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Poison Crossbow

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Poison Crossbow.png
Poison Crossbow
Production information


Technical specifications


Magazine/reload type

Single projectile, manual reload

Max ammo
Rate of fire


Projectile speed

Fast (slow compared to bullets)




All distances (best overall for long range)

Used by
Game information
  • weapon_pbow_mp
    (weapon entity)
  • crossbow_bolt_mp (projectile)

The Poison Crossbow, also known as the P-Crossbow, is a weapon in Half-Life 2: Survivor. It is a part of the initial equipment for the Resistance Medic, and can be unlocked for the Combine Medic by reaching D-Class.


The Poison Crossbow is operated exactly like the regular Crossbow: the primary attack fires a single projectile, while the secondary attack toggles the scope. The projectiles are affected by gravity and will also bounce off surfaces if the angle of the impact was sharp enough. The difference between the two crossbows is in the used ammunition: while the regular Crossbow fires heated pieces of rebar, the Poison Crossbow uses some kind of poisonous projectile, which not only deals more damage than the regular Survivor's crossbow, but also poisons the hit enemies, applying the poison status effect.

The poison effect will deal damage over time, causing 3 points of damage each 1.5 seconds. If not cured, the poison effect can stay active for 18 seconds, thus being able to deal a maximum of 39 points of damage in 13 hits.[1] Infected players will also emit purple-colored smoke, which will poison other players who touch it regardless of their team. The poison status effect can be cured by the Recovery Injection, submerging in water, or picking up enemy dog tags; it will also get removed after the player's death.


  • Since the Poison Crossbow has to be reloaded after each shot, it is better to use it near a cover to avoid getting killed while reloading.
  • Although it is not as useful in dealing direct damage to groups of enemies due to its low firing speed, if a multiple enemies are standing close to each other they will all suffer from the poison effect if one of them is hit.
  • Caution should be taken when using the Poison Crossbow in close ranges, since the player can become infected by a hit enemy.


  • All the poisonous effects are only present when used on an enemy player. It will not produce any poisonous gas when shot at a wall, and will act just like the regular crossbow, with the only difference being the higher damage.
  • Just like the regular Crossbow, the Poison Crossbow is able to penetrate shields (the Provisional Shield and the Hand Shield).


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