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Combine interface

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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The Combine interface,[1] also known as the Combine Mainframe Access Command Module,[2] or simply computer terminal,[3] is the typical Combine computer, made of several monitors and one to several consoles. Notably, these interfaces are featured throughout City 17, Nova Prospekt, the Citadel or any Combine-occupied area. They are used to control many aspects of Combine technology.


Half-Life 2 and Episodes[edit]

Barney covertly using the interface to inform Kleiner of Gordon's arrival

Interfaces found in City 17 are often used to open and close gates or locks, as seen during the uprising. Interfaces can also manage Force Fields along with standard buttons, such as Bridge Point's Force Fields located on the bridge, referred to in this context as "Bridge Access Field". In this case, the interface's monitor, which is blue, shows if the Force Field is active. When deactivated, it blinks from blue to red.

They may also be used for communication, as seen when Barney Calhoun contacts Isaac Kleiner from the City 17 Trainstation, when Dr. Mossman contacts Wallace Breen from Nova Prospekt, or when Breen contacts a Combine Advisor from the Citadel. The conversation partner will typically be displayed on the central monitor (such as Kleiner with Barney) or through larger "holomonitors" (such as Combine Advisors).

In Nova Prospekt, the majority of command panels found are used to work the systems around the facility – such as gaining access to surveillance cameras or transporting prisoner pods. They are also used to work the teleport that Mossman helped build for the Combine. An interface is also used to operate a camera in the Victory Mine, allowing one to spot the Muscle Car at the end of the bridge.

The command panels in the Citadel are only seen conveying Breencasts, while they probably possess other functions as well. While the Gravity Gun has no effect on panels, the Citadel is the only area in which they can be torn from their support when the gun turns into its Dark Energy-powered version.

Interfaces often control other devices through Combine power generators that often need to be disabled by the player to proceed.

Ordinarily, command panels can only be operated by Combine personnel. However, Alyx can use her Multi-tool to hijack them, like the Combine locks. Barney has a limited Civil Protection clearance, which allows him to operate some, but not all of the panels.

When an interface is idle, its monitors are blue. In alert mode, they will turn red.

An interface also controls the life support system of the Barn Advisor found in the Outlands.

Half-Life: Alyx[edit]

In Half-Life: Alyx, Combine interfaces use living Xen[4] creatures called Memory Worms stored in large circular containers called Memory Tanks. The Memory Worms themselves have sucker-like mouths filled with human-like teeth and appear to still be continuing to grow inside their tanks, some swelling up and squeezing against the glass. In some cases, it appears that rats have been partially absorbed into the Worms. The creatures react with agitation when powered up, although they can do little other than squirm inside their tanks. Similar biomechanical technology is seen with the datapod device Eli uses to gain information on the Vault, which instead uses a Memory Brain. It is unknown if this system is still used in the future Combine interfaces during the events of Half-Life 2 and its Episodes.


The screen on the Combine interfaces in Half-Life: Alyx contains legible text which reads "THIS IS PHOTOSHOP'S VERSION OF LOREM IPSUM" followed by additional automatically generated text.




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