This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.

Aperture Science Face-Mounted Portal Sphere

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This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.

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Aperture Science Face-Mounted Portal Sphere
General information

Aperture Science


Teleportation bubble

Used by

Test Travelers

Game information

David Sawyer[1]

"This is the Aperture Science Face-Mounted Portal Sphere. It is your gateway to a vast continuum of undiscovered worlds. Full legal disclosure: These undiscovered worlds may also contain undiscovered spiders, poisons, acids and apex predators that hunt humans for sport."
Lab Announcer[src]

The Aperture Science Face-Mounted Portal Sphere is an Aperture Science teleportation technology and testing element introduced in The Lab.


The Lab[edit]

Picking up the Postcards relic's Face-Mounted Portal Sphere with Vesper Peak chosen as the destination.

In Pocket Universe Lab 08, Test Travelers conduct various experiments in contemporaneous parallel universes accessed with Face-Mounted Portal Spheres. Each relic to access the experiment in the hub has its dedicated Face-Mounted Portal Sphere that the Test Traveler must place near their head to teleport to the related universe. The Sphere is hovering on prongs on top of a cylindrical pedestal. At any moment during the experiment, the Sphere can be summoned to go back to the hub.


The robot working on the Moon has Face-Mounted Portal Spheres floating nearby to connect to the other activities at any moment.

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • The Face-Mounted Portal Sphere was created by David Sawyer. Valve then shared the idea with hundreds of VR developers and it inspired similar interfaces use in other VR software,[1] for instance Google Earth VR that uses it to switch from Google Earth to Street View, although in that case it has to be kept near to face at all times, moving it away leading back the user to the Earth view.
  • The Lab sound files contain Lab Announcer lines reacting to the player throwing around Face-Mounted Portal Sphere, clipboards and paperclips, a feature removed from the final game. There are six lines in total for the Portal Sphere:
- "Attention, Test Traveler: Portal Spheres cost seven trillion dollars to manufacture. If you break one, it will be deducted from your pay."
- "Attention, Test Traveler: Portal Spheres are highly explosive miniature black holes that are also highly expensive."
- "Portal Spheres are delicate scientific instruments that contain miniature universes. Though they resemble them, they are not basketballs."
- "Ad hoc experiment reassignment in Pocket Universe Lab Eight."
- "Experiment relocation project underway in Pocket Universe Lab Eight."
- "Please be advised: An experiment in Pocket Universe Lab Eight has been temporarily relocated."


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