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Helena Mossman

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The subject matter of this article contains in-development information that was cut from the final version of an official and/or canonical source and appears in no other canonical source. It may also contain incomplete information since not all cut material is publicly known.

This article is about the early character. For her successor, see Judith Mossman.

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Helena Mossman
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  • Scientist
  • Double agent
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Marc Laidlaw

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"I don't suppose Dr. Kleiner has told you a thing about me. I'm Helena Mossman, Kraken's director... although we don't use formal titles down here. I'm just another researcher, doing my part for the Resistance."
―Helena Mossman[src]

Helena Mossman[1] is a character cut from Half-Life 2. She is the predecessor of Judith Mossman.[2]


  • Helena Mossman's model shows her as blond, with a purple coat and purple trousers. Her original hairdo reinforced the decision that the Half-Life characters would have all short or constrained hair - the alternative to what Valve artists call "helmet hair". Furthermore, as the team started working with Michelle Forbes in the voice sessions, Mossman became much more sympathetic and nuanced, moving farther from the personality type for whom this model was originally designed.[1][2] Mossman's model in the Half-Life 2 leak files is very similar to the retail one; what remains of the original model are only its textures.
  • Helena Mossman was to be the director of Kraken Base[1] and was to be met at the start of the game, when Gordon was teleported from Kleiner's Lab to Kraken Base. Like in the retail version, the teleportation would fail and Gordon would instead go to Eli's lab, and reach Kraken Base much later in the game with Odell, after the Borealis chapter.[1][2]
  • Sound files located in the folder "/temp/alyx/" in the playable Half-Life 2 leak files give some information about a prototype of Half-Life 2's final Citadel scene. Alyx can be heard saying "Let go of me, bitch!", referring to Mossman, and also lectures the Consul about him being "just another cog in the Combine machinery".[1] As confirmed in concept art seen in Raising the Bar, it hints that Mossman's betrayal was decided very early by the developers.


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