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List of minor Resistance members

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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"Be glad you're not the guy they're looking for. Poor bastard doesn't stand a chance."

This article lists the minor Resistance members who have no direct or a minor influence on the Half-Life 2 story arc. Some characters use identical model variants.



Al[1] is a Rebel stationed at Station 6. The radio operator, he directs Freeman after hearing a message from Alyx Vance. He may have survived the shelling, since he appears to subsequently have left his post.


Arlene[2] is a Rebel stationed at Station 6, appearing at the end of the Half-Life 2 chapter Route Kanal.

Gordon Freeman encounters Arlene after Station 6 is shelled, after which she hands him the Airboat after fueling it, and directs him to Station 7, advising him to drive hard to have a better chance against Civil Protection. After Freeman leaves, she waits by her radio but is eventually killed (though not "zombified") by a Fast Headcrab. Arlene does not die in the Xbox 360 port of The Orange Box.

Arlene is the very first victim of the Fast Headcrab, first introduced there. Seeing her attacked and killed can only be achieved by moving to the end of the Canals where the metal gate is, then returning. Of note is that the Headcrab did not turn her into a Fast Zombie and merely remains beside her, the Fast Zombie not being introduced until the Half-Life 2 chapter "We Don't Go To Ravenholm...".

BoxCar Joe[edit]

Joe,[3] also known as BoxCar Joe,[3] is a Rebel who manned one of the Underground Railroad stations, in a boxcar with a Vortigaunt. He appears in the Half-Life 2 chapter Route Kanal.

When Gordon first drops into the boxcar, the G-Man can be seen on the television screen being powered by the Vortigaunt, in front of a Breencast background. Once Gordon gets noticed, the Vortigaunt stops powering the television. After the Vortigaunt gives a jolt to Gordon's HEV Suit, Joe opens the boxcar's door to let Gordon proceed to the next Rebel outpost, Station 1.


Chester[1] is a Rebel stationing at Black Mesa East. He guards the airlock connecting the base and the Canals.


Daniel[4] is one of the four Rebels fighting Combine Soldiers in the garage at Shorepoint Base when Freeman reaches the base. After Gordon has helped them kill the remaining soldiers, Daniel remains with the female Rebel near Winston, wounded during the battle, while Gordon follows Leon into the main building.


Jacob[5] is a wounded Rebel who is taken care of by the nurse at Shorepoint. He is seen lying on the ground on a mattress, before Gordon and Leon listen to Alyx's instructions.

Manhack Matt[edit]

Matt,[6] also known as Manhack Matt,[3][7] is a Rebel who manned one of the stations of the Underground Railroad. He appears in the Half-Life 2 chapter Route Kanal.

Matt is still manning his post even during the Civil Protection raids on the Underground Railroad stations, putting explosive barrels in the two corridors linked to his home as protection against Manhacks. When Gordon Freeman arrives at his station, Matt tells him the Resistance is tearing off the railroad, covering their tracks. Before he opens his metal door to let Gordon proceed, three Manhacks break down the door and attack them. Matt arms himself with a piece of metal pipe and they destroy the Manhacks together. With the threat eliminated, Matt offers Gordon some supplies before sending him on his way, himself refusing to abandon his post in case more refugees come through. Gordon then leaves, but a few seconds later, Matt is heard screaming. When going back, Gordon discovers Matt has been killed by another Manhack that has apparently come from the other tunnel.


Mary[8] is one of the remaining Underground Railroad Rebels at the time of Freeman's journey through the City 17 Canals. Hidden in a concrete pipe, she calls him after he witnesses Station 1's massacre at the hand of Civil Protection, and tells him to proceed, as despite the fall of Station 1 there are other stations up ahead. She then tells Gordon she has to stay behind to "keep the railway alive", and he leaves her. It is likely that Mary was originally stationed at the nearby Station 1.

Despite telling the player that she'll stay behind, she's gone as soon as the player reaches the next area.


Noriko is a Rebel stationed at Shorepoint Base. She appears at the start of the Half-Life 2 chapter Highway 17. Under the command of Leon, she appears to be the base's mechanic, since she is apparently in charge of maintaining the Scout Car and operating the crane.

On Leon's orders, she brings the car onto Shorepoint's Pier 87 after mounting an ammo crate on its back and uses the crane magnet to shift the vehicle down onto the beach with Freeman inside. However the magnet fails midway through the trip, sending Gordon and the Scout Car plummeting down onto the sand, from which Antlions begin to emerge. Fortunately, Gordon is able to flip the Scout Car back the right way up with the Gravity Gun and drive off.

If Freeman ventures on the beach instead of getting into the car, Noriko will ask him to get back on the pier several times. She will use several sentences until he comes back, her patience starting to grow thin. The sentences are, in order: "Come back up, Dr. Freeman! The car's on the pier!", "I said, get back up on the pier!" and "Dr. Freeman, you won't get anywhere on foot! Come back up and get in the car!".


Winston is one of the four Rebels fighting Combine Soldiers in the garage at Shorepoint before Gordon reaches the base. When Freeman arrives on the spot, Winston has been hit and is lying on the floor while his comrades (Leon, Daniel, and an unnamed woman) are still fighting. After Freeman helps the Rebels dispatch the soldiers, Leon asks Daniel and the unnamed woman to stay by Winston until he is stable, then bring him to Shorepoint's main building where the wounded are looked after by the nurse, then asks Freeman to follow him in the main building. Winston's fate after Gordon's departure is unknown.

Winston's name is a possible reference to Winston Smith, the protagonist of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, from which Half-Life 2 draws some inspiration.


Dum and Dee[edit]

Dum and Dee[9] can be heard conversing in Vortigese at the Vortigaunt Camp. They shortly interrupt their conversation when approached by the player; one apologizes to Gordon for communing by flux shifting in front of "those whose vortal inputs are impaired", and adds that they will continue vocalizing in Gordon's auditory language as a matter of courtesy unless they wish to say unflattering things about him. Quite humorously, they then resume conversing in Vortigese.

Their names are a reference to Tweedledum and Tweedledee - characters in an English nursery rhyme and in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass.


Louie[10] is a Vortigaunt who assists Eli Vance in his laboratory, first seen during the teleport sequence. He installs a part on a corner unit, and then starts using the computer next to the teleport. It has unique responses, and when talked to, he reveals that Eli was their first human collaborator.


Sweepy[11] is the nickname given by White Forest Rebels to a Vortigaunt janitor. He is first seen at the beginning of Half-Life 2 working in shackles and collar as a servant of the Combine sweeping the floor at the City 17 Trainstation.

Sweepy is seen again in the presence of the Resistance in White Forest's Silo 1 now freed of his restraints, sweeping a very dark room with a broom at the foot of the rocket and again later sweeping the floor on ground level after the valley battle.

Vortigaunt Shepherd[edit]

The Vortigaunt Shepherd[3] appears in the Half-Life 2 chapter Sandtraps. After defeating the Antlion Guard, the Shepherd comes out of the Vortigaunt Camp and extracts the Bugbait, giving it to Gordon so that he can use it to control Antlions. The Shepherd then shows him how to use the Bugbait so that he is able to manipulate the Antlions to aid him in his journey to rendezvous with Alyx Vance in Nova Prospekt. After Gordon has completed domesticating a small pack of Antlions, the Shepherd lets him proceed to the Nova Prospekt beaches.

The Shepherd may have also trained some Rebels, since one says "I swear by the pheropods myself.".


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