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Combine Emitter

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Combine Emitter
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The Combine Emitter[1] is a Combine device used as an indicator to any event, emitting a chosen light or sound. It can be placed on walls, elevators, or weapon holders.


Combine Emitters can be ubiquitously found in Combine-controlled areas. They are commonly used as parts of Combine machinery, and can be mounted with their lights facing either upwards or downwards. In the lower parts of the Citadel visited during Half-Life 2: Episode One, they are seen used to great extent.

The color of the light is different depending on the situation. When used as alarms, they blink a red light and emit sirens. When placed on an elevator, they are silent and emit a blinking yellow light to indicate that the elevator is moving. On weapon holders, they emit a green light and are also silent. They are also seen in Razor Train compartments as a kind of controlling or indicating system. In Half-Life: Alyx, several emitters are seen as components of Combine electrical devices.

Behind the scenes[edit]

As holders, Emitters can also be seen holding idle City Scanners in the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch map Underpass. There they do not emit any light.



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