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Suppression Device

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This article is about the weapon located atop the Overwatch Nexus. For the anti-reproduction field, see suppression field.

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Combine mortar.jpg
Suppression Device
Production information






Technical specifications

Very high, instant kill if within certain blast radius

Ammo type

Dark Energy

Rate of fire



Depends on speed of target

"The Overwatch Nexus is the main source of pain for this part of town, thanks to a huge suppression device that's raining down hell from the roof of that place."
Barney Calhoun[src]

The Suppression Device, also referred to as the Suppressor, is a stationary Combine weapon, which functions much like a large mortar except instead of firing shells it fires an extremely powerful and concentrated Dark Energy pulse beam.


If its beam hits the ground, it destroys objects, and disintegrates living beings within a 3–5 meters (9–15 feet) radius from the impact. The suppression device has to "warm up" before it can fire the pulse and the ground where the pulse will land begins to glow yellow-blue shortly before the beam hits. The device also leads its shots, firing directly on the spot that the target will be at at his/her current speed. This allows the next target of the pulse fire to be ascertained, and thus avoided.

The suppression device is powered by a series of Combine generators and possibly forms its ammunition from them as well. A suppression device was installed onto the roof of the Overwatch Nexus in City 17. During the uprising in Half-Life 2, Gordon, Barney, and a small band of Resistance fighters are required to disable all the generators in the building in order to power down the device so that the Resistance on the streets can move more freely. The suppression device only appears once in the game but it is likely that the Combine may have installed similar devices in other parts of City 17 where there are large numbers of Resistance personnel.

It is unknown whether the suppression device functions on its own, or whether it has an operator, but the small interface and the binocular-like lenses suggest the latter, who is most likely a trained Overwatch soldier. No operator is seen during the game but it may be that he left the scene after the suppression device was disabled by the Resistance. Also, Combine personnel on the roof of the Overwatch Nexus suggest that they may have been guarding the operator, as well as the device itself.

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life 2
Hl2 beat supressiondevice.png Fight the Power (10G)
Shut down the suppression device by disabling its generators.


  • Certain pulse beam launches are scripted to target specific spots in the map, and in some cases are accompanied by a brief, blueish screen flash upon impact - an effect otherwise not occuring with regular, unscripted launches.
  • Upon approaching the Overwatch Nexus' main entrance, Rebel companions present in the player's squad might occasionally aim and shoot at the Suppression Device despite it being indestructible, however Barney won't.


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