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Aperture Science Shredder

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Aperture Science Shredder
General information

Aperture Science


The Aperture Science Shredder is a device resembling an industrial metal shredder, made of spinning gear-like blades that destroy anything on impact, introduced in Portal 2.


It first appears during the single-player campaign, in Chapter 5: The Escape, near the Neurotoxin Generator, where it is shedding Sentry Turrets which, after Chell changed the template of a fully functioning turret to a faultily assembled turret, are considered defective. The Shredder can also be seen in Chapter 9, when Wheatley opens a wall in front Chell, that reveals a Shredder trap.

Shredders, in smaller version, appear more often during the co-op campaign, where GLaDOS uses them as a hazardous testing element in Test Chambers.


Shredders are periodically seen on numerous Portal 2 Test Chamber warning signs during the single-player campaign, such as in the Incinerator Room or during Wheatley's testing track, though as they are unlit, they are not seen inside any Test Chambers.


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