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The Battery is a power source item featured in the Half-Life universe.


In Half-Life and its expansions, the protagonists who wear HEV Suits can find and pick up batteries to power up their suits. The suit generates protective armor when it has a power supply. When picked up, the suit provides a voice message to report the new power level. Adrian Shephard, as well as other Marines, can also use them to charge their Powered Combat Vests.

In Half-Life 2, Gordon Freeman's old suit was modified by Isaac Kleiner to allow the use of Combine batteries. Combine Scanners may drop Batteries when they’re destroyed.

Behind the scenes[edit]

In Half-Life, the unused HEV Suit line refers to the Battery as an HEV Power Unit. There were several items powered by the Battery, including the Long Jump Module, Alien Cloak and Alien Shield.[1] In Half-Life 2, the original model was used as a placeholder during the development of the game, only with a smaller size.[2]


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