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L.M.[1] (written as "LM") are the initials of a Black Mesa employee working in the Support Personnel Division[2] / Civilian Recruitment Division[1] at the Office of the Administrator. These initials can be seen three times in the games' instruction manuals. L.M., whose complete name is unknown, was therefore working for Wallace Breen, probably as a human resources secretary, and seemed to handle important to trivial affairs. The "OTA" preceding the initials likely stand for "Office of the Administrator".


L.M. appears in three letters, all dated "May 200-", when the Black Mesa Incident occurred.

Half-Life instruction manual[edit]

L.M. was Gordon Freeman's contact when he was still at Innsbruck. In a letter dated May 5, 200-, he/she announced him he was hired by Black Mesa and that he would start no later than May 15. Isaac Kleiner is also mentioned as having recommended Gordon.

Half-Life PlayStation 2 instruction manual[edit]

On May 11, 200-, L.M. wrote a memo to Colette Green, with C.C. to Kleiner. In it, he/she tells Green that the supervision team is particularly interested in Xen crystal sample GG-3883. Although Green's experiments on the sample revealed unexpected spectral analysis fluctuations, she has identified it as the purest and largest sample they have. Therefore sample GG-3883 will replace the original chosen sample, sample EP-0021, in the simulation. LM also states that he/she already has authorized the enclosed materials requisition form required to switch the samples, and that he/she is conscious that a sample change made so fast is a violation of normal anomalous material handling protocol.

L.M. wants the replacement to be done very fast, and violates procedures to do so. This suggests he/she knows what is is all about, or that he/she was expressly instructed by those responsible for the Black Mesa Incident to have the current sample replaced as fast as possible by the new one. Of note is that Episode Two reveals that the G-Man brought in person sample GG-3883, while Wallace Breen is also responsible.

Half-Life: Blue Shift instruction manual[edit]

On May 9, 200-, L.M. sent a letter to Barney Calhoun about his new Blue Shift assignment. He also gave him schedule details for his Black Mesa Hazard Course for Security Guard Training and where he is expected on his first Blue Shift day, as well as a Security Shift Schedule.

Behind the scenes[edit]

"L.M." are the reversed initials of series' writer Marc Laidlaw, placed there as an Easter egg.[3]


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