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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Laser Rifle
Production information

Sniper rifle

Technical specifications




Max ammo
Rate of fire


Projectile speed


  • High (scoped)
  • Low (unscoped)

All distances

Used by
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The Laser Rifle is a weapon in Half-Life 2: Survivor. It is a part of the initial equipment for the Combine Sniper, and can be unlocked for the Resistance Sniper by reaching D-Class.


[edit] Overview

Being a sniper rifle, the Laser Rifle features a scope with two selectable zoom modes (in comparison, the Crossbow's magnification lies somewhere between them). The secondary attack is used to toggle the scope and switch between the zoom modes. When using the scope, a team-colored laser guide is activated to assist with aiming.

Unlike all the other Survivor's sniper rifles, the Laser Rifle has a much larger magazine and reserve ammo capacity, and a fully automatic fire mode. It emits a continuous laser beam, which deals constant damage to the enemies that are touching it and causes a strong knockback, pushing enemies away. It will also reflect off most of the surfaces, similarly to Crossbow's bolts, but it will do so independently of the impact angle and only once.

[edit] Tactics

  • It may sometimes be difficult to kill with the Laser Rifle due to its low damage and strong knockback, but it can be used to disorient enemies or push them away.
  • However, the enemy becomes much easier to kill after being pushed in a corner.
  • Even though the Laser Rifle, as well as the other sniper rifles, has a poor accuracy when used without the scope, its high rate of fire allows it to be used unscoped over close or even medium ranges.
  • The laser beam's ability to reflect can be used to kill enemies behind corners, and sometimes even behind the player's back.

[edit] Trivia

The laser guide will also reflect off surfaces, allowing the player to see where the main laser beam will be directed without firing.

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