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New Little Odessa

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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New Little Odessa
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The Coast


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New Little Odessa, also known as N.L.O., is a small Resistance settlement on the Coast. It is visited during the Half-Life 2 chapter Highway 17, during which Gordon Freeman has to save the base from a Gunship attack with the newly introduced RPG.


Hosting a small Resistance group led by Colonel Odessa Cubbage, New Little Odessa appears to have been a small seaside community before the Combine invasion. Like many other Resistance bases found along the Coast, N.L.O. has several docks that are not near water, which serves as more evidence that the Combine are indeed draining Earth of its resources.

The settlement consists of two houses, a couple of storage sheds, a lookout tower, and as in many Resistance bases, a windmill. The first and most significant house is two-story and contains a headquarters and radio in the basement. The ground floor is used for recreation and sleeping quarters. The first floor is empty, with most of the roof missing. The second building is a one-room house used as a barracks. The settlement has an entrance on Highway 17 itself, barred with a gate, only opened with a code. The other entrance leads to the beach and is protected from Antlions with a Combine Thumper.

It is also unknown if Cubbage gave his name to the place or if he used the existing name for himself.[1]


Odessa Cubbage introducing the RPG.

Half-Life 2[edit]

Gordon passes through N.L.O. during his journey to Nova Prospekt. He first sees the base through Combine Binoculars from across the bay, after killing a squad of Combine Soldiers that had been observing the base from across the bay with the binoculars. Through the binoculars, he can also see Cubbage and the G-Man chatting at the top floor of the main building, then going back inside together, and Rebels walking around, notably, one of them pushing a dead Antlion off the cliff. Like most characters who have been seen interacting with the G-Man, Cubbage makes no reference to him when speaking in Gordon's presence.

When Gordon reaches N.L.O. a few minutes later, the G-Man is obviously gone, and Gordon arrives just in time to help defend the settlement against an imminent Gunship attack. Cubbage is in the main building's basement, teaching two Rebels and a Vortigaunt how to efficiently use the RPG against a Gunship. He then gives Gordon the task of taking down the Gunship. Gordon then succeeds in destroying the Synth, but not without sustaining losses in the Resistance ranks. When the fighting is over, Gordon goes on his way.

Dialog in Episode One suggests that Odessa later took credit for the destruction of the Gunship, and made no mention of Gordon's presence or actions at N.L.O.

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life 2
Hl2 kill odessagunship.png Where Cubbage Fears to Tread (5G)
Defend Little Odessa from the Gunship attack.'
Hl2 kill threegunships.png One Man Army (5G)
Destroy six Gunships in Half-Life 2.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The Gunship firing its belly cannon at the RPGGuy's cabin.

N.L.O. is featured in the playable Half-Life 2 leak, in the map d2_coast_02. There appears a building located left of the barracks when facing the ocean, removed from the final version but similar to the Rollermine-filled building from the retail map d2_coast_09. The main retail building is not the main building at that point, and has several differences from its retail version: it is in a much better condition (only the roof is partially missing), completely made out of wood, and mostly empty. The gate is also located higher on the road, and two trucks block the way to the beach, where no Thumper can be found. The Gunship also appears earlier in the map (near the stream), but does not attack Gordon until he has reached N.L.O. When Gordon reaches the base, Cubbage's early incarnation, named "RPGGuy", briefly introduces him to the RPG inside the cut building. After the Gunship has started attacking, the player will not be allowed to use the weapon until the RPGGuy is killed after hiding in a cabin, destroyed right after by the Synth's belly cannon, a feature cut from the retail game. However ammo cannot be found around the base, and the player must use the console to get more rockets. When the Gunship is defeated, a Rebel walks slowly along the road to the gate, then it automatically opens. The cabin can still be found in the retail game (though with a few changes), where it was moved to the right of the entrance of the camp.


"Little Odessa" is the nickname of Brighton Beach, a Brooklyn community on Coney Island, named after Odessa, a Ukrainian city.




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