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Employee Daycare Center
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Aperture Science Enrichment Center


Portal 2


Aperture Science

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"Bring your Daughter to Work Day. That did not end well. And... forty potato batteries. Embarrassing. I mean, I realize they're children, but still, you know, low hanging fruit, all that. Barely science, really, is it?"

The Employee Daycare Center is a small location located in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, between the Turret Manufacturing and the Neurotoxin Generator.


[edit] Overview

Briefly visited in Chapter 5: The Escape. Little information is given about it in Portal 2. The classroom features many small desks with office chairs facing a projection screen with the current Aperture Science logo, as well as filing cabinets and a photocopier at the back of the room.

[edit] "Bring your Daughter to Work Day" potato experiments

In the next area, Chell comes across the remains of the first annual "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" science fair during which several experiments were showcased by employees' daughters (including herself), mostly on potato batteries, before GLaDOS flooded the facility with neurotoxin after being activated. The names are listed here as seen in-game.

[edit] Jessica

Jessica experimented on providing power to a small calculator with three potatoes.

[edit] Beth

Beth experimented on providing power to a light bulb with one potato that went flat.

[edit] Alix

Alix experimented on providing power to a clock radio with one potato.

[edit] Laura

Laura compared power provided by a potato and a lemon.

[edit] Heather

Heather is the only one who did not make a potato battery but a "baking soda volcano" instead, with baking soda and vinegar (an actual experiment), to see if a baking soda volcano is as cool as a real one (she concludes it is not, the bright side being it cannot burn people). Wheatley comments: "Baking Soda Volcano. Well, at least it's not a potato battery, I'll give it that. Still not terrifically original, though. Not exactly primary research, even within the child sciences. I'm guessing this wasn't one of the scientist's children. I don't want to be snobby, but let's be honest: It's got manual laborer written all over it. I'm not saying they're not as good as the professionals. They're just a lot dumber."

[edit] Katharine

Katharine experimented on providing power to some sort of hard disk drive with one potato. The next experiment is Chell's, whose potato grew up into the ceiling.

[edit] Chell

Chell's potato experiment has become massively overgrown and reaches into the ceiling, leading Wheatley to suggest that potatoes have probably overrun the facility by that point.

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