This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.

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The following is a list of quotes from the Black Mesa Science Team.

Half-Life (pre-release)[edit]


Filename(s) Quote
N/A If I were a braver man, I would run for the surface. But I'm afraid if the world finds out what we were doing here, Gordon. But please, just don't make me come with you.
N/A Well, it does seem there is something to chaos theory after all, yes?
N/A I hear something.

Official Half-Life Theme[edit]

Filename(s) Quote Play
Half-Life Question What are you doing?


Hazard Course[edit]

Location: sound/holo

Filename(s) Quote
tr_sci_goodwork Good work! Those new suits can be tricky. Please proceed to the next area. (Upon completion of the basic jumping test.)
tr_sci_hardlynoticed Very good! I hardly noticed you. Move on to the next area. (Upon completion of the ducking test.)
tr_sci_nextstation Good work! You look prepared for the next station. (Upon completing the test combining jumping and ducking.)
tr_sci_use Yes. I will follow you, if you wish. (When the player asks the scientist to follow him at the human assets test.)
tr_sci_unuse Okay. I will wait here. (When asked to stop.)


Location: sound/scientist

Filename(s) Quote
absolutely Absolutely.
absolutelynot Absolutely not.
administrator I suspected this could happen but the Administrator just would not listen.
afellowsci A fellow scientist.
ahfreeman Ah, Freeman.
alienapeal Do you think we should appeal to the alien authorities?
alientrick Do you suspect some alien subterfuge behind this failure?
allnominal Yes, this all looks nominal.
alright Alright.
analysis I am rather looking forward to this analysis, aren't you?
announcer Did you understand that last announcement?
areyouthink Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
asexpected As I expected.
beenaburden Have I been that much of a burden?
beverage Have you been able to get the beverage machine to work yet?
bloodsample Wouldn't you like to get one of these blood samples under a microscope?
c1a0_sci_bigday Big day today, Freeman.
c1a0_sci_catscream Scream
c1a0_sci_crit1a Quick! It's about to go critical!
c1a0_sci_crit2a What the hell is going on with our equipment? (Eli Vance)
c1a0_sci_crit3a It wasn't meant to do this in the first place!
c1a0_sci_ctrl1a Ah, Gordon, here you are. We just sent the sample down to the Test Chamber.
c1a0_sci_ctrl2a We've boosted the Anti-Mass Spectrometer to 105 percent. Bit of a gamble, but we need the extra resolution.
c1a0_sci_ctrl3a The Administrator is very concerned that we get a conclusive analysis of today's sample. I gather they went to some lengths to get it.
c1a0_sci_ctrl4a They're waiting for you, Gordon. In the Test Chamber.
c1a0_sci_dis1a All right, Gordon, your suit should keep you comfortable through all this. The specimen will be delivered to you in a few moments. If you would be so good as to climb up and start the rotors, we can bring the Anti-Mass Spectrometer to eighty percent and hold it there until the carrier arrives.
c1a0_sci_dis1b Gordon, are you not hearing me? Climb up and start the rotors, please.
c1a0_sci_dis1c Climb up and start the rotors.
c1a0_sci_dis1d Very good. We'll take it from here.
c1a0_sci_dis2a Power to stage one emitters in
c1a0_sci_dis3a I'm seeing predictable phase arrays.
c1a0_sci_dis5a Stage two emitters
c1a0_sci_dis6a I have just been informed that the sample is ready, Gordon. It should be coming up to you any moment now. Look to the delivery system for your specimen.
c1a0_sci_dis7a Standard insertion for a nonstandard specimen. Go ahead, Gordon. Slot the carrier into the analysis port.
c1a0_sci_dis9a Overhead capacitors to one oh five percent.
c1a0_sci_dis10a Gordon, we cannot predict how long the system can operate at this level, nor how long the reading will take. Please work as quickly as you can.
c1a0_sci_dis11a's probably not a problem...probably...but I'm showing a small discrepancy in...well, no, it's well within acceptable bounds again. Sustaining sequence.
c1a0_sci_dis12a Nothing you need to worry about, Gordon. Go ahead.
c1a0_sci_dis13a Wha-what's he doing in there?
c1a0_sci_dis14a (used on Xen?) Get him out of there! Shut down the equipment and someone get him out!
c1a0_sci_dis15a Shutting down. Attempting shut down. It's's-it's's not shutting's not...
c1a0_sci_dis16a Gordon! Get away from the beams!
c1a0_sci_disa Testing...testing... Everything seems to be in order.
c1a0_sci_getaway Get away from there, Freeman! I'm expecting an important message!
c1a0_sci_gm Good morning, Gordon.
c1a0_sci_gm1 Good morning, Gordon.
c1a0_sci_lock1a I'm afraid we'll be deviating a bit from standard analysis procedures today, Gordon.
c1a0_sci_lock2a Yes, but with good reason. This is a rare opportunity for us. This is the purest sample we've seen yet.
c1a0_sci_lock3a And potentially the most unstable!
c1a0_sci_lock4a Now, now, if you follow standard insertion procedures, everything will be fine.
c1a0_sci_lock5a I don't know how you can say that. Although I will admit that the possibility of a resonance cascade scenario is extremely unlikely, I remain uncomfortable with the...
c1a0_sci_lock6a Gordon doesn't need to hear all this. He's a highly trained professional. We have assured the Administrator that nothing will go wrong.
c1a0_sci_lock7a Ah yes, you're right. Gordon, we have complete confidence in you.
c1a0_sci_lock8a Well, go ahead. Let's let him in now.
c1a0_sci_mumble [muffled] ("I've told you a hundred times, I am opposed to pushing this equipment beyond the test level.")[a]
c1a0_sci_samp The sample was just delivered to the test chamber.
c1a0_sci_stall Scientist expectorating in one of the bathroom stalls in Sector C.
c1a0_sci_stayback No, stay back! Gordon!
c1a1_sci_1scan Why didn't they listen!
c1a1_sci_2scan We tried to warn them. (Eli Vance)
c1a1_sci_3scan I never thought I'd see a Resonance Cascade, let alone create one.
c1a1_sci_4scan Gordon, you're alive! Thank God for that hazard suit. I'm afraid to move him, and all our phones are out. Please, get to the surface as soon as you can, and let someone know we're stranded down here. You'll need me to activate the retinal scanners. I'm sure the rest of the science team will gladly help you. (Eli Vance)
c1a1_sci_5scan Be careful, Gordon. (Eli Vance again; Unused)
c1a2_sci_dangling I...I can't hold on much...longer...
c1a2_sci_darkroom I'm not so sure I want to get to the surface. What if the world finds out what we were doing down here?
c1a2_sci_lounge Gordon! If I'd known it was you, I'd have let you in! Everyone's heading for the surface, but I think they're crazy not to stay put. Someone is bound to come by and rescue us.
c1a2_sci_transm I just overheard a secure access transmission...soldiers have arrived and they're coming to rescue us. Of course, I have my doubts that we'll live long enough to greet them.
c1a3_sci_1man Take me with you! I'm the one man who knows everything!
c1a3_sci_rescued Rescued at last! Thank God you're here!
c1a3_sci_silo1a For God's sake, open the silo door! They're coming for us; it's our only way out!
c1a3_sci_silo2a Oh my God...we're doomed!
c1a3_sci_team Don't shoot! I'm with the science team!
c1a4_sci_gener This is my hiding spot, and I'm not moving until the situation is drastically improved. Now go away and don't tell anyone I'm here.
c1a4_sci_pwr Excellent! Someone has restored all power! We'll have the engine up again in no time!
c1a4_sci_pwroff I hope no one expects me to start up the generator. Smithers went down there and never came back.
c1a4_sci_rocket Fire the...rocket engine. Destroy the damned thing before it grows any larger!
c1a4_sci_tent No...No! No! Get it off me! Get it off! Get it off!
c1a4_sci_trust Well, so much for the government. Their idea of containment is to kill everyone associated with the project! Judging from your hazard suit, I'd say you were part of what went wrong—isn't that right? Now look...if anyone can end this catastrophe, it's the science team in the Lambda Complex, at the opposite end of the base. With the transit system out, I couldn't tell you how to get there. But there's an old decommissioned rail system somewhere through here—beyond the silo complex. If you can make it through the rocket test labs, you might be able to worm your way through the old tunnels to track down whatever's left of the Lambda team. You can trust them. You can trust all of us. Good luck.
c2a3_sci_icky Did you see it? They said it was hauled from the Challenger Deep, but I'm positive that beast never swam in terrestrial waters until a week ago. There's a tranquilizer gun in the shark cage, but I'm not sure it would work on this species. You're welcome to try.
c2a3_sci_track Gordon Freeman—it is you, isn't it? The science team has been tracking your progress with the Black Mesa security system. Unfortunately, so has the military. That suit of yours is full of tracking devices. Still, it's better than going naked in this place. It's cold in there and you'll have to hurry. It could sap your suit power in a matter of moments. If you're bent on reaching the Lambda complex, then you'll want to keep to the older industrial areas, where the security system is full of holes. It's worked for me so far.
c2a4_sci_2tau Put that down—it's a prototype.
c2a4_sci_4tau It's much too unpredictable. Don't let it overcharge!
c2a4_sci_letout Well, I'll let you out, but I'm warning's hell out there. It's completely under military control. You'll have to sneak and fight your way from one end to the other, and I don't expect you'll meet many of our peers along the way. But if you do survive and somehow make it across the base, you'll end up at the Lambda Complex, where the rest of the science team has taken shelter. I wouldn't venture there myself, but I will let them know that you are coming.
c2a4_sci_scanner We all have retinal scanner access. Escort us to the lobby, and we can get out of the lab.
c2a4_sci_sugicaloff You'll have to shut down the surgical unit first. Peters switched it on but I'm afraid he never made it back.
c2a4_sci_surgury A scientist, thank God! Get us out of here before those military drones figure out where we're hiding!
c2a5_sci_boobie You're heading for the Lambda Complex, aren't you? I was heading there myself, until I wound up here and...well, simply lost my nerve. Take one look through that door and you'll see what I mean. I'm just going to wait out the catastrophe in here. If you intend to go on, then I beg of you...proceed with extreme caution.
c3a2_sci_1surv Gordon Freeman! You finally found us!
c3a2_sci_2glu Were you in weapons research, too? I built the Gluon Gun, but I just can't bring myself to use it on a living creature. You don't look as if you have any trouble killing things.
c3a2_sci_3surv This is the supply depot for our first survey team. Quite a few handsome specimens were collected from the borderworld and brought back this way—uhh, before the survey members started being collected themselves, that is. We suspect there is an immense portal over there, created by the intense concentration of a single powerful being. You will know it when you see it. I hate to say this, Gordon, but you must kill it, if you can.
c3a2_sci_5surv Of course, you owe us nothing, Mr. Freeman. But you've come this far. You know as much about these creatures as anyone.
c3a2_sci_7surv Yes. So...if you're willing, my colleague is waiting for you at the main portal controls. He will open the gates for you, Mr. Freeman. Do hurry.
c3a2_sci_flood Freeman, isn't it? You'll need to activate both pumps to flood the reactor, and then that access pipe down there will take you to the core. Time is short!
c3a2_sci_fool Freeman, you fool!
c3a2_sci_forever Hurry up, Freeman, I can't keep it open forever!
c3a2_sci_linger Don't linger, Mr. Freeman! You've turned on the pumps. Now take the access pipe, flood the core, and get on up to the labs without delay!
c3a2_sci_ljump This, Mr. Freeman, is a Long Jump Module, created expressly for navigation in the world beyond. I certainly hope you received Long-Jump Training, because once you're in Xen, you will need it. I would advise you to practice before crossing over.
c3a2_sci_notyet Not yet, Freeman!
c3a2_sci_portal All right, I can open the portal now. The process is complicated, and once it's begun I must not be interrupted or I will have to start all over again. Don't enter the beam until I give the okay, understood? I will begin.
c3a2_sci_portopen It's ready! You must go! Now!
c3a2_sci_position We're almost there, Freeman. Get yourself in position.
c3a2_sci_straws I apologize, Mr. Freeman, but I couldn't risk opening that door until I was sure you'd scoured the area. This is the last entrance to the Lambda Complex—every other has been sealed off to contain the invasion. When we realized that you might actually make it here, we drew straws to see who should stay behind to let you through. Obviously, I drew the short one. My colleagues are waiting at the tip of the Lambda reactor...waiting for you, I mean. The reactor is shut down right now, but you can activate it on your way up. You'll have to flood the core anyway to get into the teleportation labs. You're not authorized to know about those...but I can see you already know a great deal more than any one man is supposed to.
c3a2_sci_uphere Hello, Freeman—I'm up here. Practice your Long-Jump if you must, but hurry up!
cantbeserious You can't be serious.
cantbeworse It can't get any worse than this.
canttakemore I can't take much more of this.
cascade Aren't you a bit worried about that exponential cascade scenario we discussed?
catchone Shouldn't we try to capture a specimen?
chaostheory Do you still say there's nothing to chaos theory?
checkatten Are you sure you checked the Eigen attenuators?
completelywrong You are completely wrong.
containfail It appears the containment system has completely failed.
correcttheory Are you one hundred percent sure that theory of yours is correct?
cough Cough
delayagain Do you think we should delay for another recalibration?
didyouhear Did you hear that?
dinner Are you seriously suggesting that all of these beings are here to dine on us?
dontconcur I don't concur.
dontgothere No, don't go that way!
dontknow I really don't know.
dontwantdie No, I don't want to die!
donuteater Do you know who ate all the donuts?
doyousmell Do you smell what I smell?
evergetout Will we ever make it out of here?
erseen Have you ever seen anything like this?
excellentteam With my brains and your brawn we'll make an excellent team.
excuse Excuse me, Gordon.
fascinating Don't you find this all rather fascinating?
fellowscientist Glad to oblige a fellow scientist.
fine Fine. You won't even know I'm here.
freeman Freeman.
freemanalive Freeman! Who would have thought you'd still be alive?
fusionshunt I certainly hope those backup fusion shunts are in good shape today.
getoutalive I just want to get out of this alive.
getoutofhere I've got to get out of here!
goodpaper I believe this will make for a notable paper, don't you?
goodtoseeyou Ah, it's good to see you.
gottogetout I've got to get out of here!
greetings Greetings!
greetings2 Greetings.
headcrab These crab creatures have a unique parasitic strategy, don't you think?
heal1 Let me take care of that wound for you.
heal2 This should make you feel better.
heal3 Allow me to treat that injury.
heal4 I can give you something for the pain.
heal5 Don't worry, I am a doctor.
hearsomething Did you hear something?
hello Hello.
hello2 Hello.
hellofreeman Ah, hello, Gordon Freeman. It's good to see you.
hellofromlab You are from the Anomalous Materials Lab. Yes, I recognize you.
hellothere Hello there.
hideglasses Someone has hidden my glasses again.
holdstill Hold still, this won't hurt a bit.
hopenominal I hope those containment parameters are still nominal.
hopeyouknow I certainly hope you know what you're doing.
howinteresting How interesting, just look at that.
hungryyet Is anyone else getting hungry?
ibelieveso I believe so.
idontthinkso I don't think so.
ihearsomething I hear something.
illwait I'll wait.
illwaithere I'll wait right here.
importantspecies Another important species revealed in action.
improbable A failure of this magnitude is extremely improbable.
imsure I'm sure of it.
inconclusive It's inconclusive.
inmesstoo Ah, Freeman. I see you are in this mess too.
ipredictedthis I predicted all of this, you know. All of it!
istay I'll stay here.
iwounded I seem to be wounded...but I can keep going.
iwounded2 Well, I seem to be seriously wounded.
iwoundedbad I don't think I can last much longer.
justasked Didn't you just ask me that?
lambdalab I hope those people in the Lambda Lab can get this under control.
leadtheway Lead the way.
leavingme What? You're leaving me here?
letmehelp Let me help you.
letsgo Let's go.
letstrythis Let's try this.
letyouin Wait a minute and I'll let you in.
limitsok This is all within theoretical limits.
lowervoice Kindly lower your voice.
luckwillchange It's highly probable that our luck will change, don't you agree?
madness This is madness! I'm getting out of here!
needsleep I'd give my right hemisphere for a few hours of sleep.
neverseen Fascinating. I never suspected such things could be.
newhevsuit Ah, you have one of the new HEV suits. That should be very useful.
newsample Any ideas on the origin of that new sample?
nodoubt I have no doubt.
nogrant Well, there goes our grant money.
noguess I couldn't even venture a guess.
noidea You have no idea what is going on, do you?
noo No.
nooo No!
noplease No! Please!
notcertain I'm not certain.
nothostile The alien species can't possibly all be hostile, can they?
notsure I am not at all sure.
odorfromyou I hope that odor isn't coming from you.
ofcourse Of course!
ofcoursenot Of course not!
okgetout Okay, let's get out of here.
okihope Okay, I hope you know what you're doing.
organicmatter Well, the dimensional breach is definitely transmitting organic matter.
peculiarmarks Why just look at those peculiar markings.
peculiarodor Hm, what a peculiar odor.
perfectday This analysis is going to run perfectly today, don't you think?
perhaps Perhaps.
positively Positively.
purereadings Wouldn't it be fantastic to get some pure readings for a change?
recalculate Don't you think we should recalculate those resonance dampening factors again?
reconsider I don't suppose you'd reconsider?
repeat You know, you repeat yourself sometimes.
reportflux I must remember to report that fluctuation.
rescueus Surely someone will come and rescue us.
ridiculous Don't be ridiculous!
right Right!
rightwayout Are you sure this is the right way?
rumorclean The military cleanup is just a paranoid rumor, isn't it?
runtest I wonder if I should run that test again.
sci_aftertest You'll just have to wait until after the test.
sci_alone Please, leave me alone until after the experiment.
sci_bother I can't be bothered right now.
sci_busy Excuse me, Gordon, but I'm rather busy now.
sci_die1 Dies
sci_die2 Dies
sci_die3 Dies
sci_die4 Dies
sci_dragoff Killed by a Barnacle
sci_fear1 Fear
sci_fear2 Fear
sci_fear3 Fear
sci_fear4 Fear
sci_fear5 Fear
sci_fear6 Oh no!
sci_fear7 Oh dear!
sci_fear8 Fear
sci_fear9 Fear
sci_fear10 Fear
sci_fear11 Oh my!
sci_fear12 My goodness!
sci_fear13 No!
sci_fear14 Get back!
sci_fear15 Fear
sci_pain1 Pain
sci_pain2 Pain
sci_pain3 Pain
sci_pain4 Pain
sci_pain5 Pain
sci_pain6 No!
sci_pain7 No!
sci_pain8 No!
sci_pain9 Stop!
sci_pain10 No!
sci_somewhere Weren't you supposed to be in the test chamber half an hour ago?
scream01 Scream
scream02 Scream
scream03 Scream
scream04 Scream
scream05 Scream
scream06 Scream
scream07 Scream
scream08 Scream
scream09 Scream
scream10 No!
scream11 Stop!
scream12 Stop!
scream13 No!
scream14 Scream
scream15 Scream
scream16 Scream
scream17 Scream
scream18 Scream
scream19 Scream
scream20 Scream
scream21 Scream
scream22 Scream
scream23 Scream
scream24 Scream
scream25 Scream
scream1 Scream
scream2 Scream
scream3 Scream
scream4 Scream
scream5 Scream
scream6 Scream
scream7 Scream
seencup Have you seen my coffee cup?
shakeunification This should shake up those grand unification boys, hm?
shutdownchart Now where did I leave that shutdown procedure chart?
shutup Shut up.
shutup2 Shut up.
simulation Most of the simulation results are perfectly acceptable, you know.
slowingyou I'm slowing you down, am I?
smellburn Do you smell something burning?
sneeze Sneeze
softethics You aren't going soft on that ethics issue again, are you?
sorryimleaving Sorry, I'm leaving now.
somethingfoul I believe something smells quite foul here.
startle1 Startled
startle2 Startled
startle3 Startled
startle4 Startled
startle5 Oh no.
startle6 Oh no.
startle7 Oh no.
startle8 Oh no.
startle9 Oh no.
statusreport Did you submit your status report to the Administrator today?
stench What is that stench?
stimulating Well, i think it's rather stimulating, don't you?
stop1 This is as far as I go.
stop2 I refuse to go another step.
stop3 You're going to have to leave me here, Gordon.
stop4 I'm going to stay here and wait for my colleagues.
stopasking Stop asking that question.
stopattacking Stop attacking, he's a friend!
survival Do you recall any of those emergency survival procedures?
thatsodd That's odd.
theoretically Theoretically.
thiswillhelp This should help.
tunedtoday All displacement modulators were tuned today, weren't they?
tunnelcalc Are you running those tunneling lattice calculations again?
uselessphd Fat lot of good that Ph.D. does me now, hm?
weartie Why do we all have to wear these ridiculous ties?
whatnext Well, do you have any idea what to do next?
whatyoudoing My God, what are you doing?
whocansay Who can say?
whoresponsible Who is responsible for this mess?
whyaskme Why are you asking me?
whyleavehere Why are you leaving me here?
yees Yes.
yes Yes.
yes2 Yes.
yes3 Yes.
yesletsgo Yes, let's go.
youinsane Are you insane? Stop attacking, immediately!
youlookbad You look terrible.
youlookbad2 You look terrible.
youneedmedic It appears that you need medical attention right away.
youwounded Ah, you've been wounded.

Unused quotes[edit]

Filename(s) Quote
c1a0_sci_dis4a Tell him to stand back from the focal stage? That suit won't do him any good if he wanders into the beam.
c1a0_sci_dis17a He waited too long! We can't contain it!
c1a0_sci_itsyou Oh it's you. I thought it might be another of the Administrator's men. They're everywhere this morning.
c1a0_sci_scanrpt You'll need me to activate the retinal scanners.
c1a2_sci_1zomb Get out of there! Run, man, run!
c1a2_sci_3zomb Don't be a fool!
c1a2_sci_5zomb No!
c1a2_sci_6zomb Don't just stand there! Pick up that gun and shoot it!
c1a2_sci_elevator If you can make it up the elevator shaft, you should be able to get to the surface. Try to send help and let world know what has happened.
c1a4_sci_trainend Have you heard? They're killing scientists. Our own race turning against us. I think I'll stay here and take my chances with the creatures.
c1a3_sci_atlast Rescued at last!
c1a3_sci_thankgod Thank God you're here!
c1a4_sci_blind Please see the Half-Life: Uplink section.
c2a4_sci_alldie If you let us all die, Freeman, you'll never get out of here!
c2a4_sci_arg2a It's not our fault, I tell you.
c2a4_sci_arg4a Nature made them. We were only studying them.
c2a5_sci_lebuz Thank you, Mr. Freeman. You are Gordon Freeman, aren't you? The one they're expecting in the Lambda Complex? If you can figure a way past that Gargantua on the landing field and through the bunker door out there, you'll find yourself at the Lambda Lab's doorstep.
c3a1_sci_2sat Please see the Half-Life: Uplink section.
c3a1_sci_4sat Please see the Half-Life: Uplink section.
c3a1_sci_6sat Please see the Half-Life: Uplink section.
c3a1_sci_dome Please see the Half-Life: Uplink section.
c3a1_sci_done Please see the Half-Life: Uplink section.
c3a2_sci_1glu Psst! Over here.
c3a2_sci_3glu I see you found the Gluon Gun. I hope it serves you better than it has me. I built the thing, but I can't bring myself to use it on a living creature.
c3a2_sci_shower Freeman! What a relief to see you. We've been tracking your progress. I've stayed behind to let you into the Reactor Complex. You'll need me to activate the retinal scanner.
overhere Psst, over here.
protectme I can get you some valuable supplies, if you'll protect me.
sci_1thou One thousand.
sci_2thou Two thousand.
sci_3thou Three thousand.
sci_4thou Four thousand.
sci_5thou Five thousand.
seeheadcrab Why look, another Headcrab!
ushouldsee There's something you should see.
waithere Don't you think we should wait here for a while?
whatissound That sound... what is it?
whoareyou Who are you? I've been waiting here for ages hoping someone would come along.
yesihope Yes, I sincerely hope you know what you are doing.
yesok Yes, okay.

Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)[edit]

Location: sound/scientist

In the Sector A Lobby:

Filename(s) Quote
tr_sci1_sensors Oh dear, why aren't these sensors working? I wonder if they're needed for today's training run.
tr_sci2_veryinteresting Very interesting.
tr_sci3_welcome Ah! Good morning, Gordon! Welcome to the Black Mesa Training Facility. Things are in a state of commotion this morning, but the Training Facility software should be in working condition
tr_sci4_legal Please listen carefully as there is a little paperwork to take care of before we get started. Oh, I see that you have already signed our legal disclaimer: "I, Gordon Freeman, hereby agree to the following terms... Blah blah blah... In any case of serious injury, dismemberment, toxic poisoning, burns, rashes, lesions, blah blah, et cetera, et cetera. Hereby agree to waive all rights as an employee of the Black Mesa facility."
tr_sci5_questions OK, very good... And if there are no questions, then please step through this door to begin your training.
tr_sci6_holograph The Holographic Assistant will instruct you as you make your way through the course. We'll be watching you, at various points, to track your progress. OK then, you may proceed, Gordon.

Half-Life: Uplink[edit]

Location: sound/scientist

Filename(s) Quote
c1a4_sci_blind Is someone there? I-I can't see a thing. (This line was originally recorded for the chapter Blast Pit, but was not used. It is used by a scientist laying on floor with a Headcrab latched on his head. The player can either ignore him, or kill the Headcrab, but also killing the scientist in the process.)
c3a1_sci_2sat I'm sorry, but those doors will not open until we send the "All-Clear". (This line was originally recorded for the chapter Communications Center, but was not used.)
c3a1_sci_4sat I would love to do that, but the area bombardment has made a wreck of my transmitter, the cables are separate, we have to aim it by hand and I'm getting high radiation levels in the transmitter dome. Nobody but a fool would go in there. (This line was originally recorded for the chapter Communications Center, but was not used.)
c3a1_sci_6sat Yes. You could survive in that suit of yours. Very well. I will lower security on the satellite access elevator, and you can go up into the dome. I'll try to help you over the intercom. (This line was originally recorded for the chapter Communications Center, but was not used.)
c3a1_sci_dome Freeman. You want to work quickly. Tune the transmitter to US NRC. I repeat! Tune to the US NRC. (This line was originally recorded for the chapter Communications Center, but was not used.)
c3a1_sci_done Excellent. I'm sending the "All-Clear" and the door should open now. We'll meet you down below. (This line was originally recorded for the chapter Communications Center, but was not used.)

Half-Life: Opposing Force[edit]

Location: sound/scientist

Filename(s) Quote
advance Killing me will in no way advance this situation.
corporal Hello. Uh, you're a corporal, aren't you?
fix Hello, soldier. I hope you're here to fix this mess.
getalong Oh no, you're one of the... them. Can't we just get along?
of1a1_sc01 Three, four, five...One, two...
of1a1_sc02 Three, four, five...
of1a1_sc03 Oh, you've woken up. Corporal Shephard, is it? I've read the tag on your uniform. I'm glad to see my life saving efforts weren't in vain. I can't say the same for him. I'm afraid you have been through a serious accident. Most of your friends didn't make it. I was hoping that you soldiers had come to rescue us, but now it seems we are all in the same situation. I think I saw a radio near the crash site where I found you. Perhaps you can go there and radio for help?
of1a1_sc04 (Unused) I'm afraid these troops aren't going to make it. I hope you have better luck out there, or I fear none of us will get through this alive.
of1a1_sc05 Have you ever seen such a magnificent species? These crabs can completely control their hosts' nervous system. Can you imagine what the next stage of mutation looks like?
of1a5_sc01 No, I haven't, but a friend of mine...
of1a5_sc02 I don't know! I've never seen that species before!
of1a6_sc01 You've got to believe me. Freeman could be anywhere!
of2a2_sc01 I don't know what's worse: You soldiers under orders to silence the facility or these vile aliens.
of2a3_sc01 When all the fighting started, I hid myself here. I don't think any of them above have survived.
of3a2_sc01 (Unused) Put that thing down! Why must you security guards always insist on playing with our prototypes.
of3a2_sc02 (Unused) Be careful. No, not again!
of3a4_sc01 I'm afraid I've trapped myself here to escape those beasts. Would you be so kind as to operate that transporter?
of3a4_sc02 Thank you for releasing me. I can help you access any secured area in this lab.
of4a1_sc01 Ah, yes, Walter. We were finally able to successfully detach one of the Barnacle creatures from its point of gestation. As before, we were still only able to coerce the creature into latching onto organic materials. Unfortunately, the Administrator has called me down to the Anomalous Materials lab this morning for an important experiment, so I don't have any time to further my analysis. Take specimen number 1176 and log anything else you can find.
please Please! Don't kill me.
saved A soldier! I'm saved at last!

Half-Life: Blue Shift[edit]

Hazard Course[edit]

Location: sound/ba_holo

The scientists' quotes are the same as in the Hazard Course of Half-Life, except the first one, which is heard upon completion of the basic jumping test:

Filename(s) Quote
tr_sci_gwbarney Good work! Please proceed to the next area.


Location: sound/scientist

Filename(s) Quote
sc_accident1 Well, it's about time! We don't pay you people to mosey around at your own convenience. Make this thing work, so we can get on with this miserable day!
sc_accident2 Oh no. It's probably those Anomalous Materials people again. Always pushing their equipment too hard, dabbling in who knows what. I'd be surprised if there's one good brain among them!
sc_accident3 Well, don't just stand there. Do something!
sc_canals1 (Unused) Yes, of course, the drainage canal. I think that empties out somewhere near the freight yard. If we're lucky, we can make our way out of the facility from there.
sc_canals2 Calhoun, how did you get through the power lock? Well, it doesn't matter. The only other way out of here is through the canal. If you do make it to the surface, don't tell anyone I'm down here. I think they're trying to kill us all. Now get out of here! The canal is where you want to be.
sc_canals3 (Unused) No, it's too late! I can't do it! I can't! We'll never make it!
sc_canals4 Please, leave me alone. I don't want them to hear us. If you want to escape, go through the canal.
sc_hello0 Thank god, a security guard!
sc_hello1 Thank god, someone with a weapon.
sc_hello2 It's good to see another living human being.
sc_hello3 Can you help me get out of here?
sc_hello4 Excellent, someone who knows how to use a gun.
sc_hello5 Oh my, for a second I thought you were one of them.
sc_maint If you're waiting for the tram to Sector G, then you're probably better off walking it. I overheard someone say that all the trams on this end of the facility are having problems.
sc_ok0 Yes. You seem like someone I can trust.
sc_ok1 I suppose a security guard should know what he's doing. Let's go.
sc_ok2 I'll be right behind you.
sc_ok3 Well, if you think I can help.
sc_pok0 Please, leave me alone! I have very important work to do.
sc_pok1 Don't you have your own job to be doing?
sc_pok2 Excuse me, but I'm rather busy right now.
sc_pok3 Don't you have more important things to be doing than keeping me from my work?
sc_pok4 Why do you security guards always insist on bothering us?
sc_pok5 Shouldn't you be guarding something right now?
sc_pok6 Shouldn't you be guarding some donuts and coffee right about now?
sc_power1 Those things, they're everywhere! We've got to get out of here!
sc_power2 Look out!
sc_power_alt1 (Unused) Hold yourself together! If we don't get the power cells charged, then we'll never make it out of here! (Originally recorded for Power Struggle chapter with two scientists, but one of them was replaced by a security guard before the release.)
sc_power_alt2 (Unused) Get out of here! I can take it. (Originally recorded for Power Struggle chapter with two scientists, but one of them was replaced by a security guard before the release.)
sc_power_wound1 (Unused) I was hoping you'd show up. You must get this power cell charged and back up to Dr. Rosenberg. I'd help, but I'm hurt pretty bad. (Originally recorded for Power Struggle chapter with two scientists, but one of them was replaced by a security guard before the release.)
sc_power_wound2 (Unused) You can probably push the power cell through the fence into the charging station behind me. Let me see if I can get out of the way. (Originally recorded for Power Struggle chapter with two scientists, but one of them was replaced by a security guard before the release.)
sc_sec2_admin1 I can't access my files. I can't answer my mail. I haven't even able to get into my office.
sc_sec2_admin2 Time? I don't have anymore time! If I'm not able to get my report to the administrator in the next hour, then my job will be in serious jeopardy, and I'll make sure that mine is not the only one.
sc_stop3 You're going to have to leave me here.
sc_tele_work1 (Unused) We were able to contact a number of other remaining scientists, so with any luck some of them may make it here as well. We would have chosen the Lambda Reactor for an escape, but the crew there is bent on fighting the creatures, with all their hopes set on someone named Freeman. Let those fools try and fight a battle they can't win. I just want to get out of here! (Recorded as a placeholder for Rosenberg's quotes)
sc_tele_work2 Doctor Rosenberg, thank God you made it! We've managed to piece together some of the larger equipment, but you'll need to oversee the rest of the construction. (Walter Bennet)
sc_tele_xen1 (Unused) Once we were able to consistently create the teleporter field, we ran into new problems. You see, Mr. Calhoun, teleportation isn't as simple as going from point A to point B. We discovered a strange borderworld that was somehow involved in the process, and this kept us from accurately predicting where any given teleportation event would lead to back on Earth. Some of the more promising research on the matter led to a device that could be attached to the strange crystalline structures we found in this borderworld. This device could then be used as a focal point and relay to aid in the teleportation. Well, in theory that is. We lost contact with the survey group shortly after the device was in place. We later discovered other methods of aiming the field, but all the equipment in this lab uses the older technology. In order any of us to get out of here alive, someone will need go to the borderworld, and activate the device. I'm afraid you're the only one that can do this, seeing as how everyone else will be needed to run the equipment. We should be able get you fairly close to where survey team had set up, but I fear the likelihood of running into alien creatures is very high. Be careful! (Recorded as a placeholder for Rosenberg's quotes)
sc_yard_box1 No. I'm afraid I'm not Dr. Rosenberg, but you'll still help me, won't you?
sc_yard_box1a No. I'm afraid I'm not Dr. Rosenberg.
sc_yard_box1b I'm not Dr. Rosenberg.
sc_yard_box2 Okay. I'll wait out here and watch for trouble.
sc_yard_box3 Help! Someone let us out of here!
sc_yard_box4 Hello? Can anyone hear me?
sc_yard_wound1 I appreciate your help, but I'm afraid those bastards did their damage already. If you were trying to reach the freight yards in hope of escaping, then just forget about it. The military is rounding up everyone and everything they can find, and either killing them or bringing them up here for questioning. So much for a rescue. (Harold)
sc_yard_wound2 A colleague and I came up with our plan for escape, and we were on our way to one of the old prototype labs when we ran into them. But listen to me, if you still want to get out of here alive, your only hope may be to find my friend. If you can get pass the soldiers, find Dr. Rosenberg. With him, you may have a chance to get out of this place. (Harold)

Half-Life: Decay[edit]

Location: sound/scientist

Filename(s) Quote
assist (Unused) I believe you have an experiment to assist.
b01_sci01_whereami (Unused) Where am I? I've got to get out of here!
b01_sci02_briefcase (Unused) You, with the briefcase. You've got to help me out of here!
b01_sci03_sirplease (Unused) Hello? Where are you going? Sir! Please!
c3a2_sci_uphere_alt (Unused) Hello, Freeman. I'm up here. Hurry up!
chimp (Unused) You know, this sort of reminds me of when I was involved in the space program. There was an incident with one of the chimps.
crossgreen Doctor Cross. Doctor Green.
crowbar (Unused) Do you think that, perhaps, I could have a crowbar of my own? Perhaps, then, an automatic rifle?
d01_sci01_waiting Good morning. They're waiting for you in the control room.
d01_sci02_door Oh, I'll get the door for you. They should be able to get you back into the security database in the next room.
d01_sci03_reregister Greetings! It looks as though your data was lost in the system failure this morning. Not to worry, I can re-register you at this station. Step into the booth one at a time and I'll start the procedure.
d01_sci04_oneatatime One at a time, please.
d01_sci05_bestillcross Please be still during the procedure. Don't worry, Doctor Cross, it should only take a few moments.
d01_sci06_dontmovegreen Please don't move while I scan for re-registration into the security database. It will be over before you know it, Doctor Green.
d01_sci07_spectrometer We'd like you to bring the Anti-Mass Spectrometer online and take it up to eighty percent.
d01_sci08_pushsample If you would be so kind as to push the sample into the lift, we can start the experiment.
d01_sci09_pushsample2 You'll need to push the sample cart into the lift in order for the experiment to proceed.
d01_sci10_interesting Interesting.
d01_sci11_shouldnthappen That shouldn't happen.
d01_sci12_impossible You know, theoretically, this is impossible.
d01_sci13_jammed Hmm, right. Something must be jammed. See if there's anything interfering with the lift machinery in the test chamber below. I'll continue trying to operate the lift from here.
d01_sci14_right Right.
d01_sci15_onschedule Ah, excellent. Everything appears to be on schedule, and the experiment will be starting shortly. I will leave the loudspeaker on so you can hear what's happening upstairs.
d01_sci16_standby Stand by.
d01_sci17_secondary Secondary magnetic chargers are active and functioning nominally.
d01_sci18_wontshutdown It won't shut down!
d06_sci01_lambdalabs (Unused) ...anyone read me? I say again, this is Lambda Labs. Can anyone read me? (Originally made for the cut mission Central Transit Hub; up to "d06_sci07_worktodo")
d06_sci02_contact (Unused) Ah, Doctor. It's good to hear your voice. We have been trying contact the central security station for quite some time. We are trying to stop the alien influx, but something is preventing us from doing so. Some sort of energy directed from the other side seems to be holding the dimensional breach open by force. Our sensors are too close to the anomaly to give us clean readings on the rift. We must use the Omega satellite. We tried to launch the delivery rocket, but those soldiers seem to have shut down the launch sequence.
d06_sci05_launch (Unused) I know. We are hoping that Gordon Freeman can accomplish the launch, but he can't launch it after an emergency shut down unless the all-clear signal is uploaded to the Black Mesa air traffic systems. We don't have access either to the code or the air traffic systems, but we believe the code should be in the high security file room quite close to where you are and the air control computer is at the air field directly over the Central Transit Hub.
d06_sci07_worktodo (Unused) Thank you. We have much work to do here, but we'll keep in touch.
d06_sci10_emergencyshutdown (Unused) Our sensors are too close to the anomaly to give us clean readings on the rift. We must use the Omega satellite, but the satellite communications equipment has gone into an emergency shut down.
d06_sci11_allclear (Unused) In order to override it, the all-clear code must be entered into the air control computer at the air field directly over the central transit hub.
d08_sci01_idnumber (Originally made for the cut mission Hangar; up to "d08_sci05_osprey") Uh, I only know the ID number to Gordon's HEV suit. No others. Couldn't you just let me go?
d08_sci02_scientists (Unused) Scientists! I'm saved!
d08_sci03_destroytrackers (Unused) Oh dear. You've come just in time, but it may be too late for Gordon. Military forces are tracking his position with some success. Maybe you could destroy these tracking devices before Gordon finds himself in the wrong hands. He's our only hope!
d08_sci04_ceilinghatch (Unused) Hello. It's no surprise that a fellow scientist found her way through the ceiling hatch before any of those damned soldiers. They came after me, so I locked myself in here, but they may have got the best of me anyway.
d08_sci05_osprey (Unused) It's not too late for you, though. Grab some of this military weaponry and see if you can take that Osprey out of the sky. At least that will stop their reinforcements.
dangerous (Unused) That way looks dangerous. I'm staying here.
forcefield_b (Unused) Gordon, I'm very concerned about these electrical forcefield barriers. What will happen if we have a power outage?
helloladies Ah, hello, ladies. It's good to see you.
icanhelp I suppose I can help.
idiotic What? No! That's an idiotic thing to ask.
keller (Unused) Wasn't Dr. Keller looking for you?
koso (Unused) Do you know what the word "koso" is referring to, exactly?
perfume (Unused) Could it be possible that I smell your perfume through the HEV suit, hmm?
safetyinnumbers Haven't you heard of safety in numbers?
shesgonemad Someone help! She's gone mad!
sniffle (used?) Sniffle
spinals (Unused) Let me tell you something else. I've seen a lot of spinals and this guy is a fake. I've never been more certain of anything in my life.
sunsets While this may be your idea of fun, I prefer long walks on a sandy beach as the sun sets.
thatsmell That smell is, eh... interesting.
ties The least they could do is let us wear differing ties. I really don't understand this uniform policy.
tram (Unused) If I have to ride that tram one more time I'm gonna...
underbarrel (Unused) Shouldn't you be under the barrel now?
undertest (Unused) Shouldn't you be under the test chamber by now?
xena (Unused) Excuse me, but I think the Xena convention is back down the hall and to the left.
yawn (used?) Yawn


  1. In the German, Italian, and Spanish localizations of the game, this line was translated and spoken without the heavy muffled effect of the original sound, hence allowing it to be understood with total clarity.