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Laura Dubuk

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Laura Dubuk
Biographical information

Seattle, Washington 1983[1]

  • Artist
  • Designer[2]

Laura Dubuk is an artist who has been working as an independent contractor for Valve since June 2001. Originally living in Seattle, she now resides in Wellington, New Zealand, where she has been working for Weta Workshop since January 2013.[3] She is notable for having given her likeness to Portal 2’s Caroline.


After working as a graphic designer for Tour Graphics from 1999 to 2001, Dubuk graduated from the Henry Cogswell College with a B.A. in 3D Computer Animation in 2003, the Gage Academy of Art in 2011, and attended an online course on Robots and Spaceships of the Pasadena Art Center College of Design in 2011 (from which Yatsze Mark graduated in 1993).[3]

During her schooling, she began her games career working on Half-Life 2 and has since designed, modeled and textured environments for most of the games produced by Valve. Dubuk is also an oil painter and salsa dancer.[4]


Laura Dubuk designed the magnetic crane,[5] and created various pipes, rocks, and cans,[6] as well as ceiling trusses, corner arches and column lights seen in the City 17 Trainstation,[7] the furniture for the apartments in City 17, the torture chair, the magnifying lamp in Kleiner's Lab, and broken wooden board models. She also created and animated a door knob and did some programming work for her creations.[6]

For Portal 2, she did most of the textures in the game. She did the initial white and black tiles and mostly environment elements such as the environment textures and the real world elements of Test Shaft 09. Along with Richard Lord, she designed the Relaxation Chamber, modeling some of the final props and creating textures for them. She also worked on the final design of Chell.[6][8]

Dubuk also appears "personally" several times in the games:

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