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Dual Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launchers

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Dual RPG.png
Dual Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launchers
Production information

Rocket launcher

Technical specifications


Magazine/reload type

2 rockets (1 in each rocket launcher)

Max ammo


Ammo type


Rate of fire





Medium to long

Used by

Soldier (IS)

Game information
  • weapon_drpg_mp
    (weapon entity)
  • drpg_missile_mp (projectile)

The Dual Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launchers, also known as the Dual RPG and the Twin RPG,[1] is a purchasable weapon for Soldier in Half-Life 2: Survivor, available for 150,000 SG.


Consisting of two Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launchers held in both hands, the Dual RPGs provide the possibility to launch up to two rockets in quick succession before reloading, whereas the regular RPG requires a new rocket to be inserted after each launch. The primary attack fires a single rocket, whereas the secondary attack uses both rocket launchers. The secondary attack will still work if one of the rocket launchers is empty, but will only launch a rocket from the one that is loaded. The Dual RPGs also have a higher ammo carry capacity, allowing a player to have up to 16 rockets, while the regular Survivor's RPG only allows for 7.

On the downside, the Dual RPGs only deal 65 points of damage, which is 10 points less that the regular Survivor's RPG, and also lack the laser guide.


  • The Dual RPGs do not use the same rockets as the regular RPG: they are painted in different color (blue instead of orange) and produce darker smoke trails.
  • Like all the other explosive weapons, the Dual RPGs will also deal damage to teammates.


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