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Rail cart

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Rail cart
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The rail cart,[2] also simply known as the train,[3] is a rail vehicle that runs on tracks. They can be seen and used by the player in Half-Life and Half-Life: Opposing Force.


The rail cart is first introduced at the end of the training portion of Half-Life. Most are found in the tunnels of the decommissioned underground rail system of Black Mesa's Materials Transport. They are powered by electricity. The player can activate and manually operate a train from their control panel, controlling its speed and direction of travel in forward or reverse. The path of a train can be changed by rotating the switches at rail junctions.

Behind the scenes[edit]

According to John Guthrie, the idea for the rail cart came from level Rabid Transit from Duke Nukem 3D which featured a subway. Guthrie cited the level as one of his favorites and always wanted to have the opportunity to drive the train.[1] The yellow train from the multiplayer map Subtransit was originally created for the abandoned rail system section of the chapter Blast Pit.[4] However, it was replaced in the final game.




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