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List of brands and companies in the Half-Life and Portal universe

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The Half-Life and Portal universe features many brands and companies, both actual (marked with a Valve logo) and fictional; some were also cut from the final game. This article aims at listing them, whether they be food, press, ammunition or any other brands or companies.



Food brands[edit]

Beer brands[edit]

Two brands can be seen on beer bottles featured as an ammunition to the cut Brickbat in the Half-Life 2 leak. These include "Dis Bee Goot" and "PalfAl".


Fruit brands ValveEmployee.png[edit]

Seven actual fruit brands are featured in the Half-Life 2 leak. These include "Beau Geste", "Golden Pears", "Mariposa", "Mustang", "Snoboy", "Strength" and "Mornin Judge". The first one is a nod to 1939 film Beau Geste.


Soda brands[edit]

Early vending machine ValveEmployee.png[edit]

Several copyrighted brands were used on soda vending machines and/or soda cans during Half-Life's development. These include "Coca-Cola", "Fruitopia", "Minute Maid", "Sprite", "Diet Coke", "Surge", and "Moxie". Sprite soda cans were still included in the final game as a gib model.

Pepsi ValveEmployee.png[edit]

The copyrighted brand "Pepsi" was used on a soda vending machine during Half-Life 2's development.


A soda brand used during Half-Life 2's development.


McNess ValveEmployee.png[edit]

An actual brand of food for the beef, dairy, poultry and swine industry throughout the United States and Canada. Seen on the Terminal plaza in the Half-Life 2 E3 2002 trailer. Was replaced later in the game's development by the Cafe American sign.

Press brands[edit]

Local News[edit]

Appears on a junk newspaper model.

Weapons and ammunition brands[edit]

Orion ValveEmployee.png[edit]

The original Flare Gun features the Orion Safety Products name and logo.

Power brands[edit]


A gas brand to be featured on the gas station pump model, as found in the leak and retail Half-Life 2 files. The name is an anagram of the real-world gas brand name "Texaco". It was replaced with Terin in the retail game.

Other brands or companies[edit]

Ace ValveEmployee.png[edit]

An actual brand of sand and soda blasters, seen on a cut sandblasting cabinet that was to appear in Kleiner's Lab. "ACE" stands for "Automotive Cleaning Equipment"

Arbeit Laboratories[edit]

"Arbeit" is a German word for "Work".


An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Russian words, with grammar errors, for "Cossack Transit". The texture's filename indicates that the original name for this company was "Cossack Transport".

Bethlehem Wire Rope ValveEmployee.png[edit]

An actual[1] wire ropes brand, cut from Half-Life 2.

Cafe American[edit]

An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2. Was originally the McNess sign.

CAI ValveEmployee.png[edit]

An actual brand CAI, short for Container Applications International, appeared on a world texture for a cargo container in the Half-Life 2 leak, and has been removed from the texture in the final game.

DoALL ValveEmployee.png[edit]

An actual brand of industrial machinery. The unknown machine from DoALL featured in Kleiner's Lab includes a set of milling bits on a wheel, and a grindstone. Despite of the notice, it is not a bandsaw.


An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2.

Hotel Metropol ValveEmployee.png[edit]

Appears in the Half-Life 2 leak as a name of the early Trainstation Plaza hotel, apparently a predecessor of Terminal Hotel in retail. Another instance of this signage can be seen in the beginning of the official E3 2003 demonstration "Striders".
Hotel Metropol is an actual name for a hotel in Moscow, Russia.

J. Hauptman Mens' Sportswear[edit]

Seen on the Terminal plaza in the Half-Life 2 E3 2002 trailer. Was replaced later in the game's development by the Teräs sign.


An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Russian word, with grammar errors, for "Corporation". The texture's filename indicates that this logo belonged to an iron ore corporation.

La Fingo[edit]

A brand of plaster.

Lumi Pur[edit]

An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2. "Lumi" is a Finnish word for "Snow".

Numero 29[edit]

An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2. Finnish word for "Number 29".

Reeve Outdoor Supply[edit]

This brand is featured on the handle of the cut Ice Axe along with a stylized mountain logo, with the last two letters in "Supply" almost completely scratched off.


An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Incorrect Russian translation, with grammar errors, of "Northern Logging". As indicated by the texture file, the latter was the brand's supposed original name.


An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2. Danish word for "Star".


An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Russian words, with grammar errors, for "Subarctic Cossack". Texture files indicate that the original name for this company was "Subarctic Transport".


An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2.


An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2. Finnish word for "Steel". Was originally the J. Hauptman Mens' Sportswear sign.

Todo 58[edit]

An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2. Apparently based on an ad for the "Perle 28" - a Belgian beer once made by the Caulier brewery - found in Brussels, Belgium.[2]


An unknown brand cut from Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Russian words for "trans continental". The texture's filename indicates it belonging to a shipping company.


The brand of a milling machine that was to appear in Kleiner's Lab.


Food brands[edit]

Fast food brands[edit]

Two fast food brands can be seen in a cafeteria in the Black Mesa Research Facility. These include "Big Tony's Pizza" and "Tesla's Tacos".


Soda brands[edit]

Vending machine[edit]

Half-Life and Half-Life for Dreamcast features several soda brands that can be seen on the cans given out by vending machines. These include "Captivation", a nod to Captivation Digital Laboratories", "Dante", "Glub", "Grape Ape", "Guthrie", a nod to John Guthrie, "Hai!", and "Yuck".

Dr. Breen's Private Reserve[edit]
Sprite ValveEmployee.png[edit]

Whenever a trash can is destroyed in Half-Life, soda cans bearing this actual brand's name have a chance of appearing.

Captain Koso's Pure Highspeed Candy Bar[edit]

A chocolate brand. The meaning behind the term "Koso" is not known. There is a player configuration file called koso.cfg in the game files left by a developer that went by the alias "Diggem", most likely a model designer judging by its contents. There is an unused line again referring to "Koso" spoken by the scientists in Half-Life: Decay: "Do you know what the word Koso is referring to, exactly?"

Carousel Snacks[edit]

One of the snacks vending machines brands in Half-Life.


A brand of beer.


A brand of milk.


Press brands[edit]

The Mesa Times[edit]

Main article: The Mesa Times

The New York Times ValveEmployee.png[edit]

Appears on a cork board in Kleiner's Lab. The word "Times" seems to be omitted or cut off.

Popular Scientist[edit]

Appears on a cork board in Kleiner's Lab.

The Terminal[edit]

Main article: The Terminal

The Times ValveEmployee.png[edit]

Main article: The Times


Weapons and ammunition brands[edit]


A .357 Magnum cartridges brand. The text on the back of the box reads "I'm just a crazy or kill-your-schoolmates kind of guy! Why dontcha join me in a spree?"


A shotgun shells brand.


Power brands[edit]


An engine manufacturer. The brand is featured on the Airboat's engine.

Kirkland Signature ValveEmployee.png[edit]

The logo of Costco's private brand Kirkland Signature can be seen on the car battery model.

Northern Petrol[edit]

An oil company. It is the former owner of Dock 137.[3]

Ohms. power inc.[edit]

Stylized as "Ωhms. power inc." A Power Combat Vest Charger brand.



A gas brand featured on the gas station pumps found in the Petroleum Station in Half-Life 2 and near the White Forest Inn in Episode Two.


Vehicle brands[edit]


A forklift brand.

Invacare ValveEmployee.png[edit]

The brand of Keller's motorized wheelchair. It is an actual manufacturer and distributor of non-acute medical equipment, including wheelchairs.


A truck brand.


Scientific research companies[edit]

Aperture Science[edit]

Main article: Aperture Science

Black Mesa[edit]

Main article: Black Mesa

NASA ValveEmployee.png[edit]

The 1975 logo of NASA can be seen on the Black Mesa Rockets.

Other brands or companies[edit]


An unknown brand of liquid. Likely a nod to Formula 409.


Cafe Baltic[edit]



Bulgarian word for "cement".


Dïordna Hostel[edit]

Supposedly the name of the hostel-like building where Gordon briefly reunites with Alyx during the City 17 uprising; the signage is seen at the entrance.

Eiki ValveEmployee.png[edit]

The projector used for the "Dollar$ and Sense" slideshow in Portal is based on the model LC-XT1 by the Eiki company.


A paint brand.


Hoover Treated Wood Products ValveEmployee.png[edit]

A real world company based in Thomson, Georgia. Its stamps appear on a plywood sheet model seen throughout the Enrichment Shaft stages of Portal 2.



Appears on a fridge model.

Nevrin 54[edit]

A brand of insect repellents. Its advertisement sign is written in Romanian.

PC VAC[edit]


Russian word for "Shipping". This brand is featured on generic cargo containers in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, replacing the Northern Petrol logo previously featured on them in Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Prax Wars 2: Dante's Revenge[edit]

A fighting video game. Prax Wars is a nod to Prax War, an actual canceled game by developer Rebel Boat Rocker, on which Gearbox's Randy Pitchford worked.

Порт5 (Port5)[edit]

SSI Container Corp. ValveEmployee.png[edit]

An actual[4] cargo container brand, it is featured on two world textures for a cargo container. SSI Container Corp. was acquired by Itel Corporation in 1968.[5]

Sunset Scavenger Container Service ValveEmployee.png[edit]

Sunset Scavenger was garbage collection and recycling services company based in San Francisco, California;[6] it is now known as Recology.[7] Its name can be seen on a dumpster model.


Bulgarian and Russian word for "Technics" and "Equipment". A household goods brand (?).

Terminal Hotel[edit]

A prominent hotel building on the Trainstation Plaza.


Veikko International[edit]

"Veikko" is a Finnish name. This may be a reference to a Finnish company named Veikon Kone [8][9] that was established in 1962 (Veikon is Veikko's in Finnish)


Featured on a washing machine model.


Wright Bagwell[edit]

A clock brand. It is a reference to Wright Bagwell, a former Valve employee.


A display screen brand.



Taito Pharmaceutical Company[edit]

A company in Half-Life 2: Survivor that developed the three drinks usable in battle mode: the Jump Drink, Power Drink and Mind Drink. The name is a reference to the game's developer: Taito Corporation.

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