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Combine Fabricator

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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Combine Fabricator
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Advanced 3D Printer

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Tristan Reidford

"The Combine do know how to upgrade a gun. I'll give 'em that."

A Combine Fabricator or Acquisition Station in Combine terminology, is an advanced 3D printer created by the Combine used to create weapon upgrades. It is first featured in Half-Life: Alyx.


Fabricators use Resin as their building material, and what they manufacture depends on what the user selects for their weapon. To operate a fabricator, the user must first approach the machine while a camera on it automatically rises up and tracks the user's movement, presumably to save their identity to a database to track their current upgrades. If the user is unauthorized, they then need to solve a hacking minigame, which will unlock the machine. The casing of the Fabricator will then open, revealing a screen and a manufacturing cradle from within. The screen will instruct the user to insert their weapon of choice into the cradle. After doing so, it will display a number of upgrade options available for that weapon and the amount of Resin needed to manufacture them. If the user hovers their finger over an upgrade option, the details of that option will appear on the screen. After an upgrade has been selected, Resin deposit slots will slide out, and the user must insert the necessary amount of Resin for their desired upgrade. Afterward, the slots will retract, and the cradle will close and begin spinning while manufacturing the upgrade. A few seconds later the cradle will open and the user will be able to obtain their newly upgraded weapon.

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