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Chet Faliszek
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Mr. Awesome

Chet Faliszek is a writer who has been working at Valve since December 2004.[2] He is the former webmaster of Old Man Murray.


[edit] Biography

Faliszek is the co-writer, along with Marc Laidlaw and Erik Wolpaw, of the Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, and Portal stories. He also wrote the story for Left 4 Dead, and later co-wrote Portal 2’s plot with Wolpaw and Jay Pinkerton.[3]

Faliszek is, with Wolpaw, the creator of the now defunct website Old Man Murray. Today he shares an office at Valve with Wolpaw and Laidlaw. The latter states about Wolpaw and Faliszek on his personal blog that "for years, Chet and Erik were legendary figures of mythic status to me. They still are, except now I can throw things over my shoulder and hit them."[4] On Valve's official website, his function is described in this way: "We are all still trying to figure out exactly what it is that Chet does at Valve, but at the very least he occupies office space on the 11th floor as self-proclaimed Mr. Awesome."[5]

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