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Alyx's cache

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Alyx's cache
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"Well, here we are... It's not home exactly. I never stay anywhere long enough to call it home."
Alyx Vance[src]

Alyx's cache is a location cut from Half-Life 2.


In the folder temp/alyx in the Half-Life 2 leak sound files, a file mentions that Alyx was to bring Gordon to her place at some point during the game.

It was apparently to be some sort of "cache" (per the filename, cache). It appears to be her home, although she does not consider it a real home, because she never stays very long each time she comes. She says it has all the comfort: food, water, weapons, ammo and a Charger. They were apparently not to stay very long and leave right after Alyx would have taken care of her "stuff". She was probably to live there alone.

No other information about such scene can be found, nor any possible maps; it is therefore unknown when and where it was to take place, added to the fact that Alyx's whereabouts in old concepts are often blurry.