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General information

Aperture Science


Contaminated water

Used by

Test Subjects

Game information

25/tick or instant kill[1]

"For this next test, the humans originally requested helmets to avoid brain injuries. I ran the numbers. Making the goo deadly was more cost effective."

The Goo,[2][3] also known as Contaminated Water,[1] Moat,[1] Toxic Water or simply Acid, is a common environmental hazard in both Portal and Portal 2. It is often found in Test Chambers, where it usually functions as a testing element, as well as in various maintenance areas. It also fills the very bottom of Test Shaft 09.


Goo is usually present within Test Chambers to add a hazardous element to the equation. Any contact with the Goo will result in continuous damage that would eventually kill a Test Subject within a few seconds. In Portal, the death appears as in the Half-Life series (i.e. the view of the bottom of the Goo pit, with the ability to look around); in Portal 2, the screen simply goes to green.

In Portal, the Goo appears as a mixture of red, green, and brown-colored liquid with a swirled appearance, often with smoke swirling around its presence. In Portal 2, the Goo appears to be mainly brown, though still with a swirled appearance.

Cubes of any kind or Sentry Turrets that have fallen into the Goo are irretrievable.

Related Achievements[edit]

Portal 2
PARTNER DROP.jpg Empty Gesture (25G)
Drop your co-op partner in Goo while they are gesturing by removing the bridge under them.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The Goo can be seen as the Portal series equivalent of the radioactive / toxic waste from the Half-Life series, which serves a similar purpose.



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