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Combine Emitter

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Combine Emitter
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The Combine Emitter[1] is a Combine device used as an indicator to any event, emitting a chosen light or sound. It can be placed on walls, elevators, or weapon holders.


Combine Emitters can be found in Combine-controlled areas, such as City 17. In the parts of the Citadel visited during Half-Life 2: Episode One, they are seen used in a great extent. The devices are seen with their light facing downwards or upwards.

The light is colored differently depending on the situation. When used as alarms, they blink a red light and emit sirens. Placed on an elevator, they are silent and emit a blinking yellow light to indicate that the elevator is moving. On weapon holders, they emit a green light and are also silent.

Behind the scenes[edit]

As holders, Emitters can also be seen holding idle City Scanners in the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch map Underpass. There they do not emit any light.



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