This subject is related to the Combine era.

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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School Bus
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The School Bus is a vehicle cut from Half-Life 2. It was apparently to be used by the Combine as the primary local Citizen transportation in City 17. It is based on the typical American yellow school bus, with the specific model resembling an International 3600. It was to be used in an older design for City 17 set in America, as opposed to the Eastern European town in the retail game.


Existing only as brush, it can be found in several WC map pack maps:

  • c17_01_15: in that pre e3_terminal map, it crosses the Combine Factories and passes in front of the City 17 Trainstation. It is completely colored in red - probably a mistake made by the mapper.
  • d1_terminal_01_40: in that other pre e3_terminal map, no bus but a shelter and signs can be found.
  • c17_road and its variations: in that map the player rides it in a bus ride across City 17 (at some point another bus can be seen parked, with Citizens inside). In that map, the bus used for the ride is higher and slightly longer.
  • proto_eliden: in that map, a damaged school bus with a taken out wheel and doors can be seen near two cars in the garage.
  • subt: in that map, it can be seen from the sewers between the Manhack Arcade and Kleiner's Lab.
  • d1_sewer: in that map and its variations, one is parked on a bridge, and another is knocked over in a canal basin below.

During the game's development process, it was replaced by a tram. While no particular local Citizen transportation can be seen in the final game, at the end of the Half-Life 2 chapter "Follow Freeman!" (in the map d3_c17_13, partially based on the E3 map e3_c17_02), tracks, a shelter and bus signs can be seen, hinting that City 17 still features trams and buses. A bus sign can be seen again at the very start of Episode One, near the monitor used to communicate with Eli and Kleiner.


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