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This article is about the device. For the enemy cut from Half-Life, see Charger (Xen creature).

Hl health charger on.pngHealth Charger.jpg
Hl suit charger on.pngSuit Charger.jpg
Suit Charger
General information

Charging unit


Health Charger

  • 50 (OEM)
  • 50/40/25 - 50 (HL)

Suit Charger

  • 75 (OEM)
  • 75/50/35 - 30 (HL)
  • 75 - 20 - 50 (HL2)
Game information

Health Charger

  • func_healthcharger
  • item_healthcharger (PS2, HL2)

Suit Charger

  • func_recharge
  • item_recharge (HLPS2)
  • item_suitcharger (HL2)

Health and Suit Chargers are wall-mounted devices in the Half-Life universe that can be used to restore the user's health or power up their protective suit. They can be found throughout the Black Mesa Research Facility and later in City 17 and its surroundings. They have a limited amount of capacity and cannot be reused once depleted.


In Half-Life, health chargers are found throughout the Black Mesa facility. They can be used by anyone without the requirement of a protective suit. The suit chargers can only be used by qualified members of the science team wearing an HEV Suit. In the PlayStation 2 port, the brush-based chargers were replaced with animated models and act like their Half-Life 2 counterparts. They both have a mechanical arm that extends out to aid the user once they enter its proximity. Older models of the chargers can be seen in the Section A-17 Prototype Labs featured in Half-Life: Blue Shift. The marines are equipped with Powered Combat Vests and have their own variant the suit charger, but they can also use the type of charging stations found in the facility. It is implied that there are standard commercial chargers available.

The health chargers are used by the Combine in Half-Life 2. While suit chargers are not present this time around, Gordon has the ability to draw power from Combine energy outlets thanks to his suit modifications made by Dr. Kleiner. A faceplate for the original suit charger can be seen in Black Mesa East and later in the White Forest. There is also a special type of charger in the Citadel called the Combine Recharger with larger capacity that can be used to restore both health and provide enhanced suit protection.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • Originally, Half-Life was to have medicine cabinets instead of chargers. They appear in the Half-Life Alpha as a usable item and have infinite stock. They use the brush entity used for rotating doors (func_door_rotating) with a special keyvalue called "healthvalue" to determine the amount of health that is received. Unused variations of the cabinet can be found in the textures. An early version of the HEV charger can be found in Worldcraft as a prefab (in prefab library "Usable Objects.ol"). It is also seen in the multiplayer map Stalkyard as a prop, and cannot used by the player.
  • In Half-Life for PlayStation 2, Alien Mode allows the player to play through Half-Life as a Vortigaunt. The chargers cannot be used in this mode. The health chargers hurt the player when used.
  • The Combine health charger has a red cross on a white background for easy identification, white "AIDE" and "314 - 11:43" under it, as well as the numbers "88000-001 1 08" and "0088-D" on the bottom of the device, "0088-D" being accompanied by an indecipherable text. The leak charger version features "COMBINE HEALTH" instead of "AIDE".
  • The Combine charger bears several markings, mostly consisting of numerals. It has beige-colored parts with the word "POWER" on them and "314 - 11:44" right under, being dissimilar to the Health Charger numbers by only one cipher. The numbers "88000-001 1" and "0088-D" are also present on the bottom of the device, the "08" from the Health Charger being removed.
  • During the development of Half-Life 2, the brush-based chargers seen in the original Half-Life with revamped textures were used as placeholders.


  • Health chargers can be found in Team Fortress Classic, and have much larger reserves than their Half-Life counterparts.
  • In Half-Life 2: Deathmatch map Lockdown, a Combine Dispenser is used as a charger and can give 200 armor and health points like the Citadel chargers.
  • A HEV charger can be seen in the Santego Military Base during the training course. The reason behind its presence is unknown. It was most likely placed there for gameplay reasons, to teach the player that they can use these devices.
  • Black Mesa chargers and a Combine health charger can be seen in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in Portal 2: Lab Rat. Marc Laidlaw confirmed that these were placed as a tribute to Half-Life, and nothing more.[2]


Health Charger[edit]

Suit Charger[edit]


Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life 2
Hl2 find hevfaceplate.png Blast from the Past (10G)
Find the HEV Suit charger faceplate in Eli's scrapyard.

List of alternate names[edit]

Health Charger[edit]

  • Combine Auto-Medic (Half-Life 2 leak)
  • First Aid Station (Half-Life Prima Guide)
  • Health Recharger (Half-Life 2 Prima Guide)
  • Medical Kit or Medkit (Half-Life)
  • Wall Health Recharger (Worldcraft, Half-Life Game Definition File (halflife.fgd))
  • Wall-Mounted Health Kit (Half-Life source code)
  • Wall-Mounted First Aid Kit (Half-Life instruction manual)

Suit Charger[edit]

  • Battery Recharger (Worldcraft, Half-Life Game Definition File (halflife.fgd))
  • HEV Charger (Half-Life textures)
  • HEV Charging Station (Half-Life: Opposing Force)
  • HEV Recharger (Half-Life Versus Guide)
  • HEV Station (Half-Life Prima Guide)
  • HEV Suit Charger (Half-Life instruction manual)
  • HEV Suit Recharger (Half-Life 2 Prima Guide)
  • PCV Recharge Unit (Half-Life: Opposing Force)
  • Recharger (Worldcraft, prefab description)
  • Suit Recharge Station (Worldcraft, prefab description)
  • Suit Recharger (Half-Life source code)

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