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Gamma Labs
General information

200-, during the Black Mesa Incident


Black Mesa Research Facility


Black Mesa Incident


Black Mesa

Game information
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The Gamma Labs is a Black Mesa Research Facility location featured in Half-Life: Decay.


[edit] Overview

The Gamma Labs is a large facility where they study captured alien creatures. The facility is used as a sort of cross-dimensional netting ground, where they capture organic alien samples and creatures for study without the danger of actually going to Xen to retrieve them. This is done by using a prototype equipment called the Displacement Beacon, located in a canyon nearby. It is powered by the beam matrix from the Alien Quarantine Labs.

[edit] Appearances

In Decay, the players need to activate the Displacement Beacon to perform a resonance reversal to seal the dimensional rift between the worlds. During this sequence, the players must use the Beacon to charge three large crystals on the canyon walls and protect it from alien attacks. Once charged, Dr. Keller can use them to start the reversal.

[edit] Behind the scenes

According to unused dialog, there was to be a mounted gun on the deck in the canyon placed for quarantine purposes.

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