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Combine Dispenser

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Combine Dispenser
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"You gotta be damn hungry to wait in line for this crap."

The Combine Dispenser is a device used to distribute several types of things.


  • The food distributed from the ration dispenser apparently has a very unlikable taste as several Citizens can be heard commenting on the poor quality of the rations, even to the extent of considering joining Civil Protection "just to get a decent meal".
  • The device is grey-blue and beige colored, and features "8991 C17 :" on the bottom left, as well as what appears to be "xele: 1022-1130" and "neld: 0000-1021" right under.


  • The food package carried by Citizen NPCs is coded with the properties of a weapon. Typing the command give weapon_citizenpackage will grant the package to the player as a "weapon"; the player will see the package's worldmodel, as no viewmodel exists. Attempting to use it has no effect, and once another weapon is chosen, the package cannot be easily re-equipped. The HUD icon to appear after spawning is that of the cut MP5K, noted as "SMG1", its other name shared with the retail SMG, the MP7. A similar thing happens with Alyx's Gun, also spawning as the worldmodel since it is only intended to be used by Alyx, although it can be used.


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