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Michael Shapiro

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Michael Shapiro
Biographical information

c. 1966.[1]

Place of birth

Springfield, Mass, USA[2]


Voice actor

"I've voiced a lot of interactive games. Half-Life is uncommonly well-written. Barney is a hoot, and I sympathize with him, but G-Man's got such great lines."
― Michael Shapiro[src]

Michael David Shapiro[3] is a voice actor for the Half-Life series. He holds the distinction of being the only voice actor who has done voice acting for all of the Half-Life games.


Shapiro provided voice acting to other video games, such as Blood II: The Chosen (for which Kathy Levin and Lani Minella also provided a voice). He also performed voice work for television, radio, in some feature films, and is an acclaimed theater director.[2]

Work for the Half-Life series[edit]

Half-Life and its expansions[edit]

Half-Life 2 and its episodes[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx[edit]


In early 2005, Shapiro was asked to perform voice work in the third-party game Black Mesa. Although he showed interest in it, he declined due to being too busy at the time.[4]



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