This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Artillery Cannon

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Artillery Cannon
Production information

Hazardous Environment Combat Unit


Towed artillery piece

Technical specifications




Max ammo


Ammo type

155 mm shell


Button on the back

Rate of fire




Used by
Game information

N/A (the cannon itself is named "func_tankmortar")


Karen Laur[1] (textures)

The Artillery Cannon,[2] also known as the Artillery Gun,[2] is a medium-sized, towed artillery piece used by the HECU around the surface of the Black Mesa Research Facility.


The Artillery Cannon is a powerful artillery piece. It can kill any enemy in one shot, but has a long cool down between shots. It resembles the real world M198 howitzer.

In Half-Life, the Artillery Cannon appears several times in the chapter Surface Tension. It is first seen at the end of the Hydro-Electric Dam, manned by an enemy soldier who fires a slow-moving explosive round once every several seconds. In the later two appearances, Gordon uses it to destroy doors blocking the way.


On the dam, defeating the artillery cannon is difficult, as firing most weapons at the front opening is ineffective. The most common way of destruction is a well placed grenade or other explosives, though a direct hit with a fully charged Tau Cannon or five crossbow bolts fired into the barrel will also work. It will completely destroy the main sandbag pile where the turret is located.

While being used by the player, the Artillery Cannon proves to be very powerful, but it has a very slow rate of fire. If an enemy appears ready to fire while the gun is still in its cooldown phase, it is advised to deal with the enemy with other weapons while the gun is still cooling down, then resume with the Artillery Cannon.


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