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This page contains a list of Easter eggs featured in the Half-Life and Portal series.


[edit] Half-Life

[edit] Half-Life: Opposing Force

[edit] Half-Life: Blue Shift

[edit] Half-Life: Decay

[edit] Half-Life 2

  • The icon used for Hammer's obsolete entities consists of what presumably is the head of Jay Stelly pasted on the bust of Fonzie from the TV sitcom Happy Days, with his trademarks thumb up and leather jacket.

[edit] Half-Life 2 leak

  • There is a line[i] that was to be said by a security guard in a port of the Hazard Course from the original game. The line is: "Sorry, sir. You know I can't let you through here without your good friend Superfly Johnson. Wa hah. Just kidding, Gordon. You go on through. Hah haha!". This is a reference to Superfly Johnson character from the video game Daikatana, best known for his poor pathfinding skills. He is an ally, and has to follow the player through some levels. If the player reaches a loading point and the character is not with the player, the player character will say: "I can't leave without my buddy, Superfly!". It also a reference to a line[i] said by the security guard when Gordon tries to go through a checkpoint without his suit on. The line is: "Sorry, Mr. Freeman, I got explicit orders not to let you through without your hazard suit on."

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