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Combine monitor

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Combine monitor
General information


Used by

Gordon Freeman

Game information
  • point_camera (for filming)
  • func_monitor (for displaying)

The Combine monitor is a monitor used by the Combine to observe locations supervised by security cameras.


Combine monitors can be seen in Combine facilities in City 17 and Nova Prospekt. When several cameras are connected to the device, the user can browse through different locations. Some monitors are LCD-like while others are holographic and multi-layered, similar to the Breencast screens.

At the start of the Half-Life 2 chapter Nova Prospekt, the G-Man can be seen on a monitor. Later in block B4, the Stalker and a stripped Combine Soldier are introduced through another monitor. In Episode One, right before meeting with Barney between the Hospital and the Technical Trainstation, an Advisor is briefly seen on the screen of a monitor.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Just like the Breencast, the monitor uses the entity point_camera to film the subject in real-time and the entity func_monitor for the screen.


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