay!
al_elev_phew Phew.
al_elev_pleasewayout Oh please, let this be the way out.
al_elev_powersupply I've worked with electricity a time or two, and I'm pretty sure this sparking wire must be connected to a power supply.
al_elev_power_loud_nag01 Any luck figuring out how to get the power back on?
al_elev_power_loud_nag02 Any thoughts about getting the power back on?
al_elev_power_loud_nag03 Sorry I haven't been more help getting the power back on.
al_elev_relief [Huge sigh of relief]
al_elev_seethetop Can you see the top?
al_elev_somejuice Let me see if I can get some juice going here.
al_elev_soundscloser Sounds like it's getting closer.
al_elev_spark01 Let's check out where that sparking wire leads.
al_elev_spark02 That wire is sparking, it must lead to the fuse box.
al_elev_thatwasclose01 Whew!
al_elev_thatwasclose02 That...
al_elev_thatwasclose03 was close.
al_elev_thoughtwenever Oh...I thought we'd never get out of there.
al_elev_tooclose [out of breath] That was a little too close.
al_elev_trouble [Hearing zombies] And here comes trouble.
al_elev_waysurface Please let there be a way to the surface.
al_elev_whatstakingsolong What's taking so long?
al_elev_whereselev Where's that elevator?
al_elev_wonderwire I wonder if this wire leads to the fuse box.
al_elev_youseelight Do you see light somewhere up there, Gordon?
al_elev_zombiesurprise AIEEE!
al_escape_rideswaiting Gordon! Our ride's waiting!
al_escape_trainsallset The train's all set. Hop on and I'll get us going.
al_escape_trainsready Okay, Gordon, the train's ready to go!
al_evac_advisor01 What was that?
al_evac_advisor02 Did you see that?
al_evac_aimstrider Aim for the strider!
al_evac_allaboard They're all aboard now.
al_evac_byebarney01 Go on, Barney! They're not after you.
al_evac_byebarney02 Gordon and I will draw their attention while you get the others away from here.
al_evac_byebarney03 We can grab another train once you're clear.
al_evac_citadel_lit The citadel is really lit up. We don't have much time!
al_evac_cits01 Hurry up, people!
al_evac_cits02 Keep your heads down!
al_evac_cits03 We've got you covered!
al_evac_cits04 You just worry about getting on that train.
al_evac_congrat01 Doing good!
al_evac_congrat02 Keep 'em coming!
al_evac_congrat03 You're doing great!
al_evac_congrat04 Nice going!
al_evac_eventually01 Sorry to keep you waiting.
al_evac_eventually02 The Combine's on our tail.
al_evac_eventually03 What's the plan?
al_evac_findbarney Let's find Barney
al_evac_freetrain As soon as they're out of here, we'll free up the next train.
al_evac_freetrain_alt Come on, Gordon, as soon as they're out of here, let's free up the next train.
al_evac_good Good!
al_evac_goodjob Good job!
al_evac_gostrider Go for the strider!
al_evac_gothim01 Got him!
al_evac_gothim02 Ha, you did it!
al_evac_gunship A gunship?
al_evac_headout Let's head out.
al_evac_headstart01 I'll get a head start on the next train.
al_evac_headstart02 No time to lose.
al_evac_keepthemoff That should keep them off our backs for a while.
al_evac_leaveittoyou I'll leave it to you.
al_evac_leaveyoutoit I'll leave you to it.
al_evac_lookrpg Look out! Rocket launcher.
al_evac_madeit We made it!
al_evac_nag_apc01 Find a way to get rid of that APC.
al_evac_nag_apc02 Take out the APC.
al_evac_nag_gunship01 Kill the gunship!
al_evac_nag_gunship02 Gordon, go for that gunship!
al_evac_nag_rpg01 Come on, we can't let one soldier with a rocket launcher stop us.
al_evac_nag_rpg02 Get that soldier! The one with the rocket launcher!
al_evac_nextarea Let's head for the next area.
al_evac_nextgroup01 Okay, they're safe, go for another group.
al_evac_nextgroup02 Bring another group of citizens, Gordon!
al_evac_nextgroup03 Go get more citizens, Gordon.
al_evac_nextgroup04 We're ready for another group of citizens.
al_evac_nextgroup05 Go back to Barney and get another group.
al_evac_nexttrack Here, let's open up this next track.
al_evac_notsohard01 Well, that wasn't so hard.
al_evac_notsohard02 We should have brought everyone over at once.
al_evac_notsohard03 Go get the next batch, Gordon.
al_evac_nowstrider Oh, now what? A Strider? What next?
al_evac_ontous01 Oh boy...they're onto us.
al_evac_ontous02 Better find Barney and get moving.
al_evac_protect01 We've got to keep these people safe.
al_evac_protect02 Careful! They're counting on us!
al_evac_protect03 Pay attention—these people need us!
al_evac_protect04 These people have no one else to look out for them.
al_evac_protect05 We have to protect them!
al_evac_remind01 Let's find that train.
al_evac_remind02 Let's get to the train.
al_evac_remind03 Come on, the train's waiting.
al_evac_remind04 Let's get these folks to a train.
al_evac_ridsniper Get rid of that sniper.
al_evac_shotgundrop Damn. This thing is jammed. I hate to leave it.
al_evac_sniper Sniper!
al_evac_soundsgood01 Sounds good.
al_evac_soundsgood02 Send out the first group!
al_evac_takestand Go back and get another group. I'll stay here and guard the gate.
al_evac_thatsright That's right!
al_evac_trainfilling01 They're getting aboard! Let's keep it up!
al_evac_trainfilling02 The train's filling up—good job!
al_evac_watchsniper Watch out for the sniper.
al_evac_wemadeit We made it.
al_evac_werehere Ah – we're here.
al_evac_yes Yes! The trainstation!
al_excuseminute Uh…could you excuse me for a minute?
al_figureaway Gordon and I will figure a way out…catch a Combine train or something.
al_finale_allaboard All aboard.
al_finale_gettrain Quick, now…let's get the train moving.
al_finale_goingout Oh my God…the transmission's going out.
al_finale_herewego Here we go.
al_finale_holdingit I'm holding it for you…get aboard.
al_finale_jumpon Jump on, Gordon. I'm right behind you.
al_finale_lasttrain Last train.
al_finale_otherside01 Whatever's in that transmission packet,
al_finale_otherside02 They'll have it on the other side soon.
al_finale_otherside_loud01 Whatever's in that transmission packet,
al_finale_otherside_loud02 They'll have it on the other side soon.
al_finale_seeingdad We'll be seeing my Dad before long.
al_finale_wediditg01 Here we go.
al_finale_wediditg02 We did it, Gordon.
al_firefight01 Looks like a firefight down there.
al_firefight02 If I know Barney, he's in the middle of it.
al_flares_first Hey, flares! We could use these!
al_flares_goingout That flare's about to go out!
al_flares01 Flares! Bet these last longer than your flashlight!
al_flares02 Grab one of those flares!
al_flares03 These flares could be useful.
al_flood_floodroom01 to


Ugh…|al_flood_floodroom01}} You're lucky you've got that hazard suit. This water's nasty. Got room for two in there?
al_foundplace We must've found the place where they make these things.
al_garage_hearthink That's better…I can hear myself think.
al_garage_stragglers01 That's the last burrow.
al_garage_stragglers02 Now we just gotta mop up the stragglers!
al_garrison_getin Okay, let's get in. Come on.
al_garrison_omgcitadel01 Oh my god…
al_garrison_omgcitadel02 Look at the Citadel.
al_garrison_omgcitadel03 The containment field must have failed.
al_garrison_phew Phew – glad that's over.
al_garrison_stillhavetogetthru We still have this garrison to get through.
al_gate_anyluckyet Any luck yet?
al_gate_cantbelieve I can't believe this.
al_gate_canthearus They can't hear us, I guess.
al_gate_checkside I'll check this side.
al_gate_doestrick Good. Let's see if this does the trick.
al_gate_goodletsgo Thank God. Now let's get out of here.
al_gate_heyupthere Hey, up there! Hello! Can you let us out of here? Hello!
al_gate_lookaround Look around. Maybe the opener is still around somewhere.
al_gate_noitslocked No, no, no… it's locked.
al_gate_ohgodno [defeated] Oh god no…
al_gate_seeanyway Can you see any way to get this open?
al_gate_slotforcrank There's some kind of slot for a crank or a handle here.
al_gate_spotwheel Oh! This wheel should do the trick. See if you can pull it off, Gordon.
al_gate_stillday Thank God—it's still day! Let's get out of here.
al_getacrosshow We've gotta get across here—but how?
al_getawayfromdoors Get away from the doors!
al_getbusy Uh, is Dr. Kleiner really telling everyone to … 'get busy' ?
al_getthemmoving If there's anyone who hasn't evacuated yet, we've got to get them moving.
al_giftshop01 Look at all these Breen busts.
al_giftshop02 It's like we stumbled into the Citadel gift shop.
al_goodmeat I wonder if there's any good meat on this thing.
al_goodthink Good thinking.
al_goonbarney You go on without us, Barney. Those people aren't going to make it without your help.
al_gotyourback I've got your back, Gordon.
al_gship_againagain Here we go again…again!
al_gship_cool Gordon, you know what'd be cool? Actually, I can't think of anything cooler than what just happened.
al_gship_crowbar01 Think it's dead? Maybe you should whack it with the crowbar just in case.
al_gship_crowbar02 Well, it sure looks dead. Maybe you should whack it with the crowbar just in case.
al_gship_holyterror01 Wow…
al_gship_holyterror02 I mean, holy…
al_gship_holyterror03 That was…
al_gship_holyterror04 Jesus, Gordon,
al_gship_holyterror05 you're a real terror.
al_gship_mess Boy, we made a real mess up here.
al_gship_nuts Well, that was pretty nuts.
al_happykleiner I've never been happier to see Dr. Kleiner!
al_heretheycome Here they come.
al_hiding01 People must have been hiding down here…
al_hiding02 I don't think there was anywhere safe.
al_hiding03 I wonder how things are outside the city.
al_holdingback Uh oh…that was the only thing holding the antlions back.
al_holesblocked_getoffstreet01 Nice work blocking those burrows.
al_holesblocked_getoffstreet02 How 'bout we get off the street for a while.
al_hospital_afteryou After you…
al_hospital_didallright I see you did all right without me.
al_hospital_electro What kind of hospital is this?
al_hospital_fallthru01 Oh no!
al_hospital_fallthru02 Gordon!
al_hospital_fallthru03 Are you okay?
al_hospital_foundshotgun01 So much for medical supplies
al_hospital_foundshotgun02 I found a shotgun!
al_hospital_heretheycome Here they come!
al_hospital_illgetthis I'll get this."
al_hospital_letsgo Okay, let's go.
al_hospital_medsupplies Hey, a hospital! Keep an eye out for medical supplies.
al_hospital_morezombies Oh God! More zombies!
al_hospital_oneatatime One at a time, boys.
al_hospital_roomsweeper A room sweeper like this might be useful in here.
al_hospital_shallwego Shall we go?
al_hospital_swamped01 Sorry about leaving you alone down there, Gordon.
al_hospital_swamped02 I got a bit swamped.
al_hospital_thrudoor They're through the door!
al_hospital_zombiefall Look out!
al_ifwedont If we don't take that strider down, no one's getting out of here.
al_illtakestairs Uh – I think I'll take the stairs.
al_incidentalinjury Are you okay?
al_isthatkleiner Is that Doctor Kleiner?
al_keepaneye I'll keep an eye on things.
al_kleinercast Wow. I've never been so glad to see Dr. Kleiner.
al_lasttrains The last trains are leaving…get everyone aboard and we'll hold off the Combine.
al_lasttrain_alltoourselves It looks like we're gonna have this train all to ourselves.
al_lasttrain_bringupanother01 Let me bring up another train.
al_lasttrain_bringupanother02 Maybe we can pick up some more passengers once we're outside the city.
al_lasttrain_citadel The Citadel!
al_lasttrain_findswitch Come on, Gordon. Let's go find the power switch.
al_lasttrain_getthistrainmoving01 If that's all of them we should get this train moving.
al_lasttrain_getthistrainmoving02 We'll go throw the power switch, Barney.
al_lasttrain_gettingaway Good – they're getting away.
al_lasttrain_gordon Gordon!
al_lasttrain_herewego Here we go.
al_lasttrain_missedthatone Uh oh, we missed that one.
al_lasttrain_needanothertrain Uh-oh, looks like we're gonna need another train.
al_lasttrain_next I'll bring up the next train.
al_lasttrain_notgoing This train's not going anywhere until we get the power on.
al_lasttrain_ohno Oh no!
al_lasttrain_ohnogordon Oh no, Gordon.
al_lasttrain_omg Oh my god…
al_lasttrain_oneforus01 Give me a second.
al_lasttrain_oneforus02 I'm going to line up another train for us.
al_lasttrain_prompt01 Go ahead Gordon – jump on.
al_lasttrain_prompt02 Hop on.
al_lasttrain_prompt03 Get on the back of the train.
al_lasttrain_pulling It's pulling everything in!
al_lasttrain_slowing The train's slowing down.
al_lasttrain_thisisit This is it, Gordon.
al_lasttrain_thisisswitch This is the switch. Let me get this going.
al_lasttrain_toodangerous01 It's getting too dangerous here, Barney.
al_lasttrain_toodangerous02 You stay with the passengers. We'll get this train moving.
al_letsgo01 Let's go.
al_letsgo03 Let's go!
al_letthemfight01 Let them fight it out, Gordon!
al_lookslikeundercontrol Looks like you've got things under control.
al_looktarget_payphone Those phones haven't worked in years.
al_lowerbridge Okay, what now?
al_madedamnthings This must be where they made those damn things.
al_makejump Can you make that jump?
al_meltdown01 Oh God…
al_meltdown02 Looks like the reactor's back on track for a meltdown.
al_meltdown03 That transmission's going out after all.
al_movecar Move that white car out of the way so we can get through!
al_moveouttogether Let's move out together.
al_museum01 Someone must have been keeping a secret museum here, Gordon. These are treasures of human history.
al_museum02 Huh, well, now they're just history.
al_nag_station01 Get on the train! Hurry!
al_nag_station02 The last train's leaving! Get aboard!
al_nag_station03 We'll hold them off! You've got to get out of the city, now!
al_nag_station04 Come on, people! It's your last chance!
al_needtokeepmoving Come on, Gordon, we need to keep moving.
al_nextfloor Looks like there might be a way out of here on the next floor down.
al_nicestrider Hey, good job with the strider
al_nostairs I wouldn't recommend using the stairs right now.
al_notanymore Not anymore.
al_notellingtime There's no telling how much time we have left; it can't be that much farther to the trainstation.
al_offyourback Barney! We kept them off your back as long as we could.
al_ohnoapc Oh no, an APC.
al_okdownthere You okay down there?
al_onedeadstrider Right! One dead strider coming up!
al_openseason Ha ha. Good thing it's open season on gunships.
al_outofbullets Oh – they're out of bullets.
al_overtoyou Over to you, Gordon.
al_pb1_afterall Looks like we're going to need your flashlight after all.
al_pb1_guessthatwasntit I guess that wasn't it…
al_pb1_hm Hm....
al_pb1_isee Okay, I see what's going on. I think I can just, hm…
al_pb1_lettherebelight01 Let there be…
al_pb1_lettherebelight02 Light! [shocked shout]
al_pb1_morelight Can I get a little more light here, Gordon?
al_pb1_nicenottorely It'd be nice to not have to rely on that flashlight.
al_pb1_noreasonicant If I can get this box working again, there's no reason I can't get the lights on in this whole sector. Then the doors will just work.
al_pb1_oh Oh!
al_pb1_ohgreat Oh great.
al_pb1_ready Ready?
al_pb1_therewego There we go.
al_pb1_thisinstead Let's try this instead.
al_pb1_toomuchpower Eh, I fed it a little bit too much power that time…
al_pb1_whatididwrong Ah…I see what I did wrong. We won't have light, but at least I can get the door open now.
al_pb1_whatsthis What's this?
al_pbox_nicejobandgun01 Nice job!
al_pbox_nicejobandgun02 Hey, and you found a gun!
al_pbox_padlock01 Excellent!
al_pbox_padlock02 Wow, you really killed the hell out of that padlock.
al_pb_anotherlock Oh man…another powered lock…
al_pb_antlions01 I can't do this when those antlions keep coming after us! Isn't there any way to stop them?
al_pb_antlions02 If we could just stop those antlions from swarming in here.
al_pb_antlions03 I'll never get this done if those antlions keep swarming us.
al_pb_awayout Good—a way out of this place.
al_pb_buildcharge Wait a sec…gotta build a charge on my end.
al_pb_chargetofull You might want to charge your flashlight to full first.
al_pb_crossfingers Cross your fingers.
al_pb_cycleup Have to let this cycle up.
al_pb_damnpowerlock01 Damn…it's got a powered lock.
al_pb_damnpowerlock02 How are we gonna get this open?
al_pb_didit Hah, that did it!
al_pb_findapb Let's see if we can find a powerbox.
al_pb_followcable Follow that electrical cable. See where it leads.
al_pb_gettingbetter I think I'm getting better at this.
al_pb_givemelight Give me some light and I'll see what I can do.
al_pb_gottabekidding You've got to be kidding… another powered lock.
al_pb_hatetosay I hate to say this, Gordon, but it looks like we've got to find another powerbox.
al_pb_herewego Here we go…
al_pb_heyimgood Hey! I'm good!
al_pb_knowthedrill You know the drill.
al_pb_messtakelonger Uh oh…this one's a mess…could take a bit longer.
al_pb_mightgivejolt Huh. Looks like I might be able to give it a jolt—enough to get the door open anyway.
al_pb_mightwork This…might work.
al_pb_notbad Not bad, not bad.
al_pb_readyforjolt Get ready for a jolt.
al_pb_reminders01 Let's charge up the powerbox and get out of here.
al_pb_reminders02 Let's find the powerbox so we can get out of here.
al_pb_reminders03 We're not done with that powerbox, Gordon.
al_pb_reminders04 Let's finish up with that powerbox now!
al_pb_reminders05 I've still gotta get that powerbox going!
al_pb_sofarsogood Okay, so far so good.
al_pb_sorry01 Sorry about that thing with the lights, Gordon.
al_pb_sorry02 Uh…I'd really like to apologize for blowing out the lights.
al_pb_sorry03 Did I mention I am sorry about the lights?
al_pb_startagain01 I have to start again.
al_pb_startagain02 Damn, I have to start again.
al_pb_startagain03 Here we go again.
al_pb_startagain04 It's back to zero.
al_pb_thereitis There it is.
al_peoplelistening I hope people are listening…
al_peopletohelp Those people could use our help!
al_plantbounce Try planting some of these bouncebombs…
al_plaza_view01 to al_plaza_view03 Finally, fresh air… Oh my God… Striders really tore the hell out of this place…
al_pushcarback Put the car back. Maybe it'll slow them down.
al_pzombie_covered That one's covered in stinkin' venom crabs!
al_pzombie_hate Ugh! Venom crabs — I hate those things.
al_pzombie_ohno Oh no…not one of those!
al_rappel_alert01 They're coming from above!
al_rappel_alert02 They're coming from the rooftops!
al_rappel_alert03 Look up there!
al_rappel_hearthat Hear that?
al_rappel_hearthat_loud Hear that?
al_rappel_hoping I was hoping we'd get a bit farther before they noticed us again.
al_rappel_looking01 They're looking for something…
al_rappel_looking02 Probably us.
al_rappel_rooftops From the rooftops!
al_rappel_scanners Scanners!
al_rappel_spotted We've been spotted!
al_rattrap Oh my god…they died like rats in a trap.
al_rearguard Looks like they left a rear guard behind.
al_roller_holdingoff I'm holding it off Gordon – grab it if you can.
al_safehouse_clearout What are you still doing here? Everyone should clear out of the city.
al_safehouse_figureitout01 When we figure it out I'll let you know.
al_safehouse_figureitout02 What're you doing up here?
al_safehouse_illgetthis I'll get this.
al_safehouse_million Heh – that's the million dollar question. How are you, Barney?
al_safehouse_separate01 If Gordon and I took a separate route, we could draw the Combine away from you.
al_safehouse_separate02 That'd give you a chance to get the trains filled up before we get there.
al_safehouse_soundgood Sounds good. Let's go.
al_safehouse_stoleinfo01 We stole some information from the Citadel on our way out.
al_safehouse_stoleinfo02 I don't know what it is yet,
al_safehouse_stoleinfo03 But it's important enough that they've been hounding us the whole way here.
al_safehouse_takeus Can you take us there?
al_safehouse_tellus Just tell us where you want us.
al_safehouse_vorthand01 We're not exactly sure.
al_safehouse_vorthand02 The vortigaunts had a hand in it,
al_safehouse_vorthand03 Is all I know.
al_safehouse_vortsomething01 We're not exactly sure.
al_safehouse_vortsomething02 All I know is the vortigaunts had something to do with it.
al_safehouse_whataboutyou But what about you, Barney?
al_safehouse_yeah Yeah.
al_sameaslasttime Same as last time, Gordon. Let's get this bridge down.
al_seats Looks like we'll be fighting over seats on that train.
al_shortwork Those overhead turrets should make short work of them.
al_shouldevac What are you doing here? You should have evacuated by now.
al_slugourway Looks like we're gonna have to slug our way through here… the longer we take finding the trainstation, the more dangerous it gets.
al_sniper_bringroller Bring me a rollermine.
al_sniper_cantcomewith I can't come with you until that sniper's out of the picture.
al_sniper_cantgetthru We can't get through here while that sniper's covering the street.
al_sniper_cantgoout I can't go out in that.
al_sniper_cantgoout2 I can't go out there while that sniper's covering the street.
al_sniper_climbup Let me climb up and take a look at what we're walking into.
al_sniper_dontrunout Gordon — hold up a second.
al_sniper_dontwasteroller01 Don't waste those rollermines.
al_sniper_dontwasteroller02 Bring one over here.
al_sniper_fort Uh oh…they've got the street fortified up ahead.
al_sniper_grabroller01 Hey – bring that rollermine to me.
al_sniper_grabroller02 Maybe we can use it against the sniper.
al_sniper_grabroller03 Hey – grab that rollermine.
al_sniper_grabroller04 Maybe we can use it against the sniper.
al_sniper_headoff01 Nice toss, Gordon.
al_sniper_headoff02 That sniper almost took my head off.
al_sniper_holdback Hold back – grab me one of those rollermines.
al_sniper_lobroller Try lobbing a rollermine up there.
al_sniper_minesonourside Let's get some rollermines on our side.
al_sniper_mounted I can't move this mounted gun. I'll cover you from up here.
al_sniper_pinned We're pinned down. We need some way to take out those gunners.
al_sniper_runpoint There's a Combine garrison at the end of this street. You run point, and then I'll follow as soon as I see you've made it through.
al_sniper_runpoint_new01 You run point, okay?
al_sniper_runpoint_new02 I'll cover you from up here till you reach the far end.
al_sniper_runpoint_new03 When the coast is clear, I'll catch up.
al_sniper_runpoint_new04 Sound good?
al_sniper_takeoutsniper Take out that sniper, Gordon!
al_snipe_close01 [Sigh] That was close.
al_snipe_close02 Let's go through here.
al_snipe_gunner I can't get a clear sight on that gunner…can you open up a line of fire for me?
al_snipe_ladder01 Okay, looks like I can let that ladder down to you. Let me shoot out the latch.
al_snipe_ladder02 I might be a little bit rusty with this rifle…
al_snipe_ladder03 Hah! Nope, guess I'm not.
al_snipe_lure01 Lure them into the open, Gordon!
al_snipe_lure02 Bring them out where I can get a clear shot!
al_snipe_lure03 I need a clear shot, Gordon!
al_snipe_lure04 I'll get that for you.
al_snipe_openandcover01 Open the gate!
al_snipe_openandcover02 Okay, cover me while I catch up.
al_snipe_post Okay, Gordon, I'll take the sniper's post and cover you for now.
al_snipe_rollers More rollermines! Come on, Gordon, let's put them to work.
al_snipe_runforit01 See that barricade up ahead?
al_snipe_runforit02 Why don't you make a run for it.
al_snipe_runforit03 I'll cover you from up here, then you can open the gate and cover me while I catch up.
al_snipe_toss Toss one into the sniper's nest!
al_someonefiring Someone's firing!
al_startingtoflarehurry It looks like the citadel is starting to flare up again. We'd better hurry.
al_stillcrank I hope you've still got that crank.
al_strider_again 'Again!
al_strider_another Hit it with another one, Gordon!
al_strider_berightback I'll be right back, Gordon.
al_strider_cantleave We can't leave till that strider's taken care of…
al_strider_careful Gordon, be careful!
al_strider_fantastic Fantastic job, Gordon!
al_strider_getdown Get down!
al_strider_hurting01 Ah! It's hurting, Gordon!
al_strider_hurting02 One more like that!
al_strider_keephammering Okay, Gordon, I won't be much help against the strider, but I can find us a way out of here. Hold on and keep hammering at that thing. I'll be back as soon as I can.
al_strider_myhero My hero!
al_strider_mynewhero You're my new hero!
al_strider_omg Oh my God…Strider!
al_strider_overhere Over here!
al_strider_pummel01 Good shot!
al_strider_pummel02 Keep pummeling it!
al_strider_scratch I don't have a weapon that'll even scratch that strider. It's up to you.
al_strider_watchout Watch out!
al_strider_yes Yes!
al_strider_youdidit You did it!
al_sublevelcut Looks like the combine cut straight though the sublevel city…I wonder how far down we are…
al_subwaymap01 Hey – a map.
al_subwaymap02 hmm
al_subwaymap03 The stalker train took us further than I thought.
al_subwaymap04 We've still got a hike ahead of us… but it could have been worse.
al_survivors Check for survivors, Gordon—anyone hiding.
al_thanksforcover Thanks for covering me, Gordon. Let's keep moving!
al_thatsoundagain Uh-oh… here we go again.
al_thereyouare There you are. I thought you might have forgotten about me.
al_tooksolong What took you so long?
al_tougherthanithought That was tougher than I thought.
al_tow_crank Now, where's that crank handle?
al_tow_doorstuck This way. Damn. The doors are stuck. See if you can find some way to pull them open.
al_tow_goodidea Hey! Good idea!
al_tow_great Great! Good thinking!
al_tow_tighter There's got to be some way to pull this cable tighter.
al_tow_tool Look around, Gordon. Maybe we can find some kind of tool…
al_train_bitofluck Looks like our first bit of luck. This train should pass near enough to where my father's holding out.
al_train_climbon Climb on, Gordon!
al_train_close Ah, that was close.
al_train_flare The flare.
al_train_gonnamakeit Ha, I don't believe it. I think we're actually gonna make it out of here…
al_train_gonnamiss Ah! Gordon! We're gonna miss our train!
al_train_gordon Gordon!
al_train_hereitgoes Here it goes.
al_train_herewego Okay…here we go....
al_train_holdon Hold on!
al_train_itsgoing It's going, Gordon.
al_train_jump Jump!
al_train_jumpon Jump on, Gordon!
al_train_letsgonow Let's go! Go! Now!
al_train_madeit01 We made it.
al_train_madeit02 I don't believe it.
al_train_madeit03 There's nothing else we can do now, I guess, except hope we can get far enough before it…
al_train_missedit We missed it, Gordon!
al_train_ohnomissed Oh no, we missed our train!
al_train_omg Oh my God…
al_train_onemore Ah! One more—over there! That one! Hurry!
al_train_overthere There's one over there! Let's go!
al_train_ride01 My Dad always talks about the Black Mesa train.
al_train_ride02 He says he took me on it once, but I don't remember.
al_train_stillcatch Maybe we can still catch that one. Come on!
al_train_thatone Hey, what about that one?
al_train_thereitgoes There it goes.
al_train_thisisit This is it…
al_train_thisway This way!
al_tunnel_catchbreath01 I uh…
al_tunnel_catchbreath02 I gotta catch my breath…
al_tunnel_holdup Hold up a sec…
al_tunnel_noteasy01 Okay…
al_tunnel_noteasy02 Well…
al_tunnel_noteasy03 This might not be as easy I thought.
al_tunnel_sameboat01 We're in the same boat as the other evacuees now.
al_tunnel_sameboat02 On foot to a train station.
al_tunnel_surface Let's head for the surface.
al_turrets Watch out—turrets!
al_turretsempty Damn, they're empty!
al_tvsmash05 You're right – we don't have time to watch TV.
al_uhohcomingthru Uh-oh – they're coming through.
al_ventskills Your vent-crawling skills seem to be in high demand today, Gordon.
al_watchdoor Could you watch the door for a minute? Make sure nobody comes in?
al_watchself Watch yourself, Gordon.
al_watch_barnacle Watch those barnacles.
al_welldowhatwecan We'll do what we can. Come on, Gordon.
al_whatimiss Okay, what did I miss?
al_whatsbeeping What's that beeping sound.
al_whatsound What's that sound?
al_whatwegonnado What're we gonna do?
al_wholecity The whole city's going to look like this soon…
al_whydefendgarrison Why are they defending this garrison when the whole city's about to blow.
al_whystickaround01 No!
al_whystickaround02 Why hadn't they left the city already?
al_whystickaround03 Why are people sticking around?
al_whythisway What now?
al_workingonit01 We're working on it.
al_workingonit02 Hurry up, Gordon!
al_youdonethisbefore You've done this before, haven't you.
al_youfinished Heh… we wondered when you were gonna be done in there.
al_youheardthem You heard them, Gordon! Get the burrows blocked.
al_zombieroom_gordon Gordon!
al_zombieroom_heavyhev How much does that suit weigh?
al_zombieroom_landlord Hey, you found the landlord's apartment.
al_zombieroom_lookout Look out! …
al_zombieroom_lookout02 Uh oh…
al_zombieroom_scenic Taking the scenic route, eh?
al_zombine_asif As if regular zombies weren't bad enough.
al_zombine_crap Crap!
al_zombine_everywhere Watch it, they're everywhere!
al_zombine_gothru Let's go through here. See where it puts us.
al_zombine_grenade Look out, it's got a grenade!
al_zombine_joke01 to al_zombine_joke04, al_zombine_getit01 and al_zombine_getit02 Hmmm. A Combine zombie. Zombie Combine. That's, that's like a…ah…a Zombine! Right? Heh… Zombine, get it?  Heh heh.   Heh. O————kay.
al_zombine_shinelight Ah, anyway…shine your light on the door over here and I'll get us out of here. Whatever you call it, I hope I don't ever see another one.
al_zombine_trooptrain Looks like we've found a troop train.
al_zombine_wth What the hell is that?


Location: sound/vo/episode_1/npc/alyx

Filename(s) Quote
al_affirm01 Yes.
al_affirm02 Yep.
al_affirm03 Yeah.
al_affirm04 Okay.
al_affirm05 Mm hm.
al_affirm_sarc01 Yes.
al_affirm_sarc02 Heh. Yup.
al_affirm_sarc03 Yeah.
al_affirm_sarc04 Okay.
al_affirm_sarc05 Uh huh.
al_alert_aguard It's an antlion guard!
al_alert_barnacle01 A barnacle!
al_alert_barnacle02 I hate these things!
al_alert_barnacle03 Look out…barnacles!
al_alert_barnacle04 Ugh…
al_alert_dropship A dropship!
al_alert_gunship It's a gunship.
al_alert_headcrabs01 Headcrabs!
al_alert_headcrabs02 Oh, headcrabs!
al_alert_headcrabs03 Ugh, headcrabs!
al_alert_headcrabs04 Why can't they all be like Lamarr?
al_alert_headcrabs05 Ai! Headcrabs!
al_alert_soldiers Soldiers!
al_behindyou01 Behind you!
al_cantinterrupt01 Give me a second.
al_cantinterrupt02 Hold on a second.
al_cantinterrupt03 Wait a second.
al_cantinterrupt04 I'll get that in a second.
al_cantinterrupt05 Hold on.
al_combat_boom01 Boom!
al_combat_boom02 Blam!
al_combat_boom04 Ka-blooie!
al_combat_boom06 Ka-boom!
al_combat_burnem01 Ya! Burn em!
al_combat_burnem02 Ha! Ha! Burn em!
al_combat_didiseethat Did I just see that?
al_combat_goodshooting01 Hey! Good shooting!
al_combat_goodshooting02 Good shooting!
al_combat_goodshooting03 Great shooting!'
al_combat_goodshot01 Good shot!
al_combat_goodshot03 Heh! Great shot!
al_combat_goodshot04 Awesome shot!
al_combat_goodthinking01 Good thinking!
al_combat_goodthinking02 Oh! Good thinking!
al_combat_goodthinking03 Good thinking!
al_combat_gradual01 Here they come!
al_combat_gradual02 There's more of 'em!
al_combat_gradual03 More of 'em coming!
al_combat_gradual04 More of 'em!
al_combat_gradual_quiet_01 Here they come!
al_combat_gradual_quiet_03 There's more of 'em!
al_combat_gradual_quiet_04 More of em coming!
al_combat_gradual_quiet_05 More of em!
al_combat_gradual_quiet_06 Ah, more of em coming…
al_combat_iwantedthose01 Hey! I wanted those!
al_combat_leavesome01 Leave some for me!
al_combat_lightem Light em up!
al_combat_mob01 Crap!
al_combat_mob02 Ah crap!
al_combat_mob03 Damn it!
al_combat_mob04 Help!
al_combat_mob05 Hand here, please!
al_combat_mob06 Ahhhhhhh got a problem!
al_combat_mob07 Got a problem!
al_combat_mob09 Need some help!
al_combat_mob10 Trouble here!
al_combat_mob11 Got some trouble!
al_combat_nice Nice!
al_combat_nicemove01 Nice move!
al_combat_nicepunt01 Nice punt!
al_combat_niceshooting01 Nice shooting!
al_combat_niceshot01 Nice shot!
al_combat_ohsnap Oh snap!
al_combat_start01 Look out!
al_combat_start03 I'm on it!
al_combat_start04 I'm on this!
al_combat_start05 I got this!
al_combat_start06 Over there!
al_combat_sudden01 Incoming!
al_combat_sudden02 Company!
al_combat_sudden04 Uh oh…
al_combat_sudden06 There's a lot of em!
al_combat_sudden07 There's a bunch of em!
al_combat_sudden08 Let's take em down!
al_combat_sudden09 Trouble!
al_combat_sudden11 They're all over!
al_combat_thanks01 Thanks!
al_combat_thanks02 Hey, thanks!
al_combat_thanks03 Thank you!
al_combat_thanks04 Thanks a lot!
al_combat_whoanice01 Whoa! Nice!
al_combat_yeah01 Yeah!
al_combat_zombq01 Zom-B-Q!
al_combat_zombq02 That's a Zom-B-Q right there!
al_comingtohelp01 I'll be right over there!
al_comingtohelp02 I'll help you!
al_comingtohelp03 I'm coming!
al_comingtohelp04 I'll be right there!
al_coolgravkill01 All right, Gordon!
al_coolgravkill02 Awesome!
al_coolgravkill03 What a move!
al_coolgravkill04 Ha! You're good with that gravity gun.
al_dark_attack01 What's – argh!
al_dark_attack02 Help!
al_dark_attack03 Something's on me!
al_dark_attack04 Get it off! Get it off!
al_dark_attack05 [Sounds of struggle.]
al_dark_attack06 Gordon, help!
al_dark_breathing01 [no transcript given]
al_dark_breathing02 [no transcript given]
al_dark_breathing03 [no transcript given]
al_dark_fakegroan [Groan like a zombie]
al_dark_gotcha [laughing] Gotcha!
al_dark_lightout01 Hey, get that light back on!
al_dark_lightout02 I need that light!
al_dark_lightout03 What are you doing? I can't see!
al_dark_lightout04 Where'd that light go?
al_dark_lightout05 Uh, do you mind?
al_dark_near01 I'm right here.
al_dark_near02 I'm with you.
al_dark_near03 Hey, you still there?
al_dark_near04 Where are you, Gordon? Shine your light for me.
al_dark_noises01 Uh oh…what was that?
al_dark_noises02 What was that?
al_dark_noises03 Did you hear something?
al_dark_noises04 Was that you?
al_dark_noises05 Quiet…listen…
al_dark_noises06 Sh!
al_dark_noises07 Something's coming!
al_dark_relief01 Oh…thank God…
al_dark_relief02 There you are!
al_dark_relief03 Okay, I see you.
al_dark_relief04 Oh…good…
al_dark_relief05 It's just so dark…
al_dark_stayclose01 Stay close, okay?
al_dark_stayclose02 Try not to do that again, okay?
al_dark_stayclose03 Let's stick together in here.
al_dark_worried01 Gordon?
al_dark_worried02 Gordon, where'd you get to?
al_dark_worried03 Are you still there?
al_dark_worrieder_01 Where'd you go?
al_dark_worrieder_02 Hey, Gordon?
al_dark_worrieder_03 Where are you?
al_dark_worriederer01 Gordon, don't leave me.
al_dark_worriederer02 Come back!
al_dark_worriederer03 Where are you?
al_dark_worriedest01 GORDON!
al_dark_worriedest02 Hey!
al_dark_worriedest03 Don't leave me here!
al_dark_worriedest04 Where are you?
al_dark_worriedest05 Help!
al_deaf_canthearanything I can't hear a thing…
al_deaf_canthearyou I can't hear you!
al_deaf_earsringing My ears are ringing…
al_deaf_saysomething Did you say something?
al_deaf_what What?
al_doyourstuff Do your stuff, Gordon.
al_explo_agh Agh
al_explo_lookout Look out!
al_explo_watchit Watch it!
al_explo_whoa Whoa!
al_fight01 [Fighting sounds]
al_firstbarnacle Ugh! Barnacles!
al_follow01 Lead the way.
al_follow02 Lead the way, Gordon.
al_follow03 You go first.
al_follow04 Go ahead.
al_follow05 Go ahead, I'm right behind you.
al_follow06 I'll follow you.
al_greet_cit01 Ohhhkay....
al_greet_cit02 Uh…right, can we keep moving please?
al_greet_cit03 Aren't you going to speak up for me, Gordon?
al_greet_cit04 Not if we don't get moving. C'mon!
al_greet_cit05 Well, it doesn't look good, but Gordon here's worked miracles before.
al_greet_cit06 Uh, I hate to spoil a reunion, but we really have to get moving.
al_greet_cit07 Not for much longer if we don't get out of here.
al_greet_cit08 I sure am. Let's go!
al_greet_cit09 Yeah, and that's Doctor Freeman in the suit.
al_greet_cit10 Then you probably know we gotta get going.
al_greet_cit11 And trouble's right behind me.
al_greet_cit12 We'll, help however we can.
al_greet_cit13 Yep!
al_greet_cit14 We stayed behind to get you moving. Come on!
al_greet_cit15 I'm the person who's telling you to get moving.
al_greet_cit16 Um… no, my dad's Odessa Cubbage.
al_greet_cit17 Um, yeah right. Let's go!
al_greet_cit18 He'll be here later.
al_greet_cit19 A better question is why aren't you at the trains yet. Huh? Let's get moving!
al_greet_cit20 We didn't make it yet. C'mon!
al_greet_cit21 Gordon's a man of few words.
al_greet_cit22 Gordon's free to say whatever he wants. Gordon?
al_greet_cit23 Say again? Never mind – let's move!
al_grenade_warn01 Watch out
al_grenade_warn02 Grenade!
al_grenade_warn03 Look out!
al_grenade_warn04 Get back!
al_grenade_warn_new_01 Run!
al_grenade_warn_new_02 Incoming!
al_grenade_warn_new_03 Grenade!
al_grenade_warn_new_04 Heads up!
al_gross01 Gross!
al_hack_done01 There! This guy's one of ours now.
al_hack_done02 Okay, it's good to go.
al_hack_done03 Okay, let's put it to work.
al_hack_fail01 O—kay… Well, maybe later.
al_hack_fail02 Are you sure you want to do that?
al_hack_train01 Here, bring it closer.
al_hack_train02 Hold that closer to me.
al_hack_train03 Hold it steady.
al_hack_train04 I can't reach it over there.
al_hack_train05 Bring that over here and I'll rejigger it.
al_headcrabsurprise01 Ah!
al_headcrabsurprise02 Whoa!
al_headcrabsurprise03 Shriek!
al_healplayer01 Here, get yourself patched up.
al_healplayer02 Here, have a medkit.
al_holycrap01 Holy crap!
al_impact01 [no available transcript]
al_itsallyou It's all you, Gordon.
al_laugh01 *laughter*
al_lead_catchup01 Hurry up!
al_lead_catchup02 This way!
al_lead_catchup03 Come on!
al_lead_catchup04 Where'd you go?
al_lead_catchup05 Gordon, where are you?
al_lead_catchup06 Is something wrong?
al_lead_catchup07 Hey, what's up?
al_lead_catchup08 You coming?
al_lead_comingback01 I'm coming back.
al_lead_comingback02 What are you doing?
al_lead_comingback03 Something holding you up?
al_lead_comingback04 You coming?
al_lead_comingback05 You ok?
al_lead_comingback06 We really need to keep going.
al_lead_comingback07 What's keeping you?
al_lead_retrieve01 Come on, then.
al_lead_retrieve02 Try to keep up, okay?
al_lead_retrieve03 Stay with me now.
al_lead_start01 Come on.
al_lead_start02 Let's go.
al_lead_start03 Let's get moving.
al_lead_start04 Let's keep going.
al_lead_start05 Hey, you with me?
al_lead_start06 You ready?
al_lead_start07 Shall we?
al_light_antlion Keep that antlion lit for me.
al_light_barnacle01 Shine your light on that barnacle!
al_light_barnacle02 Keep that barnacle in your light.
al_light_blind01 I can't see a thing.
al_light_blind02 I'm blind as a bat without that flashlight on.
al_light_blind03 Can't see where I'm going.
al_light_blind04 Careful, I can't see a thing.
al_light_blind05 It's too dark.
al_light_found01 I see it!
al_light_found03 Ah! I can see it!
al_light_found04 There it is.
al_light_found06 Right there.
al_light_found08 Got it.
al_light_found10 Found it!
al_light_found12 Steady on it!
al_light_found13 Hold it…
al_light_found14 Hold it!
al_light_found15 It sees us!
al_light_generic01 Keep your light on it.
al_light_generic02 Shine your light on that thing!
al_light_generic03 Light that thing up!
al_light_lost01 Need that light!
al_light_lost02 Light please!
al_light_lost03 Light!
al_light_lost04 Ah! Lost it!
al_light_lost05 Can't see it!
al_light_lost06 Light em up!
al_light_lost08 Lost em!
al_light_lost09 Ah! Lost em!
al_light_lost10 Lost my target!
al_light_lost11 It's still out there!
al_light_lost12 Need some light!
al_light_lost_quiet01 Need that light!
al_light_lost_quiet02 I need that light!
al_light_lost_quiet03 Light please!
al_light_lost_quiet05 Light!
al_light_lost_quiet06 Hm! Lost it!
al_light_lost_quiet07 Lost it!
al_light_lost_quiet08 Can't see it!
al_light_lost_quiet09 I can't see it!
al_light_lost_quiet10 Light em up!
al_light_lost_quiet11 Lost em!
al_light_lost_quiet12 Hm! Lost em!
al_light_lost_quiet13 Lost my target!
al_light_lost_quiet14 It's still out there!
al_light_lost_quiet15 Ah… it's still out there.
al_light_lost_quiet16 Need some light!
al_light_lost_quiet17 I need some light.
al_light_lost_quiet18 Hey Gordon, I need some light!
al_light_ok01 Ah, that's better.
al_light_ok02 Good, keep the light over there.
al_light_ok03 Thanks.
al_light_ok04 Ah…light.
al_light_out01 Damn flash light!
al_light_out02 Damn battery!
al_light_out04 Crap, it's dark!
al_light_out05 Can't see a damn thing!
al_light_out07 How much longer on that light?
al_light_out08 Hey, how much long on that light?
al_light_out09 It's too dark!
al_light_out11 Dark as hell in here…
al_light_out12 Ugh, dark as hell in here…
al_light_out13 Dark as hell…
al_light_out14 It's friggin' dark…
al_light_out16 There goes the light…
al_light_out17 Oh, there goes the light!
al_light_out18 There goes the light…
al_light_recharge01 Damn, you need to recharge, don't you?
al_light_recharge02 Let it charge for a while, I'll wait.
al_light_recharge03 Uh oh…charging your flashlight again?
al_light_recharge04 I know you didn't mean to do that, Gordon. Still, it is annoying.
al_light_recharge05 We've really got to talk to Dr. Kleiner about getting a new battery for that flashlight.
al_light_recharge06 Charge your flashlight now…I'm gonna need some time to get this powered up.
al_light_recharge07 Let's wait till it recharges.
al_light_turnon01 Turn on your flashlight, Gordon.
al_light_turnon02 Shine your light over here.
al_light_turnon03 I need light here, Gordon.
al_light_turnon04 Turn on your suit light.
al_light_zombie Keep your light on that zombie!
al_mobbed_thanks01 Thanks for getting them off me!
al_mobbed_thanks02 Oh! Thanks for getting them off me!
al_mobbed_thatwasclose01 Whew! That was close!
al_mobbed_thatwasclose02 Ah! That was close!
al_mobbed_thatwasclose03 Whew! That was close!
al_monsterbehindplayer01 Look out behind you!
al_monsterbehindplayer02 Behind you!
al_monsterbehindplayer03 Watch out, Gordon!
al_monsterbehindplayer04 Turn around!
al_outofbreath01 [out of breath...]
al_physimpact01 Hey!
al_physimpact02 Ow
al_physimpact03 Careful with that.
al_physimpact_loud01 Hey
al_physimpact_loud02 Ow!
al_physimpact_loud03 Careful with that!
al_player_goodshot01 Good shot.
al_player_goodshot02 Hey, great shot.
al_player_goodshot03 Nice shot.
al_player_goodshot04 Heh, nice job.
al_player_healthlow01 You're not looking so well.
al_player_healthlow02 Looks like we need to find you a medkit.
al_player_healthlow03 Watch yourself…you don't look too good.
al_player_healthlow04 You don't look too good, Gordon.
al_player_healthlow05 You need to find some health kits.
al_player_newweapon01 Looks like you know how to handle that thing.
al_player_newweapon02 Huh, looks like your kind of weapon.
al_player_newweapon03 Oh, that weapon is definitely you
al_player_newweapon04 I see you've handled that before.
al_playerdeath01 Oh no!
al_playerdeath02 Gordon!
al_playerdeath03 Gordon, no!
al_playerdeath04 Oh my god!
al_playerfalls01 Gordon!
al_playerfalls02 Look out!
al_playerfalls03 Nooooo!
al_playerreload01 Hey, reload while you have a chance.
al_playerreload02 Remember to reload.
al_playerreload03 Check your ammo.
al_playerseesmonster01 What is it? Oh!
al_playerseesmonster02 What?
al_playerseesmonster03 Gordon? What is it?
al_playerstare01 What is it?
al_playerstare02 Hm?
al_playerstare03 You need something?
al_playerstare04 You okay?
al_positive01 Whoa!
al_positive02 Yeah!
al_positive03 Yeah! Ha! Ha!
al_positive04 Oh, wow!
al_positive05 Oh, that was great!
al_post_combat01 Oh! That was fun!
al_post_combat02 Whew! Well that was close!
al_post_combat03 Ya, well, we're done with that!
al_post_combat04 Huh, that was a close one! Whoa…
al_post_combat05 Heh, well that was fun. Heh…
al_post_combat06 Whoa, hehe..well, that fun.
al_pzcrabs_hatethings01 Oh, I hate these things!
al_pzcrabs_hatethings02 I hate these things!
al_pzcrabs_suck01 These things suck!
al_quiet_thanks01 Thanks…
al_quiet_thanks02 Thank you.
al_quiet_thanks03 Thanks, Gordon.
al_quiet_thanks04 Thanks a lot.
al_rejoin01 Hey – there you are.
al_rejoin02 I'm back.
al_rejoin03 Hey Gordon. Miss me?
al_rejoin04 There you are.
al_reload01 Reloading!
al_reload02 I'm out!
al_reload03 Reloading!
al_reloading_new01 I'm out – reloading.
al_reloading_new02 I'm dry – reloading.
al_reloading_new03 Ah – I gotta reload.
al_reloading_new04 Empty – reloading.
al_reloading_new05 Out again.
al_reloading_new06 Dammit. Reloading.
al_reloading_new07 Gotta reload.
al_seemanyfoe01 Look at 'em all!
al_seemanyfoe02 Let's work it!
al_seemanyfoe03 Here we go.
al_seemanyfoe04 Heh…this ought to be interesting.
al_seemanyfoe05 Oh boy…
al_seemanyfoe06 Here goes…
al_seemanyfoe07 Let's do it, Gordon.
al_seemanyfoe08 They're no match for us!
al_seemanyfoe09 They're coming out of the woodwork.
al_seemanyfoe10 Oh great.
al_self_healthlow01 Ah, I need to find some medkits.
al_self_healthlow02 Ah, I'm hurt, Gordon.
al_startcombat01 Here we go again.
al_startcombat02 Look alive!
al_startcombat03 Let's do it.
al_startcombat04 Oh, joy.
al_surround01 I'm surrounded!
al_surround02 They're everywhere!
al_swamped01 We're surrounded!
al_swamped02 They're everywhere!
al_swamped03 Give me a hand!
al_swamped04 A little help here, Gordon?
al_swamped05 I could use some backup!
al_swamped06 Whoa!
al_swamped07 Wow!
al_swamped08 Where are they coming from?
al_swamped09 Shit!
al_swamped10 Damn!
al_swamped11 Ah!
al_swamped12 Oh, crap!
al_swamped13 Ow!
al_takeammo Here, take some of my ammo.
al_thanksforhelp01 Thanks, that was close.
al_thanksforhelp02 Phew.
al_thanksforhelp03 Thanks.
al_uggh01 Oh!
al_uggh02 Ugh!
al_uggh03 Ah!
al_uptoyounow It's up to you now.
al_urgecits01 Come on, people!
al_urgecits02 Let's move out!
al_urgecits03 Keep moving!
al_urgecits04 Go!
al_urgecits05 Hurry!
al_welcome01 You bet!
al_welcome02 No problem!
al_welcome03 Sure thing!
al_welcome04 Glad to help!
al_zombie_itsalive01 It's alive!
al_zombie_liveone01 We got a live one!
al_zombine_grenadewarn01 Grenade!
al_zombine_grenadewarn02 It's got a grenade!
al_zombine_grenadewarn03 That one's gonna blow!