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"TBot1" is the name of a missing model of which only the textures can be found in the Half-Life 2 leak files.


In the Half-Life 2 leak files, a folder named "TBot1" can be found in the model textures files, itself in a folder called "obsolete", which also contains early textures for the Manhack.

An old texture file for Dog found in the leak texture file shows a "15"-like logo also found in the TBot1 textures.

The textures also suggest a slightly battered robot, show round eyes that recall the City Scanner's eye, and therefore Dog's head, and is overall yellow-colored and seems to have paws-like feet and two legs, also like Dog.

The model is missing, and it is next to impossible to guess its shape from its texture files.

The "1" in the folder's name also suggests that there was probably other versions, thus other colors or other conditions, for example, non-battered textures.

Other texture files suggest that it had an antenna and was equipped with a flamethrower and that some of its intern circuits were to be visible and blue, like the early Combine Dropship, the Crab Synth and the Mortar Synth.

The files also suggest a "collar" made of green fabric, with the same fabric on one shoulder and the thighs.

It sports several cogwheels and pistons on its bodywork.